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A Buyer's Guide To Selecting The Right Grinder For You

Purchasing grinders can be an overwhelming experience. We broke down the various sizes of compartments into cannabis grinders to make the experience easy.
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A grinder is one of the essential accessories that every stoner and smoke shop needs. At one time, smokers relied on busting weed down by hand or with a pair of scissors scissor. However, those days are long gone.

So, where can I buy a weed grinder?

Local head shops and dispensaries are bound to have a wide selection of grinders among their cannabis accessories. It's not uncommon to find gas stations and corner stores stocked up on various grinders in their shops.

Not all grinders are the same, though. As the cannabis industry introduced new products regularly, grinders are available in many different shapes and sizes. Smokers have a wide selection to choose from that cater to everyone's needs, whether a dispensary is manufacturing in-house pre-rolls or a recreational stoner that smokes a couple of times a week. All of that to say, there is a grinder to suit your needs, whatever they might be.

The most common grinder you'll find these days is the two-piece grinder. It pulls apart with jagged teeth that bit the weed up so each joint, blunt, and bowl can burn smoothly. Metal and plastic cannabis grinders are the two standard types you'll find at any dispensary. Though simple, they are an efficient tool that keeps your fingers and scissors residue-free.

The thing about grinders is that they come in many sizes, meant to cater to different consumers. So, it might seem overwhelming when determining the suitable weed grinder sizes. Let's break down the dimensions.

What Size Grinder Should I Use For Weed?

This question largely depends on how much weed you consume. Some people aren't necessarily smoking fat joints regularly throughout the day. For those people, getting a small, compact grinder (40 – 50 mm in diameter) that can bit up between .5 - 1 gram of weed is easiest. Then, some want to bit up substantial amounts of cannabis. In this case, it's probably best to use a large grinder (75 - 110 mm in diameter) which can help turn out 3.5 - 7 grams at a time. The middle ground between the two is the medium size grinder (62 - 70 mm) which can shred up to 2 - 3 grams of cannabis at a time -- an exceptional addition to your collection of smoking accessories.

If you're wondering how much do grinders cost, there are a few things to determine first. We're in an age where the average metal cannabis grinders have various features that intend to help smokers. As previously mentioned, a two-piece grinder is standard and gets the job done, but with all of the advancements, there are plenty of debates surrounding 3 piece grinder vs. 4 pieces. So, we'll break it down for you:

  • 2-piece grinder: A simple and affordable option for smoking at home. These only contain one compartment that stores the ground weed. Though these are widely popular, they can be a hassle since the weed's consistency can come out uneven. Plus, taking cannabis out of the accessory can be difficult because of the teeth.
  • 3-piece grinder: These grinders solve the issues of the 2-piece grinder, which only has one compartment. There are holes in the grinder so the cannabis can fall into the second compartment, which is far more accessible. Plus, the additional chamber is excellent for storing cannabis later on.
  • 4-piece grinder: This is among the most popular grinders on the market. Even RAW grinders are available with this many compartments. The 4-piece grinder contains two similar compartments to the 3-piece grinder except with another storage space. The third compartment intends to collect kief with a mesh screen that sieves the fallen crystals.
  • 5-piece grinder: Though they aren't that popular, they provide an optimal experience for those who appreciate their kief collection. Two separate mesh screens help separate smaller crystals.

What Grinder Sizes Should My Business Have?

If you have a strong clientele of new and old smokers visiting your shop, then it's best to keep many size options available. Whether you're looking for small, medium, or large grinders, 420 Packaging is the best place for wholesale weed grinders. Businesses should have small, medium, and large grinders in their inventory to cater to their customers' needs.

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