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Dab Syringe

The dab syringe is growing in popularity as one of the best concentrate packaging in the business! Dab syringes go by many names: you might know them as a distillate syringe, cannabis syringe, THC syringe, dab dart, and much more. Whatever the name, these dab syringes are great for your concentrate packaging.

Concentrates have been distilled from bud into cannabinoids and terpenes. Concentrates are most often used for dabs by both medical and adult-use customers. If your business produces THC distillates, syringe packaging will ensure safe storage.

CBD oil can be packaged just as THC concentrate can. Syringes are used interchangeably between the two. A CBD oil filling syringe is a great way to package the oil. A cannabis syringe will provide your customers with unique packaging if your business produces CBD oil.

Concentrate products have never looked better in a dab syringe. Before choosing if a syringe for distillate is suitable, let's get into all the information you need to know.

What Is a Dab Syringe?

We tend to associate a syringe with a doctor's offices. Oil syringes on the other hand, have measurements and an easy-to-use plunger compared to a traditional syringe. A cannabis concentrate syringe is a hollow tube that measures and dispenses the dabs when filled with concentrate. The dab dart syringe is an excellent packaging method for the transporting, storing, and dispensing of concentrate.

Benefits of a Dab Syringe

There is a reason the weed syringe is growing in demand: all the incredible benefits!

  • Using a distillate THC syringe allows your customers to measure out their dabs accurately. As we mentioned before, each empty distillate syringe comes with measurements. These measurements let your customers use as much or as little of the concentrate as they want.
  • A THC distillate syringe is one of the best concentrate packaging types for cutting back waste. The airtight plunger pushes all the sticky goodness down, so customers will get all the concentrate they can! No one likes not being able to get as much product as possible out of their packaging.
  • Customers are increasingly drawn to businesses that promote sustainability, and distillate syringe packaging is perfect for this! A syringe for distillate is also reusable. Your company can package concentrate in these eco-friendly syringes.

These are just a few examples of why customers love the weed syringe and why your business should consider packaging with it!

Glass Dab Syringes

Glass dab syringes are incredibly beautiful and reliable ways of packaging your excellent concentrates. All the glass syringes come with a Luer Lock. This lock prevents concentrate from seeping out and creates a protective seal. We offer one clear glass weed syringe that is unmarked and numerous others that come with measurement markings. The markings for the glass dab syringe are:

  • 1mL Luer Lock THC syringe with 0.25mL marks
  • 1mL Luer Lock dab applicator syringe with 0.1mL marks
  • 2.25mL Luer Lock CBD oil filling syringe 0.25mL marks
  • 1mL Luer Lock dab applicator syringe with a metal plunger and 0.25mL marks
  • 1mL dab applicator syringe with no marks

We also offer amazingly unique and beautiful gold and silver syringes. These striking syringes are the best luxury concentrate packaging. Each THC distillate syringe is opaque and 1mL. They also have the trusty Luer Lock.

Plastic Dab Syringes

Plastic dab syringes are trusted for being durable and transportable packaging. Our five clear plastic syringe options are:

  • ​​1mL CBD oil applicator with 0.1mL and 0.33mL marks
  • 3mL dab applicator with 0.5mL marks
  • 5mL dab syringe with 1mL marks
  • 10mL CBD oil filling syringe with 1mL marks
  • 1mL Cannabis syringe with 0.1mL marks compatible with the Luer Lock tip

We are also proud to offer the only child-resistant THC distillate syringe on the market! Every weed syringe has to be packaged in child-resistant packaging like a syringe mylar bag. However, the Luer Lock DymaPak Twistspenser itself is child-resistant. These opaque syringes come with a child-proof cap, so customers with little ones have an extra sense of safety. While the DymaPak Twistspencer is a game-changer, we always recommend businesses to check with their state on how to be 100% compliant!

What Types of Concentrates Can I Fill With a Dab Syringe?

With so many types of concentrates in the cannabis industry, it is essential to know the perfect kinds for distillate syringe packaging. Not all concentrates work with syringes, but many do! A dab syringe works best when the distillate is liquid or thin. These concentrates include oil (THC and CBD), water hash, some kinds of malleable wax, and rosin. Avoid using a CBD concentrate syringe for solid or crumbly concentrates. We have other options if the concentrate type can't come out of a THC wax syringe!

Other Concentrate Packaging

So what can you do when you produce concentrates that aren't compatible with a dab sauce syringe? Concentrates like shatter and crumble do not work in a syringe, and they deserve their own packaging. Silicone dab containers are great for extra thick concentrates that customers must handle with dab tools. Shatter envelopes are also an excellent option for discreet packaging; the thin designs are great for more crumbly concentrates.

CBD oils can also be packaged in different packaging. A CBD oil applicator can come in a variety of tinctures and oil dropper bottles. We offer some of the best packagings if you prefer your CBD product in one of these storage options!

How to Fill a Distillate Syringe

Since your business will receive empty distillate syringe packaging, filling it with your fantastic concentrates is a hugely important part of the process. While you can hand-fill syringes, it is a time consuming process that can waste labor and product. For businesses, we highly recommend filling machines. These machines are designed to efficiently fill multiple quantities of the cannabis oil syringe. High-quality machines like Thompson Duke can be modified to fill a THC concentrate oil syringe. These machines can fill up to 5,000 carts a day, boosting your packaging production.

How to Package a Distillate Syringe

After the distillate oil syringe is filled with your concentrate product, the next step is packaging the syringe itself. As we touched on before, we provide high-quality mylar bags to package a weed syringe.

We also offer blister packaging. This blister packaging can come with customized cardboard cutouts that allow the syringes to stand up on shelves if your business sells empty ones.

If your customers value sustainability, cardboard tube packaging for a THC distillate syringe is the best packaging. This packaging can be reused and recycled after use. It is also discreet packaging and can be easily stored for your on-the-go customers!

Extra packaging like this ensures your syringes are state-compliant. Distillate syringe packaging also provides safe shipping to your customers; every syringe for cannabis oil deserves high-quality packaging. Check out all our syringe packaging options that will meet your business needs!

Where to Buy Wholesale Empty Dab Syringes

With so many suppliers offering dab syringes, it can be hard to find a place to buy wholesale darts in bulk. Buying a distillate dart at wholesale prices will keep your costs low and allow you to sell these syringes at competitive retail prices. We offer the oil syringe for sale in bulk, allowing your business to have the right amount of syringes you need. Finding a supplier that can meet all your needs is important, and we’ve done the research to find you the perfect place. We aren’t biased, we promise!

Dab Syringes at 420 Packaging

When you order cannabis syringe packaging from 420 Packaging, you are getting the best service in the biz. Besides the multitude of glass and plastic THC distillate syringe options, we offer them all at the best prices. Our price beat guarantee means that if your business can find a better price, we will beat it! Our goal is to get you the best syringe products on the market at the most competitive prices.

We know how important it is that you are getting fast shipping when you choose a THC syringe. Every business has product rollout deadlines, and our shipping options help you fulfill your goals.

Every time you purchase from 420 Packaging, your payments are secure, and our live customer service will answer any questions you need. We cover all of your bases and beyond when it comes to distillate syringe packaging!

How To Know If Concentrate Syringes Are Right For Your Business

How you package your concentrate will depend on your customer base, aesthetics, and products. We understand that your needs might fall into the above packaging categories. However, if your business produces THC or CBD oils or thin concentrates, a CBD dab dart might be the packaging you need!

If your business works with many medical patients, syringes are an amazing choice. Both THC and CBD extracts are used for medical conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer. Often patients will need to know the exact dosage of concentrate, which is where the measurements on a syringe for distillate are a necessity.

The edible THC oil syringe is also a wonderful choice for customers who love their dabs. Syringes with applicators can be directly applied to a heated banger or nail, making the perfectly measured dab!

Any CBD oil syringe for sale will be perfect for customers who love their CBD. CBD can be measured to give the pain relief, and relaxation CBD lovers are used to. If your company produces liquid CBD, offering the product in a syringe provides all the same benefits as a syringe used for THC.

No one but you knows if these plastic and glass dab containers are a good fit for your product. Hopefully, you'll have learned all about them to choose from if they are the best fit for you. If you do decide to package with a THC syringe, 420 Packaging is here to provide the best of the best. If you buy distillate syringe from our store, you can get the best service and price guarantee!

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