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California Rx Labels 1000/Roll - 1California Rx Labels 1000/Roll - 2
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Michigan Contains THC Warning Labels 1000/Roll - 1Michigan Contains THC Warning Labels 1000/Roll - 2
Oregon Universal Symbol State Compliant Labels Small Size 1000/Roll - 1Oregon Universal Symbol State Compliant Labels Small Size 1000/Roll - 2
Massachusetts Maine THC - Triangle Warning Labels 1000/Roll - 1Massachusetts Maine THC - Triangle Warning Labels 1000/Roll - 2
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Weed Labels

What Are Weed Labels?

Weed packaging labels do not have to be a headache and neither does cannabis compliance! Instead, cannabis labels can be thought of as the simplest, most affordable item your marijuana products need to stay compliant and show off your brand! There are a plethora of THC stickers, all of which hold their purpose whether it be an expression for your logo design, a form of child-resistant packaging, or a cannabis warning label.

Legal cannabis businesses and medical marijuana distributors need Rx weed prescription labels to ensure their marijuana products adhere to their state's compliance regulations. The labels are also lawful to redistribute to their patients. At this point, cannabis packaging would almost look silly without it. That said, 420 Packaging offers weed strain stickers in bulk to keep your product compliant, represent your cannabis brand, and have an accessible and affordable way of doing so.

THC labels need to provide a specific form of information for legal cannabis sales. 420 Packaging has pre-printed labels that are state-specific, customizable, and/or meet the appropriate size, color, and specification regulations for the distribution of your cannabis products. Though weed labels may sometimes seem complicated we have taken the struggle out of the equation by providing the best selection of wholesale marijuana stickers available online making compliance simple, fast, and affordable!

What Cannabis Labels Are Available?

So what kinds of cannabis labels do 420 packaging offer? Our easy-to-navigate site will help you find what you are looking for and learn a little along the way. We provide wholesale cannabis edible labels and cannabis tincture labels for all types of edible packaging. These sticker labels for edibles can be customized to enhance your brand’s aesthetic while making sure your cannabis product remains compliant on the shelf.

Cannabis labels for your edibles come in amazing designs, fonts, and colors, that will make your weed jars look just as good on the outside as they taste on the inside! Our high-quality printing and talented in-house design team work around the clock to make your THC products insanely unique, casually classic, or straight-up fire. No cannabis company has the same product, desire, or message and weed labels are a perfectly affordable way to give your product a voice that does not go unheard.

Strain stickers for medical and recreational marijuana products are also available wholesale. Whether you would like to express the percentage of THC, type of weed dominance (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), or its unique name, strain labels are a simple tamper-proof way to show consumers your care and what it is they are buying. These handy dispensary stickers keep your product organized, professional, and are a simple way to store all the different types of cannabis you have to offer.

Cannabis warning stickers come in a select few options that pertain to different state regulations. We provide wholesale THC warning stickers unique to just about every state in the union. No matter your destination we have a cannabis warning label approved for redistribution sales in your state! Every single one of these labels is FDA-Approved, cannabis compliant, and meets the size, color, and specific information your product needs to remain licensed for sales.

As you can see weed labels can truly make or break your cannabis business, so we make them accessible so you don’t leave the importance of compliance up to chance. Dispensary labels can be a full-proof way of organizing your products, so you can easily find what your consumer wants. Weed stickers can be a fun way to showcase your brand and customize eye-catching designs to entice buyers. Marijuana stickers can also be the most affordable method in tamper-proof packaging for your weed bags, jars, and tins. Regardless of your mission, a weed sticker can make or break your cannabis business, so why not make it work in your favor!

Does My Business Need Weed Labels?

The short answer is yes! Of course, your cannabis business requires weed labels to remain compliant, express your brand’s aesthetic, and provide a simple method to tamper-proof your THC. Cannabis sticker labels come in a wide variety of options depending on the needs of your cannabis business or medical marijuana state distribution regulations. We provide all the weed labels you need for your cannabis products from edibles and cartridges to pre-rolls and cannabis flowers!

Whether your cannabis company is producing non-manufactured or manufactured cannabis goods, THC warning labels and weed packaging stickers will have to comply with the regulations ordained by the state’s government. Furthermore, most requirements for cannabis labeling come in two categories and are placement specific. One category for cannabis compliance labeling is known as the Primary panel and the other is known as the Informational panel. Check out our cannabis labeling checklist for compliant labeling guidelines and a simple stress-free take on compliance labeling!

Universal Checklist for Your Company’s Cannabis Marijuana Stickers and Strain Labels:

Here is a simple labeling checklist providing you with basic requirements that your cannabis company may use as a guide in regards to proper cannabis labeling compliance for NON-MANUFACTURED cannabis products: This includes your flower and flower-only pre-rolls.

PRIMARY PANEL - front or top of the package

  • Product Identity: Some examples may include “flower” or “pre-roll”. This is just a common name for your product’s description.
  • Net weight — list weight in U.S. customary units and metric units.
  • Universal Marijuana Warning Label (Available in bulk!)


  • UID Number – For Track and Trace
  • Licensee name and phone number or website
  • Date of packaging for retail sale
  • Government warning statement
  • Cannabinoid content (in percentage)

For your convenience here is a labeling checklist for all your MANUFACTURED cannabis products. This labeling checklist pertains to the retail cannabis sales of vape cartridges, shatter, wax, edibles, tinctures, topicals, you name it!

PRIMARY PANEL - front or top of the package

  • Product identity – Some examples could be: “chocolate”, “brownie”, “vape cartridge”.
  • Universal cannabis warning label (Available in Bulk!)
  • Net weight or volume (in both metric and U.S. units and metric)
  • Edible cannabis dispensary labels must also include: “Cannabis-Infused” on the labeling


  • Manufacturer name and contact information
  • Date of manufacture/packaging
  • Government warning statement for cannabis products
  • UID number – For Track and Trace Purposes
  • Batch or lot number
  • Instructions for use and any preparation needed
  • List of all ingredients
  • Cannabinoid content (in milligrams)
  • THC and CBD per package and serving

Fortunately, 420 Packaging has had a long-standing affair in the marijuana industry and has perfected the in’s and out’s / do’s and don'ts concerning 420 edible labels and compliant cannabis stickers down to the font, color, size, and information requirements. Rest easy knowing your cannabis business will remain compliant correctly, comfortably, and consistently, and choose your cannabis labels with a company that is a leader within the industry.

Get your marijuana stickers customized and your strain labels just the way they should be wholesale at a great price! Your weed stickers don’t have to be dull and your company’s cannabis packaging can thrive in all kinds of colors, designs, and unique looks. Weed labels can be a simple process and a fun way to express your brand’s aesthetic while remaining compliant with your state standards. So sit back and relax as all of our weed labels are professional, customizable, and available wholesale.

Where To Buy Cannabis Labels?

A wide variety of marijuana packaging labels are accessible through our easy-to-navigate online shop. 420 Packaging makes shopping for weed label stickers that meet your cannabis business needs easy and affordable. We provide state-specific cannabis labels, the universal cannabis warning label, appropriate strain labels for jars, and customizable stickers for weed bags. By providing the perfect packaging for all your cannabis goodies we make shopping fun, simple, and oh so stylish.

All of our dispensary labels are FDA-approved, compliant, and provide the appropriate information to sell your cannabis products in today's dynamic market. Here at 420 Packaging, we know the positive impact your brand and THC products can have on cannabis consumers and patients and we make it our responsibility to provide you with the most high-quality and affordable wholesale cannabis-related products.

Choosing the appropriate weed labels that your business needs is not optional, but it doesn’t have to be complicated either. Compliant weed labels for bags, jars, edibles, and flowers can be found wholesale at amazing prices right on the 420 Packaging site! To make matters even more convenient we provide fast shipping and the widest variety of FDA- approved cannabis packaging with price beat guarantees. We are known as being America’s one-stop online shop for cannabis-related products for all the right reasons! Don’t stress about cannabis labeling and purchase all your marijuana packaging needs right here on our site!

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