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A Comprehensive Guide to Weed Sizes Weights

The key to participating in the cannabis industry relies on understanding the lexicon. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of cannabis weights and sizes.

It's imperative to understand the specific weed measurements in this industry. Before legalization, the underground market created slang codes to identify the weight of their products. These words are still common today and, in many cases, evolved. However, they've stuck to the industry's lexicon as a means to identify quantities of weed.

Understanding terms for marijuana measurements will make every transaction smooth, whether you're a budtender or a customer. However, it's also essential to comprehend your region's legal practices regarding different weed sizes. Since cannabis isn't federally legal, each state has its framework regarding weed amounts. Some states will allow you to purchase an ounce or two, while others will limit it to a couple of grams. Either way, it's necessary to understand the terminology and terms related to weed weight.

How Is Weed Measured In The Cannabis Industry?

Each dispensary measures its products by weed grams, but that changes once the scale hits 28 grams, better known as an ounce. However, cannabis producers and grow houses will measure cannabis by the pound or even kilograms. These universal measurements to define weed weight allow for better communication between cannabis supply chains, storefronts, and customers, especially those who would purchase large weed quantities instead.

It can be confusing to understand, especially with new slang introduced regularly. The cannabis industry still has a general vocabulary dedicated to marijuana measurements. Below, we've provided a comprehensive weed size guide to break down each term.

A Gram Of Weed

A gram of weed is practically the smallest amount you could purchase. It is one-thousandth of a kilogram that uses cannabis bags for packaging. It's the perfect sample size for anyone who wants to try out a particular strain before making a more significant purchase. You could also purchase multiple grams of weed if you aren't ready to commit to a more considerable amount. Many people who prefer picking up smaller sizes of weed will opt to purchase by the gram.

The price of a gram will likely indicate the quality of the product. Though a gram was once commonly referred to as dimes or dime bags because of its $10 price point, they could range from $5 to $20 in today's market. However, consumers should note that the features of each strain differ from one another. A nug could be small but dense, amounting to a gram of cannabis, even though it doesn't look like it. Additionally, you could usually find pre-roll joints sold by the gram.


A weed eighth is one of the most common measurements of weed you'll find in any dispensary—an eighth measures up to 3.5 grams of cannabis (⅛ of an ounce). An eighth -- or a slice, as it's known in some circles -- is the second most popular weight of weed, next to a single gram.

Depending on the quality of the strain, 3.5 gram weed bags can go from anywhere between $20 to $60. The casual smoker can probably stretch out an eighth into three to four joints, depending on how much they grind up at a time. Eighth jars remain among the market's most common pre-weighed cannabis options.


Add two eighths together, and you have a quarter. A quarter refers to 7 grams (¼ of an ounce). Sometimes, a quarter can last up to roughly 14 joints (at .5 g/joint). Though some might feel like it's a lot of money upfront, it can save smokers some coin in the long run.

Not everyone is keen on regularly purchasing a quarter since it can be pricey, but it's among the best marijuana measurements for frequent tokers. In addition to its large quantity, it's a prevalent choice for anyone indulging in at-home baking projects.

Half Ounce

A half-ounce is 14 grams of cannabis in metric measurements. There aren't many customers seeking to purchase 14 grams at a time for many dispensaries. A half-ounce is one of the best options for smokers who want to hold onto a stash for longer without returning to their local dispensary regularly. Since it is an immense amount that can last up to a month, it's necessary to keep them stored somewhere dark and cool in airtight jars for weed.


An ounce is 28 grams of cannabis -- a large quantity rarely purchased at dispensaries. Technically, an ounce is 28.3 grams in total. However, weed weighing in the industry at large usually rounds down to the nearest gram. An ounce is the highest legal limit for purchasing cannabis in many locations. In some places, an ounce is a legal amount for possession. Ounces in weed must be stored somewhere cool and dark, especially since it takes longer to run through.

Across the cannabis industry, you'll frequently hear an ounce called a "zip." The nickname came from the fact that an ounce of cannabis can comfortably fit into a ziplock bag.

An ounce can be pricey, considering that it's a large quantity of cannabis. However, most dispensaries will tell you that you're saving money in the long haul compared to buying cannabis regularly by the gram or by the eighth.


It's uncommon for anyone that doesn't work in the cannabis industry to purchase weed by the pound. A significant amount of cannabis is primarily only bought for the sake of keeping it in stock. A pound amounts to ​​16 weed ounces (453.59 grams) in total. It's practically impossible for an average consumer to purchase a pound of cannabis from a local dispensary, especially since many jurisdictions cap possession to 1 oz.

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