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What is the Best Humidity for Cannabis Storage?

Without humidity control, dispensaries might lose money from throwing out stale products. There are ways to control humidity levels to keep weed fresh.
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The lifespan of cannabis depends mainly on where it's stored. The environment, both in and out of the container, is crucial to the lifespan of a dry flower. Like any organic product, exposure to light and humidity has potentially altering effects. It's ironic since both factors are necessary for growing cannabis or any plant, really.

There is ideal humidity for cannabis once it's ready for consumption. Cannabis still requires humidity to keep its form, though too much of it can create problems. Excess moisture can turn cannabis into a breeding ground for germs and eventually build the mold, which can be seriously harmful if consumed.

So, what humidity is good for weed?

Without it, there's a risk of having a brittle flower that decreases cannabinoid levels. The terpenes, the compound responsible for releasing aromas and flavors, will also degrade.

The cannabis industry refers to humidity levels as RH (Relative Humidity). RH takes into account the amount of moisture in the air concerning the moisture levels that can hold at the same temperature. The RH is what every smoker and dispensary should look at when seeking the best temperature and humidity to store weed.

The rule of thumb when storing cannabis is to find somewhere dark and cool in an air-sealed container. However, you must still be aware of the weed humidity storage levels within the container. Storing cannabis in a glass cannabis jar, for instance, will undoubtedly keep excess airflow, which, in turn, will help keep out moisture.

Still, cannabis needs just a bit of humidity to stay fresh. With humidity packs for cannabis, the RH levels within the container will stay at a prime spot. As long as the consumer is packing flower inside a tight, air-sealed container, it will reach an ideal humidity for cannabis.

Best Humidity For Cannabis

According to ASTM standards, the perfect humidity for weed storage is between 55% and 65%. However, there are several critical factors to consider, even with the benefits of humidity packs. Ambient humidity is a term defining the moisture levels outside of the packaging. Though it could be in a robust air-tight container, the humidity levels in the atmosphere could still affect the state of the flower.

Let's say your cannabis is somewhere with the air conditioning blowing. The humidity levels in the room would likely stand between 20% to 30%. Air conditioning can still take out a significant amount of moisture in the room. However, the humidity levels will be even lower if the space is heated. In all honesty, even if you have a jar of weed open while you're twisting up, it will still be exposed to enough ambient humidity to be affected.

Best Humidity Packs For Weed

Humidity packs are one of the greatest inventions in the cannabis industry. One package can release enough humidity to control the contents within the container. These days, two primary brands dominate the market -- Boveda and Integra. Both have strong followings and have become reliable brands to help create the ideal humidity for cannabis in every jar and bag. Since we've already established that dispensaries and consumers should store cannabis with humidity ranging between 55% and 65%, these small packs work wonders to keep the moisture correct.

Integra BOOST and Boveda are adaptive humidity packs that can help combat the adverse effects of the temperature surrounding cannabis. It's genuinely an excellent solution for dispensaries that prevents the possibility of having to throw out products because they've become stale or moldy. If the RH is too high (above the recommended 65%, which is the best humidity for weed), then the cannabis will be vulnerable to bacteria. Contamination will ultimately lead to a negative experience, from nasty odors and flavors potentially infecting your lungs if inhaled.

A brand like Boveda, for example, caters to a wide range of products, from instruments to cigars. However, their packs work with a similar 2-way humidity control made from pure water, natural salts, and food-grade thickener. The technology allows humidity to go in and out of the pack, absorbing and releasing moisture through a reverse osmosis membrane within the pack.

Integra Boost works similarly to bring host the ideal cannabis humidity storage. However, they differ in how their brand. Integra Boost uses a signature blend of plant-based glycerin and water. Their brand banks off of being all-natural and compliant-friendly. Plus, they use 99% biodegradable products that are entirely non-toxic.

How Many Humidity Packs For Weed?

Each brand has different recommendations for the number of packs used for each, though it isn't harmful to use more. Boveda works by size. Size 1 can protect up to an eighth, while size 320 is suitable for up to 5 lbs. You have a size 4, which can help with a half ounce, or size 67 -- perfect for a whole pound. Integra offers different sizes by the gram. The smallest is the 4-gram Boost pack intended for up to 12 grams of cannabis stored in jars or bags for weed. The largest size available is the appropriately measured 420-gram pack that can protect up to 6 pounds.

If you're looking to keep your cannabis fresh -- whether at home or in a dispensary -- purchasing Boveda or Integra Boost will provide the best humidity to store marijuana comfortably.

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