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Elements Papers

When you choose papers to offer at your smoke shop, you want high-quality brands that customers will recognize and gravitate towards. Customers are sure to remember the name due to the trust it has built in the marijuana industry. Much like RAW cones and papers, Elements has stapled a name for themselves in the business. The brand is hard to miss with the trademark water and sunset visual customization.

Elements cones and papers come with easy-to-fold boxes that display the products on your counters and shelves. You won’t go wrong offering this awesome brand at your smoke shop!

What is Elements?

Elements is a famous rolling brand most commonly associated with the use of rice paper. Rice paper is a very thin, single sheet. The burn is slower than traditional rolling papers despite the thinness. Rice paper also ensures that there is barely any aftertaste (except for the delicious taste of weed). Elements has expanded from their original paper product lines, much like the brands Juicy Jay’s and OCB. They now offer various products, which we will cover below!

At the center of the Elements brand is a dedication to the namesake; all four elements are honored in the production and process of the papers.


Elements rolling papers are nature-based, and all the materials are drawn directly from the earth! The rice rolling papers are natural and earth-friendly. Same goes for the natural sugar gum adhesive and the J burns. Elements papers also burn with almost zero ash so that customers will get the best and most earth-based taste!


Element papers is proud that the brand is 100% wind-powered. This renewable energy source is in Alcoy, Spain. This small, windy mountain town is considered the birthplace of rolling papers, so there is no better place for Elements rice paper to be made.


Every sheet, including Elements pre rolled cones, has been watermarked with Elements’ unique criss-cross watermark. This watermark prevents pesky problems like canoeing and uneven burning. Without the watermark, Elements papers and Elements cones wouldn’t be the product your customers know and love!


And now we’ve arrived at fire – there wouldn’t be any smoking without this crucial element! When you offer Elements rolling papers, you provide your customers with paper that burns perfectly! All of the mentioned elemental factors give these rolling papers one of the smoothest burns in the business!

Elements papers hit all four out of four elements, making it a brand truly in touch with nature’s foundations.

What Elements Products are Available?

Elements provides several incredible smoking products and accessories. Here are a few of the most popular Elements products that are sure to make an awesome addition to your business:

Elements Rolling Papers

Elements rolling papers come in multiple sizes, all the better for offering to a broad customer base! Elements know that different people prefer different styles, sizes, and packaging of their rolling papers. The brand also understands that your smoke shop has its preferences. That is why you will be able to find different styles that will work for your display!

Elements papers come in 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch, and king size – you can even offer a 12-inch pack for the customers who don’t play around with their J size. No matter the size, the ultra-thin rice rolling papers never change, so no matter your customers’ preference, they will always get high-quality sheets!

Elements rolling papers come in various packaging styles, giving your business the freedom to decide what to display and offer customers. Some packaging styles come with ten sheets per pack, while others reach 50 packs per box. Your business can also provide single leaf packaging, double-width packaging, or plastic cylinder packaging! Whether classic or novel packaging, Elements papers will appeal to all your J loving customers!

Elements Pre-Rolled Cones

Elements cones are a fabulous addition to any smoke shop! Pre-rolled cones are great for beginners, but any seasoned joint smoker will know that sometimes you want to have the ease that pre-rolled joint cones provide. Pre-rolled Elements cones burn differently than regular joints. Once the rice cone tapers down, the smoking experience becomes more gradual. No doubt, offering cones at your smoke shop will reward you in profit and customers!

Elements cones are made from the same rice paper as the Elements rolling papers. Customers will get the same ultra-thin paper and that slow burn it provides. Rice paper rolling cones also come in similar sizes as the rolling papers, the most popular being the 1 1/4 inch and the king size.

These rice paper cones can come loose in boxes with up to a 900 count, or multiple cones come in packages. What you offer at your business depends entirely on your customers’ demand and what you want to sell. Whatever you choose, these pre-rolled cones are sure to fly off the shelves!

Elements Rolling Tips

Gone are the days of struggling to find little cardboard or boxboard scraps to roll a filter tip. Elements takes care of that problem by providing high-quality rolling tips! Rolling tips have several awesome benefits: they are great for assisting in a tight roll-your-own, improving the airflow for customers, and allowing customers to make the smoke the whole joint, which means they get the most out of their bud!

These tips come pre-rolled or in roll-your-own matchbox styles. They come in multiple sizes to fit every size of Elements joints and rice paper cones! Rolling tips are for experienced and new smokers alike, so offering tips will be perfect for your smoke shop. Elements tips come in 20 per box, 24 per box, or 50 per box and can be used for Elements rice cones and rice papers.

Elements Rollers

RYO can be fun, but there’s no shame in needing a little extra help. Elements knows this, which is why they provide rolling machines for every size of the Elements rolling papers, including the 12 inch! Rollers save customers time and product by ensuring a fast and tight roll on the first try!

These rollers are made from sturdy, quality acrylic plastic; they provide a stable base to load your paper and weed with. You can also use these rollers for blunt wraps, so they will come in handy for whatever smoking style your customer gets down with.

Elements also offers a roller for Elements cones. This roller is designed to roll out a king size cone filled with your customers’ favorite weed strain. Customers will want to roll these rice paper cones to perfection in the cone roller.

Offering rollers in your smoke shop will appeal to any joint, spliff, or blunt lover, and selling these rollers will definitely amplify the awesomeness of your business!

Elements Novelty Products

While Elements is known for quality smoking supplies, there are some fun novelty products you can sell to spice up your inventory! Examples include an Elements beach ball, ashtray, and flying disc. Most novelty items come with the signature water and sunset Element background, making them a vibrant addition to your smoke shop.

Where to Purchase Elements Rolling Papers & Cones

Choosing a supplier that you trust and provides you with the best service is key to running a successful business. With so many options out there, at 420 Packaging, we have made a commitment to providing Elements products to your business with the highest quality of service.

Elements Products at 420 Packaging

We genuinely know how incredible the Elements rice papers, rice cones, and other Elements products are, so we offer a wide variety of products for your smoke shop to order! We are committed to provide you the products to enhance your business growth.

420 Packaging starts apart from other suppliers – okay, that probably sounds biased, but we can back it up with proof! It’s natural for your business to have questions and comments and want a clean line of communication with your supplier. 420 Packaging customer service is as accessible as possible! We offer live support through email, webchat, and phone calls, so you never have to worry about not being able to get in contact with customer support.

We also offer same-day shipping for your smoke shop’s convenience. There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering boxes of Elements rice paper rolling cones or Elements papers and not having them shipped promptly to your business. This is why, at 420 Packaging, we offer quick shipping options so your online order can come to life on your shelves ASAP!

Elements Papers: The Bottom Line

Your business will keep your profit margins high and keep your bottom line looking as good as the Element rice rolling papers when you order from 420 Packaging. Not only will Elements products you order from us be the best deal out there, but popular products, including (but not limited to) Zig Zag rolling papers and Shine papers, will always have the best price when you order from us! Our price beat guarantee ensures that if you find better prices for any of the products we offer, we will absolutely match and beat the price of another supplier.

We can’t wait to provide your smoke shop with incredible products at prices that fit your budget and allow your business to flourish financially!

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