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Scale Calibration Weights (100g - 1000g) 100 Gram - 1Scale Calibration Weights (100g - 1000g) 100 Gram - 2
Scale Calibration Weights (100g - 1000g)
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Weed Scales

You have weed and bags, but you also need something to measure the weight of your product. Weed scales are critical to any cannabis company's operation, whether dispensary or cultivator. Long are the days of "eyeing out products" like your neighborhood dime bag peddler, so businesses must emphasize providing a quality product with accurate measurements.

It's no secret that the cannabis ancillary businesses have evolved rapidly in recent years. These days, the ​​weed weight scale has plenty more features than it once did. Since many manufacturers are wholly considering the rise of the cannabis industry, the measurements on a modern digital weed scale are far more accurate than ever. As small as they might be, a marijuana scale is a powerful l tool that impacts various aspects of your business. Each measurement of a gram is accurate.

Though these days, you'll find that dispensaries solely sell prepackaged products, each cannabis cultivator must have at least one small herb scale and a commercial digital weed scale. Measuring cannabis weights and sizes, from grams to pounds, is the best way to keep track of inventory. Similarly, a scale for bud also ensures that you can maximize profits without wasting products.

All of this to say: your business needs weed scales. Whether you're a craft grower or a corporate giant, purchasing a small digital gram scale and a heavy-duty weed weight scale is an absolute must to become profitable and deliver portion control to customers. It's also a way to stay compliant in the ever-evolving framework for legalization.

What Are Weed Scales?

A weed weight scale is practically like any other scale you'll find in the market. These tools share many similarities to scales available for food or jewelry. However, there are a few noticeable differences with a digital weed scale. One of the most significant upsides of a marijuana scale is that they aim for precision, down to the nearest hundredth of a gram. Only so many kitchen scales strive for that level of detail because, in all fairness, it doesn't always make a big difference with food. But in the case of cannabis, an herb scale that rounds to the nearest hundredth can undoubtedly differentiate between a gram and 3.5 bags.

Though terms like pot scale can make it feel like their usage is exclusive to cannabis, that couldn't be further from the case. The best scale for weed also provides measurements beyond grams and ounces, but they also allow you to measure cannabis in their packaging. For example, let's say you're measuring 3.5 jars; then, the Tare function will allow you to weigh out your eighth while it's packaged.

Every business wants to remain compliant to avoid headaches, additional fines, and unnecessary stress. That's why each company must adhere to a federal-level framework for measuring. When purchasing weed scales, they must be certified by National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). These certifications ensure that each digital weed scale measures products consistently and accurately.

How Are Cannabis Weights Measured?

Cannabis has three main measurements -- grams, ounces, and pounds. However, some of these measurements are more accessible than others. Unless you're the retailer using a commercial electronic gram scale, you're likely picking up anywhere between a gram and an ounce.

Your average scale for bud that you can commonly find might need to be able to measure several pounds at a time. However, that's why there are high-grade commercial cannabis scales for sale. A heavy-duty weed weight scale allows businesses to get precise measurements on anything from a gram to pounds of cannabis.

At the same time, the average consumer is purchasing at most a few grams at a time. The best scale for weed won't be complicated and can easily measure a quarter ounce or a quarter pound. However, if you're looking for something more heavy-duty that can weigh out pounds at a time, it might be preferable to look into a scientific electronic gram scale.

What Kinds of Weed Weighing Scales are Available?

There are many weed scales you can find on the market these days. But, at 420 Packaging, we emphasize both utility and style. If you're looking for a pocket-sized marijuana scale, there are several options to choose from. At the same time, we have heavy-duty cannabis weighing scales that provide an excellent use for cannabis suppliers.

Ultimately, it would help if you found a scale that suits your business's needs. A head shop, for example, doesn't necessarily have to carry heavy-duty weed scales. Their clientele will primarily consist of the average consumer looking to control portions or measure out their stash of cannabis. So, in that case, they won't need the sizeable scientific grade scales since that isn't necessarily their demographic. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't have it in their inventory, but at the same time, it likely won't move off of the shelf the same way as pocket-sized cannabis scales.

In terms of a weed weight scale, you could find a plethora of choices. The V-Syndicate T=HC2 herb scale comes in two different styles but gets the job done efficiently. These are an excellent choice for a pot scale that you could slide into a pocket or a bag. On top of that, they're also highly affordable. Similarly, the Jennings JSR-100 is also portable and pocket-sized.

We carry a wide range of options if you want a more comprehensive digital weed scale. Take the A&D EK-1200i, for example. It's an updated version of the EK/EW with new features with a vast selection of options, from 30gs to 12 kg. Plus, it has a capacity of 1200 grams. Then, if you find the Citizen CZ-120, you'll find similar benefits. These are some of the best scales made from stainless steel, especially since it also offers the ability to transfer data through an RS232 port. Additionally, these are compliant and perfect for use at any dispensary or cultivation compound in any state where cannabis is legal.

Where to Buy Weed Scales

Whether you're looking for mylar cannabis bags, a bong, or a portable scale, 420 Packaging is a one-stop shop for all cannabis accessory needs. We have a wide range of products to choose from to keep every head shop and dispensary stocked with premium accessories. If you're looking for a trusted supplier for the best pocket scales for weed, you've come to the right place.

420 Packaging carries several different types of scales and accessories to accompany them. If you're looking for the V-Syndicate T=HC2 pocket scale, we have them for low prices to stock up your shelves. Similarly, you could find a more scientific grade scale with the Citizen CZ-120 or the A&D EK-1200i, both of which are available on our site.

We are here to ensure your business gets the best products for its stores. Because delivering quality goods to your customers will ultimately bring them back, even if it's simply for things like papers and jars for weed. 420 Packaging emphasizes customer service, which is why we're the leaders in cannabis packaging and accessories. We'll ensure that you have quick responses through our live chat features. At the same time, you could feel comfortable shopping with us, knowing that we use a secure payment system for all transactions. Most importantly, we have a price-beat guarantee that you get the best imaginable whenever you shop with 420 Packaging.

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