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Disposable Dab Pen

A disposable dab pen is a convenient combination of a vape cartridge and a cartridge battery. It contains a high-potency cannabis extract or 'dab.' A disposable weed pen is an ideal companion for travel or short stays. Bringing or buying a complete set of cannabis supplies can be avoided entirely with disposables.

Wholesale product buyers are looking for new and innovative products that allow them to appeal to new clientele.

What are Disposable Dab Pens?

Disposable vape pens are an all-in-one vaping solution that combines a vape cartridge and a pre-charged battery. A disposable dab pen is a specific variant that contains a ‘dab’ or high-quality, high-potency cannabis concentrate. There are a lot of perks and benefits to developing a disposable for your brand or concentrate product. There are also some challenges to consider before and after the product launch.

Benefits of Dab Pen Disposables

Dab pen disposables are convenient and portable, requiring nothing else to make them work. Even pre-rolled joints need a lighter. Anecdotes from marijuana retailers suggest that disposables are popular among tourists and those trying a cannabis vape for the first time. In other words, the disposable weed pen is the King of Convenience.

When it comes to a disposable dab vape, compared to a more straightforward distillate cartridge, the battery used to heat the vape cartridge can be crucial. Simple 510 cartridge batteries can provide weak or inconsistent heating, especially as they age or lose their charge.

Further, you can control the voltage and temperature for a full-spectrum product like a disposable wax pen. In some premium models, you can even decide how the element heats up and maintains its heat. A standard disposable weed vape can produce a current anywhere from 2.7V to 3.6V, with implications for the vaping experience.

For complete control over how your customer consumes your concentrate on the go, a disposable dab pen is the only way to provide a consistent experience.

The Consequences of Creating a Disposable Weed Pen

There are a few consequences when developing a disposable weed pen. The most noticeable aspect is that you are in control of everything and must ensure that the battery is compatible with the concentrate inside. Prototyping, testing, and a strong relationship with a reliable wholesaler supplier ensure success.

Filling disposables can be more complicated than loading standard vape cartridges. But the concept remains relatively straightforward. Automated filling systems probably won’t work. Disposables need either hand-filling, specific machinery, or highly customizable proprietary systems.

Another natural consequence of creating a disposable weed pen is the inevitable waste that it produces. But there is no significant difference between empty dab cartridges and cheap, branded, ‘throw-away’ 510 batteries that end as litter.

Finally, a high-quality disposable wax pen, especially in 1mL format, might take a while to consume. Consider two things to ensure the battery makes it through with a full charge. The battery capacity should be tested to match the needs of the concentrate, or you can use a disposable weed pen that can be recharged by the customer when needed.

What Types of Disposable Vape Pens are Available?

Regarding disposable vape pens, the design possibilities are only limited by creativity and cost. As an all-in-one solution, innovative shapes and sizes can be used to maximize the quality of the vaping experience or simply as a unique selling point.

A disposable dab pen might be shaped like standard vape cartridges affixed to simple 510 cartridge batteries. They can also be modeled to mimic the contours of popular systems like PAX.

To maximize value, buying wholesale disposable vape pens is the best course. Custom-designed dab pen disposables can easily double the cost of materials, if not more. But buying wholesale does not mean your disposable weed vape needs to be boring. Options like the RAE’s disposable vapes stand out on a shelf, even more so with unique branding.

Where to Buy Wholesale Disposable Vapes for Dabs

Assembling a disposable dab pen for a new product or brand has never been easier, with many options available online. Whether it is a simple distillate vape or a disposable wax pen, a reliable wholesaler of marijuana supplies is a critical partner in success.

When developing a product for the first time, find a supplier that can provide samples. Like vapes from RAE, they can save time and money by prototyping before a big spend on cannabis supplies. Prototyping is essential for a more complex device like a disposable dab vape.

Wholesale sites like add extra perks, deals, options, and terms on high-quality supplies with brands like RAE and AVD, along with live support and a price-beat guarantee. Concentrate manufacturers can easily extend product lines by introducing vaping formats. Brands already in the vape game should consider testing at least one disposable to maximize your market presence.

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