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How to Open Child Resistant Packaging

Child-resistant packaging for weed products can be difficult to open. We broke down the various CR packaging and the best methods to open each of them.
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Remaining compliant is critical in the business of cannabis, especially since the industry is so young. Every legal state faced challenges before officials passed bills because of the concern that children could easily access marijuana. However, regulated markets effectively reduce underage use, while child-resistant packaging rids anxieties of small children accessing flower or edibles.


Child-resistant packaging is critical to running a dispensary or manufacturing business. However, learning how to open dispensary containers with child-proof lids is also necessary. Many premium child-resistant packaging for cannabis can be finicky to open, even for grown adults. Some can be incredibly stubborn, often leading to the use of scissors or knives to try and get a product out of its packaging. Sometimes, it's necessary, especially if purchasing vapes or edibles is challenging to open. At the same time, providing tricks to understand how to open edible containers properly can help customers grasp the technique.

How To Open Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

The world of child-resistant packaging is vast because the world of cannabis is equally expansive. If you've ever gone to the dispensary to purchase a couple of grams of flower or even a pen, you'll notice that the type of packaging used for each uses different methods to keep compliant. In the case of flower, it's not uncommon to find child-resistant weed bags or jars with some automatic locking mechanism.


Consumers and operators must understand how to open weed containers with child-proof locks. Not just for yourself but for the sake of children, too. Below, we've identified the most common child-resistant packaging so you can understand how to open child proof weed containers, bags, pop-top jars, and more.

Pre-Roll Packaging

There's no doubt that the pre-roll sector is forming a life of its own in the retail world. So, you'll likely find joints sold as singles or in packs. Each has different ways to secure the top to keep children from accessing the products inside.


Let's look at how to open pre-roll containers first. The joint cases are one of the best forms of pre-roll packaging that you'll find for multiple joints -- a growing trend in many dispensaries. Joint cases have a button on the side that unlocks the tray. Since the button locks into a hole, it blocks the case from sliding upwards unless pressed. These are top-tier options for using child-resistant technology that is still senior-friendly.


The other option is pop-top pre-roll tubes. Brands like Squeezetops produce excellent and durable child-resistant packaging with squeeze-to-open technology on hinged lids that creates a solid barrier.


Cannabis Flower Packaging

There are a few ways that manufacturers package cannabis flower. The traditional mylar exit bag is one of the most commonly found ways to sell cannabis. Not only are they child resistant, but they're cost-efficient and one of the easiest products for custom cannabis packaging. Pinch N Pull technology, for instance, allows customers to use high-barrier material that also keeps it airtight. To open it, you'll need to hold the bag with one hand and place your other on the area where the fingerprint symbol appears. The pinch will create a small gap in the bag where your hand can fully open up the package. It's similar to understanding how to open a dispensary bag with Pinch N Slide technology.


In addition to using bags, you'll also find cannabis dispensaries using jars and, in some cases, pop tops. These are particularly useful if your state requires tamper-evident packaging. Jars and pop tops typically use locking mechanisms on jars, like Push N Turn, which are incredibly senior-friendly. These caps are akin to those found with pharmaceutical drugs.

Edibles Packaging

Many don't know how to open an edible bag, so they opt for scissors or a razor. Child-resistant tins use shrink bands for tamper-evident seals, so it's helpful to keep some sharp tools around to try and open these up.

Vape Cartridge Packaging

Because of the cardboard backing and strong plastic seals, vape cartridge packaging is easily one of the most difficult to open. In these instances, it's helpful to have scissors, razors, or a knife handy, similar to edible packaging. Thankfully, these also make them incredibly durable for transportation and prevent children from accessing the goods.


Many people need help learning how to open cartridge containers because it's supposed to be incredibly child-resistant. Branding on vape cartridges and packaging for edibles are often far more appealing to young children than flowers, so using strong plastic is critical for maintaining child resistance and maintaining compliance.

Concentrate Packaging

When looking at containers for dabs, you will find an abundance of options available. However, similar to edible cases, different mechanisms are involved when understanding how to open a dab container. In some instances, your state might require a child-resistant cap, like a push-and-turn, which will prevent small children from accessing extracts. These are easy to use: push down on the lid and turn in the direction instructed on the cap. Whether plastic, glass, or silicone, the tops that come with dab containers can cause headaches, but they aren't impossible to open.


Bottom Line


Child-resistant packaging is necessary to maintain a functional dispensary that remains compliant. However, the difficulties that surround cracking them open are possible to fix. Cannabis companies should test out their packaging thoroughly to provide instructions to customers. That way, they could give properly branded products that remain compliant and adhere to a high standard of customer service.


420 Packaging boasts a vast collection of child-resistant packaging, from mylar bags to edible tins, that uphold compliance regulation laws.


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