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Boveda Humidity Packs 62% (8 gram) 100-Box - 1Boveda Humidity Packs 62% (8 gram) 100-Box - 2
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Boveda Humidity Packs 62% (8 gram) 300/Box - 1Boveda Humidity Packs 62% (8 gram) 300/Box - 2
Boveda Humidity Packs 62% (8 gram) 300/Box
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Boost Humidity Packs 55% (8 gram) 300/Box - 1Boost Humidity Packs 55% (8 gram) 300/Box - 2
Boost Humidity Packs 55% (8 gram) 300/Box
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Boveda Humidity Packs 62% (67 gram) 100-Box - 1Boveda Humidity Packs 62% (67 gram) 100-Box - 2
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Humidity Packs For Weed

Humidity packs are necessary for any dispensary or smoke shop. Cannabis industry professionals protect their valuable cannabis from the elements with high-quality weed humidity packs.

Humidity bags are not storage containers for cannabis. Humidity packets are placed inside storage packaging and only regulate the relative humidity of the marijuana.

After harvesting cannabis, the next crucial step is to preserve its quality. Cultivators want to ensure their efforts don't waste, and retailers want to give their customers the best value.

Excessively high or low levels of moisture destroy weed quality and affect appearance. Quality moisture packets help prevent this degradation of the cannabis.

The concentration of moisture on the outside of a package is ambient humidity. The inherent moisture in cannabis needs to be regulated to retain the overall quality and appearance.

Humidity that is controlled is known as relative humidity (RH). Moisture packs for weed solve the moisture problem.

Old school humidity control packs were designed only to add or remove moisture from your cannabis packaging. Thanks to technological advances, two-way humidity packs can help monitor, balance, and control the humidity by adding or removing humidity.

Additionally, humidity packs for weed only regulate the relative humidity. It is important to remember that it does not protect against the damaging effect of decarboxylation and activation of the cannabinoids caused by exposure to light. Jars for weed can also seal out excess air for added protection of the cannabis, but good humidity packets are essential for 100% protection and preservation.

Exposing cannabis to excessive dryness can cause trichomes to become brittle and fragile and break off from the cannabis buds. The trichomes contain the terpenes responsible for the taste and aroma of cannabis. Even when rehydrated, the trichomes cannot be recovered. Overdried cannabis makes it less aromatic and flavorful.

After all of the hard work put into cannabis cultivation, if it isn't well preserved with moisture packets after harvest, all that effort is in vain. 420 Packaging has your humidity packet needs covered.

What Are Humidity Packs?

Several decades ago, some cannabis producers used airtight tin containers. Some of them used ceramic jars or other opaque containers.

These containers primarily prevented cannabis from being exposed to sunlight. Controlling humidity wasn't a concern yet.

When cannabis possession became illegal, the method of storage changed. Without any legal, over-the-counter options, cannabis consumers used easy-to-find resealable plastic bags.

These were convenient and portable, and they do an adequate job of keeping out air, but they are insufficient for protecting the cannabis from light or humidity.

As more states in the U.S. and other countries worldwide relax their cannabis laws, most marijuana dispensaries must abide by specific, consistent standards.

Despite being a relatively modern addition to the process of cannabis storage, cannabis moisture packs are an essential modern technology for cannabis storage. A good humidity pack or weed humidifier is critical to keeping your cannabis fresh.

Using effective weed humidity control packs is a necessary step that producers of cannabis products should adopt. Essentially, humidity packs for weed help regulate the humidity level to keep the relative humidity at a constant and appropriate level. The hydration pack for weed helps stop the growth of molds and other microorganisms.

Two-way humidity control packs preserve marijuana flowers by increasing or decreasing the relative humidity as needed. If the marijuana is stored in an area exposing it to dryness, humidity bags increase the moisture within the container.

Likewise, if cannabis is stored in an area where it could be exposed to too much moisture (which can lead to mold), the weed humidity pack will reduce the condensation. Depending on the brand, weed humidity packs may contain:

  • Natural salts
  • Purified water
  • Plant-based glycerin

Some humidity packets regulate only one way – they can only increase or reduce the moisture. This limitation does not mean these types of moisture packs are ineffective.

They are ideal for circumstances where the elements remain constant and don't fluctuate. Moisture packs for weed that only increase moisture can be used in areas where cannabis is prone to dryness, while humidity packs that only reduce moisture are best for cannabis stored in damp areas.

The need for weed humidity packs is essential for many stages of the production process – from curing to packaging cannabis for consumers.

Humidity packs for curing are needed to retain quality before cannabis reaches the retail shelf. Then, storage humid packs for weed are required to keep the quality intact while on the shelf.

While humidity packs aren't required for consumer safety compliance, like child-resistant packaging, they are just as necessary in the cannabis industry.

What Types of Weed Humidity Packs are Available?

Marijuana preserved inefficiently or incorrectly loses its taste and aroma, affecting the cannabis' potency – especially for medical marijuana. Reliable and cheap jars with lids can help with preservation.

Cannabis can contain over 120 cannabinoids, including all the benefits consumers look for. In addition, there are 200 different terpenes in marijuana. Terpenes such as pinene and limonene can be kept in plastic containers.

Hard plastic or glass containers are preferred for marijuana storage. The final touch is to include packets to keep weed fresh.

Every farmer's, cultivator's, and producer's goal is to preserve the quality of their cannabis from the field to the consumer. This is where humidity packs come in!

Generally, moisture packs for weed can be divided into three categories:

Rigid Moisture Packets

Rigid moisture packs are made of hard materials like glass and metal. They have a stiff structure and are often heavy. But these weed humidity packs provide excellent protection for cannabis and can prevent the breaking of trichomes.

Semi-Rigid Moisture Packets

These humidifier packs use resilient materials like rubber, plastic, and paper. Easy to transport and package, their weight is minimal compared to rigid weed moisture packs.

Flexible Moisture Packets

This type of humidifier pack for weed is easy to handle and transport. Light and flexible, examples for flexible humidity packs for weed include bags, envelopes, and sachets.

One concern is that flexible containers for packaging dried cannabis flower can sometimes get crushed. But, stand-up pouches are a great alternative, primarily when supported with the right humidifier packs for weed.

How To Use Humidity Packs

Manufacturers usually patent their formula for hydration packs for weed. For instance, the Boveda Humidipak uses purified water, natural salts, and odorless food-grade thickener. Their mixture regularly flows in and out of the Boveda two-way weed humidity packs to absorb or add moisture, depending on the environment.

A trendy brand of two-way cannabis hydration packs manufactured by Integra uses a mix of water and plant-based glycerin to regulate the relative humidity of marijuana.

Some have concerns about whether humidity control packets could over-regulate relative humidity. To address this, manufacturers offer different levels of weed hydration packs.

The RH number on the humidity bags indicates the percentage of relative humidity that the humidity pack will achieve. For example, a package labeled RH 62 will only regulate at 62%. Likewise, a humidity control packet marked 65%, 69%, 72%, and 75% will hold moisture at RH 65, RH 69, or RH 72, respectively.

All humidity packs for weed have different ways that indicate when to replace them. For example, an Integra Boost humidity packet comes with a replacement indicator that turns blue.

While the Boveda Humidipak will need to be replaced before it gets very hard. It is advisable to change all moisture packets every two to four months.

How Long Do Humidity Packs Last?

Unopened boxes of humidity packs typically last about a year. Once the package is opened and put into jars, their longevity depends on how frequently the jars are opened.

During the curing process, humidity packs can last for two to four months because the jars are opened only once in a while to "burp" the marijuana. In a frequently opened jar, most humidity packs last a couple of weeks. Some humidity packs have a built-in replacement indicator, while others should be replaced when they stiffen.

Where to Buy Humidity Packs for Weed

We have a fantastic selection of cannabis growing supplies, and you can get a wide variety of the best humidity packs for weed right here at 420 Packaging! We carry the finest, most-trusted, safety-conscious brands that make the best humidity regulatory packs.

We offer a variety of sizes of moisture control packs in our collection. Adding humidifier packs for weed to your storage jars helps preserve the bud's freshness and sophistication to your cannabis operation. Every cannabis connoisseur knows the importance of quality humidity bags for weed.

Cannabis flower is sold by weight – the heavier it is, the higher the profit. Inherent moisture provides much of cannabis' weight, overly dry buds fetch a lower price. Humidity packs give cannabis suppliers an easy solution to this challenge.

You have several options for humidity packs for weed. We are proud to offer a complete selection of Integra Boost Humidipaks and the Boveda Humidipaks – the most popular humidity packs in the marijuana industry.

Boveda Humidipacks and Integra Boost can last two years from the manufacture date if kept intact without usage. Once a weed humidity bag is opened, it can last for 2-6 months, depending on the humidity of the surrounding area.

Whether planning short or long-term storage for your marijuana, maintaining constant relative humidity is vital. Moisture packets are essential in the cannabis industry. A few short hours of evaporation or excessive moisture can cause irreparable damage.

For optimal safety and standard storage, use humid packs for weed regardless of the type of moisture control packs you are considering.

Storing dried cannabis flower in airtight containers with the best humidity packs for cannabis is a near-foolproof solution to preserving your product. Humidity packs are great to use with cannabis storage jars, even smell-proof jars!

Indicate on your moisture control packs that customers should store it in a cool dark place. Humidity packs will only regulate the RH, not the adverse effect light could have – decarboxylation and activation of the cannabinoids.

Humid packs for weed need to offer protection against humidity, be cost-effective, and reflect your brand's high standards. At 420 Packaging, we can help you achieve all of these goals.

You're getting the most reasonable price on the highest quality moisture packs for weed on the market when you shop with us. Additionally, we have a great selection of child-resistant caps to add safety to your cannabis storage needs.

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