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Pre-Roll & Syringe Bags

Pre-roll and syringe bags are a must-have means of storage to keep your cannabis company compliant, your product safe, and your brand looking fabulous.

What Types of Pre-Roll Packaging Bags Are Available?

Pre-roll packaging bags are an essential child-resistant method for storing your cannabis pre-rolls safely, compliantly, and in style. These sleek child-resistant mylar bags are a perfect form of storage for all pre-roll manufacturers and brands. The pre-roll barrier bags are sleek, stylish, and safe and keep your cannabis product in optimal condition and freshness until it reaches the cannabis consumer.

These joint bags come in a few different options depending on your cannabis company’s style, preference, and vision. Your pre-roll bags must be sold compliantly in child-resistant packaging, and there is no more straightforward, sleeker method than our pre-roll mylar bags. The pinch-and-slide tamper-evident pre-roll packaging bags can be customized and ordered wholesale to meet your company’s look and safety precautions for successful sales.

We provide mylar bags that accommodate single or double pre-rolled cones and larger child-resistant storing bags for a healthier amount of pre-rolled joints. This storing method is perfect for keeping your product safe, fresh, and compliant, which is the goal for any marijuana manufacturer and brand within the industry.

The sophisticated push-and-slide mylar bags come in matte black or white and are a fantastic canvas to display your brand’s custom logo and remain compliant. These pre-roll packaging bags are a must-have in today’s market and an odor-resistant brilliant way to organize and store your cannabis.

What Types of Syringes Bags Are Available?

The glossy vista child-resistant mylar bags are all cannabis concentrate producers’ go-to form of storage for dab syringes. These mylar syringe bags are the perfect means of child-resistant packaging for your cannabis concentrate dab syringes once they are filled and ready for consumer sales. The dab syringe is known for its sophisticated & sleek high-tech method of storing and applying concentrates.

They are precise, easy to use, and the perfect mess-free method for storage and commercial use. Known as the number one way of storing and showcasing your concentrates on the market, all cannabis producers purchase the syringe packaging bag wholesale for their product. The syringe bag is the ultimate casing for concentrate syringes and leaves the perfect space to customize your cannabis concentrates to your liking.

The universal 7 inches by 2.7 inches rectangular push-and-slide syringe bag is a staple means of storage with its sleek compliant design. Customizable to your brand and the perfect stylish safety precaution for your consumers, these light-resistant air-tight Mylar bags are a necessity. Check out our different color and size options to create the ideal syringe bag for your cannabis company.

Where to Get Your Pre-Roll and Syringe Packaging Bags Wholesale?

Pre-roll mylar bags and syringe packaging is without a doubt an essential means of storage for all marijuana manufacturers and cannabis concentrate producers. Child-resistant packaging does not need to be a headache or aesthetically unpleasing to be compliant.

At 420 Packaging, we make compliance simple and affordable with our high-quality wholesale cannabis packaging products, so your cannabis company can find a successful niche and voice within the industry.

Whether your eye is on our essential pre-roll mylar bags or any other customizable compliant marijuana storing methods, 420 Packaging has got you covered. We provide pre-roll and syringe packaging bags wholesale, so you can have the proper storage for your THC products while maintaining the overall integrity of your cannabis.

Our easy-to-navigate site makes ordering fun, simple, and affordable so you can get your product on the shelves with ease and let your name be known.

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