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RAW Grinder

Ground your weed up with a RAW grinder before putting some bomb bud in a RAW paper.

RAW is one of the most dependable brands for cannabis accessories, and rightfully so. RAW, has launched line-ups of different accessories due to a growing popularity of their exquisite rolling papers. This includes their iconic line-up for the RAW Life grinder. It's an excellent addition to the papers and the rolling trays that became staples in cannabis culture.

Grinders are already necessary for smokers, but RAW prioritizes style and quality. The different variations of the RAW grinder are an excellent bulk purchase for smoke shops. Wholesale RAW grinders are available in different styles and colors that appeal to various preferences. If you're a dedicated follower of the #RAWLife, it's only fitting that there's some RAW Life grinder in the house.

Weed grinders are a necessary part of the smoking process, revolutionizing how the cannabis community rolls up. RAW Life grinders are easily one of the best options right now. Plus, each RAW grinder has different styles and colorways suited for the trek of an everyday stoner.

420 Packaging has an attractive collection of RAW metal grinders with multiple pieces or even with an OG shred card.

What are RAW Grinders?

A RAW grinder is one of the best devices on the cannabis accessory market for ground-up marijuana before rolling it up in a joint or packing the bong. Like most RAW products, the RAW Life Grinder aims to enhance the smoking experience. Outside of the brand recognition, a few other benefits come along with them.

One thing to note is that each different RAW grinder suits various smoking preferences. Like the RAW Life grinder, some of them boast four pieces that include a crystal catcher and exceptional blades that help ground weed faster. The RAW grinder called the "metal shredder" also bears similarities to a business card but is akin to a grater. The latter is certainly a solid option for portability, but the former is a perfect addition to any collection of cannabis accessories at home, like the famous RAW rolling tray.

What RAW Grinders are Available?

There's a wide selection of wholesale RAW grinders available on 420 Packaging, specifically for smoke shops and dispensaries.

Every smoke shop and dispensary should already have a selection of grinders. However, the RAW brand is a staple in the cannabis community, which means consumers know they can trust them for more than their rolling paper needs. The RAW metal grinders are one of the smoothest accessories for grounding weed up. They're available in different sizes, from the two-piece grinders that are perfect for when you're on the go or the more extensive four-piece RAW Life grinder that's best kept for home use.

Below, we broke down a few of our most popular options among RAW metal grinders.

RAW x Hammer Craft Four-Piece Aluminum Grinder

Smoke shops looking for an incredible option for wholesale RAW grinders need to check out their collaboration with Hammer Craft. The latest CNC machining technology creates aircraft-grade aluminum for the four-piece grinder. It's a state-of-the-art RAW grinder available in three colors: red, black, and Rasta.

RAW Santa Cruz Shredder

One of the best RAW grinders on the market has to be the Santa Cruz Shredder. These have innovative tooth designs, rare magnets, and ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum. Plus, they're scratch-resistant. This four-piece RAW grinder is available in six different colors: blue, green, purple, pink, red, and gun metal.

RAW 4-Piece Life Grinder

The RAW Life grinder is an absolute treat for any smoker. The grinder uses ​​state-of-the-art 6063 aluminum-magnesium alloy with a strength of 18,000 PSI. The crystal catcher in particular, is among the most elite RAW grinders available. These are one of the most resistant grinders on the market and will last a lifetime.

RAW Metal Shredder

As slick as a business card in your wallet, the metal shredder is one of the best cops for wholesale RAW grinders. While we have single metal shredder cards that can easily slip into one's pocket, smoke shops can benefit from purchasing bulk 1 ¼ metal shredder cases. These RAW metal grinders not only shred your ganja but protect rolling papers, as well.

Where to Buy RAW Grinders

420 Packaging is the number one spot to purchase cannabis supplies, including RAW grinders. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of marijuana accessories, from grinders, rolling papers, and even different packaging. Our selection of RAW apparel or pre-rolled cones is a haven for the brand's loyalists.

420 Packaging has nine options for RAW grinders, each available for wholesale purchase. The larger four-piece grinders are excellent for home use or simply grinding up more significant amounts. With a crystal catcher and high-quality material, RAW grinders maintain the integrity of the cannabis until it's ready to smoke.

Any smoke shop or dispensary can rely on 420 Packaging for bulk orders of any cannabis supply. Our live chat feature helps us communicate with our customers efficiently, so they can place orders and receive them promptly. Plus, we assure our customers receive the best prices on the market through a price-beat guarantee. Along with our same-day shipping policy, we want to stock your shelves up with the best RAW grinders at the best prices.

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