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RAW 1 1-4 Size Classic Rolling Papers 24/Box - 1RAW 1 1-4 Size Classic Rolling Papers 24/Box - 2
RAW Black 1 1-4 Size Hemp Rolling Papers 24-Box - 1RAW Black 1 1-4 Size Hemp Rolling Papers 24-Box - 2
RAW 1 1/4 Size Black Natural Classic Rolling Papers 24/Box - 1RAW 1 1/4 Size Black Natural Classic Rolling Papers 24/Box - 2
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RAW King Size Slim Classic Rolling Papers 50/Box - 1RAW King Size Slim Classic Rolling Papers 50/Box - 2
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RAW Black Inside Out Rolling Papers King Size Slim 50/Box - 1RAW Black Inside Out Rolling Papers King Size Slim 50/Box - 2
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RAW WAR On Hate 1 1-4 Classic Rolling Papers 24/Box - 1RAW WAR On Hate 1 1-4 Classic Rolling Papers 24/Box - 2

RAW Papers

RAW papers are arguably the most prevalent and sought-after products in the smoking industry. Marijuana fanatics consider these cannabis supplies as the epitome of excellent rolling papers. They are lauded for not having harmful additives, enabling them to deliver a natural smoking experience unmatched by any other brand. This is because RAW rolling papers are among the least processed papers available on the market.

The RAW brand was conceived more than two decades ago. Therefore, you can rest assured that the company has ample experience in producing top-of-the-line smoking products. The brand's interactive social media presence has also helped it amass innumerable loyal clients over the years. As a result, smoke shops that stock up on RAW papers wholesale stand to gain this devoted fan base. Raw enthusiasts have even coined the term RAW life, which refers to the culture associated with RAW products.

What Are RAW Papers?

RAW papers are rolling papers produced by RAW - a leading brand in the world of marijuana accessories. Although there are plenty of other RAW products, the company's rolling papers have been its golden goose, thanks to their exceptional quality. RAW joint papers are famed for many excellent qualities that offer tokers an unparalleled smoking experience.

Quite frankly, you can't have a conversation about rolling papers without mentioning RAW joints. For this reason, stocking up on RAW rolling papers is a no-brainer for smoke shop owners. These dispensary supplies sell like hotcakes, and it's easy to understand why once you get to know them.

RAW joint wraps are arguably the most natural rolling papers in the market. They are fabricated using earth-friendly substances, contain no additives, and are unbleached. As a result, smokers can count on authentic RAW papers to deliver quality, non-toxic smoke.

Most fans of RAW life papers won't hesitate to state that RAW joint papers are the healthiest rolling papers in the market. While that may be debatable, there's no denying that they are considerably safer than artificially treated and bleached papers.

Most health-conscious cannabis consumers exclusively use RAW natural rolling papers because they are significantly less toxic than other joint papers. For this reason, getting real RAW papers from a reputable store can help your smoke shop gain more customers.

What RAW Rolling Papers Are Available?

Our store carries numerous types of RAW papers. All these different variations have distinct characteristics that make them unique. As a result, each type of RAW rolling paper attracts consumers with different tastes. Hence, understanding your customers' preferences can aid you in stocking up on the most suitable RAW wraps for your head shop.

Furthermore, multiple RAW paper sizes are available. These cater to the needs of different smokers, from novices who can only handle small amounts of marijuana per session to seasoned users accustomed to consuming large quantities of marijuana. When you're looking to make RAW papers wholesale orders, it will take some discernment to determine which sizes are ideal for your smoke shop.

Here's a look at the various types of RAW joints you can find at our wholesale store.

RAW Classic Rolling Paper

RAW classic rolling papers are the initial joint RAW wraps that the brand first launched. These are the RAW rolling papers that put the company on the map. They are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner that leaves them unbleached and pure. You can get these RAW joint papers in various sizes, including single wide, 1 1/4-inch, and king size.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Organic Hemp RAW joint papers are fabricated from the hemp fiber on the marijuana plant's stem. RAW uses chlorine-free hemp fibers to create these papers. The brand also ensures that these joint papers don't undergo refinement to prevent exposure to additives. As a result, these RAW papers turn out translucent and are more natural than any other rolling papers.

Organic Hemp RAW rolling papers are available in different sizes, including 1 1/4 inch, king size, single wide, and 1 1/2 sizes. These marijuana packaging items also come in three variations.

They include the RAW Organic Hemp Connoisseur papers that come with filter tips in every pack. You can also find the Organic Hemp Artesano papers, which are RAW papers with tips and a small tray within every packet. Lastly, you can get the RAW Black Organic Hemp papers, which are famous for being the thinnest organic hemp papers ever.

RAW Black Rolling Papers

This RAW paper is virtually the thinnest natural unbleached rolling paper in the industry. Its features allow smokers to experience the authentic tastes and aromas of the terpenes in their buds. For this reason, they have quickly become a crowd favorite as more cannabis consumers seek natural ways to experience their favorite strains. Getting these cannabis packaging items in bulk will help your smoke shop acquire new customers who prefer Black RAW papers.

What are RAW Papers Made Of?

RAW papers contain an excellent blend of natural ingredients, including unbleached plant fibers and pure organic Acacia gum. Matching these elements helps produce papers that have an even burn. Authentic RAW papers also have a patented Criss-Cross pattern on the surface of the joint wraps to prevent runs and provide consistent smoking.

Additionally, RAW papers don't contain burn additives, chalk, or ammonia dye, which are commonplace among many other rolling paper brands. These additional chemicals cause other joint wraps to produce thick white ash after burning.

Head shops that produce joints in-house can utilize RAW papers to help enhance the quality of their pre-rolls. For even better efficiency, RAW cones can come in handy. They are RAW papers with tips that have been fashioned into cones.

Utilizing cones can help cut down the time it takes to make pre-rolled RAW joints, meaning it can improve the efficiency of your head shop. Furthermore, when coupled with pre-roll filling machines, they can significantly reduce dependency on manual labor and increase the profit margin.

Where to Buy RAW Rolling Papers Wholesale

If you're looking to make RAW papers bulk orders for your business, you've come to the right place. 420 Packaging provides premier wholesale RAW products for smoke shops and dispensaries. While there are other places you can source authentic RAW joint papers and other dispensary packaging products, our store is the most efficient and practical one for many reasons.

Wide Variety

One of the advantages of getting RAW papers from our store is that you get a wide variety of products. You can find virtually the entire lineup of RAW rolling papers at our site, meaning you won't have to look for another supplier when you want to expand your catalog. Whether you're looking for RAW papers with tips or a particular size of joint wrap, you can count on us to provide it.

Best Prices

Our store offers the best RAW papers price on the market. This is a significant factor since everything in the competitive cannabis industry revolves around cost. Hence, smoke shops that lower their cost of production can also reduce their retail prices. It's a crucial step that can attract customers and improve the overall performance of your smoke shop.

RAW Papers: The Bottom Line

RAW papers are the crème de la crème of natural rolling papers. Finding a suitable store to source these smoke shop supplies is very crucial. Business owners can greatly profit when they acquire RAW papers from our store. Besides getting the best RAW papers price, they can also find various products such as the RAW rolling tray and cone filling machines.

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