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Rolling Papers

There will never be a day where rolling papers go out of style. Packs of cigarette paper are a quintessential item in any smoke shop, dispensary, 420-friendly household, and a staple in pop culture.

The cannabis industry expanded over the years with more edibles, extracts, vapes, and topicals on the market. However, a broad demographic of tokers are still attached to the true-and-tried method of using joint papers. The art of rolling a joint transformed into a smoker's rite of passage, and many still take pride in their ability to crush cannabis flower and turn it into aesthetically pleasing spliffs.

There are a variety of rolling paper brands on the market to choose from, and most smokers do have their preferences. RAW papers or RAW cones for example, remain one of the most popular brands on the market, cementing itself in cannabis culture ever since artists like Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa extended their co-sign to the smoking paper in the early 2010s. It's no secret that those who partake in cannabis, either recreationally or medically, try to reduce the number of chemicals entering their bodies, which explains hemp papers' popularity. People seek rolling papers that meet the same purity as the cannabis they consume.

Cigarette rolling papers are also the most cost-efficient method of consuming cannabis. Since papers are relatively low in cost and come with 50-100 joint papers per pack, they're easily one of the most popular products among dispensary supplies. Purchasing rolling papers wholesale can keep your shelves stocked with various brands to appease your clientele's needs, whether they're looking for the simple and effective Zig Zag or a high-end brand like Shine papers.

420 Packaging boasts an extensive collection of rolling papers wholesale that can elevate the shopping experience. From joint cones that smokers can pack in with their favorite herb to joint paper brands that have carved a legacy in cannabis culture, you can find these items such as RAW papers wholesale on 420 Packaging.

What Are Rolling Papers?

A rolling paper is a thin specialty sheet made with hemp and used to roll tobacco, cannabis, or any combustible herb.

The many accounts of the origins of rolling papers can be confusing, but it's commonly agreed that the invention came from Europe. Some say France; others say Spain. Regardless, the inception of the cigarette paper came in the 1700s, revolutionizing the consumption of tobacco. Cannabis consumers slowly adopted a similar method for smoking, and now, cigarette rolling papers are synonymous with the marijuana community.

Ever since cannabis consumers adapted rolling weed with joint papers, the cannabis accessory became a thriving niche market within the industry. Cool weed rolling papers with assortments of flavors and prints became part of the evolution, even turning into a nifty marketing tool for cannabis and non-cannabis brands.

Smoking paper is available in an assortment of sizes. King-size is one of the most common among seasoned consumers, while single and 1 ¼ joint papers are a superb option for those just beginning to entertain their curiosity about cannabis. The latter is also the best joint rolling paper to get familiar with twisting up a joint. Single cigarette paper is also an excellent option for rolling personal joints.

But, the best solution is to provide pre-rolled cones for those who aren't interested in mastering the craft of rolling a joint. These are rolling papers formed into a hollow joint. The only work is packing in the cone with your favorite herb. Some of the top rolling papers on the market have started their own, making processing pre-rolled joints infinitely easier for dispensaries.

What Joint Papers are Available?

From staples like Zig Zags and Rizlas to more naturally-sourced options like Elements and OCBs, various brands of rolling papers cater to different smoking preferences.

There are many factors to consider before choosing the brand of joint papers you prefer. Discovering this is a trial-and-error method that every smoker must go through before narrowing down the one brand of rolling papers for smoking that they genuinely trust. The first matter is determining the size. There's an array of joint paper brands on the market made of different materials. Still, these companies also understand that not everyone will be satisfied with a single wide or 1 ¼ sized rolling paper for smoking. Companies like Elements papers understand the niche market attracted to their rice-paper material. Still, they don't neglect that some prefer bigger joints while others prefer smaller, personal-sized spliffs.

Below, we've shared a breakdown of a few of the most trusted brands that became the go-to rolling papers for cigarettes packed with weed.

RAW Papers

RAW Papers have managed to give every other brand of smoking paper a run for their money. The unbleached hemp papers are an innovation created by Josh Kesselman in the late 90s in response to providing "healthier" rolling papers. Described as "unbleached" and "unrefined" papers, they've earned glowing endorsements over the years by some of the most prolific stoners. RAW joint papers are available in various sizes, from single-wide to king-size, and even a 24-inch Challenger cone, if you're expecting guests. Unlike rolling papers for cigarettes, RAW papers provide you with an all-natural joint paper with no harsh additives.

Zig Zag

Zig Zag are a cultural staple cemented on the cover of Dr. Dre's The Chronic and referenced in countless songs. There isn't a smoke shop, gas station, or corner store in the country that doesn't have Zig Zag rolling papers. These white cigarette rolling papers consist of hemp, hardwood, softwood, and flax fibers.

Juicy Jay's

Look no further than Juicy Jay papers if you're looking for hemp-based rolling paper brands that pack flavor. These are cool rolling papers with a visual pop from the colorful prints. Juicy Jay's pack sweet, exotic soy-based flavors with an incredible aesthetic suit your personality. One of the best choices for rolling papers wholesale is because there are various flavors to choose from and made with natural hemp.


Elements Papers is a unique brand of smoking paper because they're not hemp or wood-based but rice paper. This has earned the company a reputation as one of the most efficient rolling paper brands. This cigarette paper burns no ash or flavor and burns evenly down to the roach. It's an excellent rolling paper to have in the stash.


Since its inception, OCB rolling papers have been one of the most trusted brands. Available in various sizes and across six different continents, OCBs are among the most well-known joint paper brands globally. These papers consist of flax, hemp, bamboo, and other materials that allow this paper to have slow, even burn.

Does My Business Need Rolling Papers?

Joint rolling papers are essential for any functioning dispensary or smoke shop.

Even casual smokers need a pack of papers on deck at any time. The cannabis industry has developed nifty solutions outside of smoking and even advanced vaping to include THC cartridges with distillate. But flower continues to fly off of the shelves, which means that people do need papers to experience their purchase fully. Wholesale rolling papers are top-rated options for dispensaries and are so affordable that they're a nice little complimentary gift for customers. Some consumers keep a keen eye on whether or not a dispensary boasts the necessary accessories for their smoking experience.

On top of the convenience of customers, cigarette paper is an essential part of the cannabis experience. People are selective and have their preferences. Some prefer the smooth burn of RAW papers, or the efficiency of their pre-rolled cones, while others desire cool rolling papers with designs like Juicy Jay's. Customers like options, whether in the choices of cannabis strains they can choose from or the papers available at their favorite smoke shop or dispensary. Keeping a wide array of options is a must for every dispensary right now.

Where to Buy Rolling Papers Wholesale

Look no further than 420 Packaging if you're looking to buy rolling papers wholesale. As one of the leading online smoke shops, we pride ourselves on our vast collection of joint papers, from Elements and RAWs to your classic Zig-Zags and various hemp wraps.

420 Packaging boasts one of the most impressive selections of rolling papers for sale at cost-efficient prices. We can assure you that you have access to the best brands for smoking paper with a price-beat guarantee. Get your hands on top-quality yet cheap rolling papers for your business.

We have an array of options for products like OCB with 12 different bulk rolling papers choices. We also have 24k gold Shine rolling papers for sale for the upscale smoker. We also have other types of papers like Bob Marley's, Vibes, Randy's Wired rolling papers, Canna Wraps, Libella, Cyclone, and more. We can't say we have all paper brands on stock, but we sure have many of them.

Ultimately, every cannabis business needs to have joint papers on sale, even if they keep a limited number of choices of the most popular brands. It's one way to assure that customers are returning with the trust that your business is their one-stop shop to get all of their cannabis-related needs.

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