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3.5 Gram Bags

Weed measurements are a vital way for your customers to decide how much cannabis they want to purchase. Here are some of the primary measurements your customers will look for when shopping at your dispensary:

  • "Dime bag": A dime bag is one of the lowest measurements dispensaries offer and is around half a gram of marijuana.
  • An eighth: An amount you'll be reading all about! An eighth (3.5 grams) is an eighth of an ounce.
  • A quarter: As the measurements would imply, this is double an eighth (7 grams) and ¼ of an ounce.
  • A half: A half is double a quarter (14 grams) and half of an ounce.
  • An ounce: This is one of the larger quantities that dispensaries offer and is 28 grams.

You will undoubtedly have customers interested in specific quantities, which is why knowing the significant players in measurements is so important! However, there is a favorite: 3.5 gram bags. An eighth is the most popular size, and offering mylar 1/8 bags are sure to build your customer base and keep them happy!

We highly recommend using a mylar 1/8 bag to package your weed products. Mylar bags come in various styles and offer extra protection regarding moisture, light, and odor; they are also very light and flexible. Keep exploring this information to find out the kind of 8th bags that are perfect for your business.

What are 3.5 Gram Bags For?

8th bags for weed are incredibly prevalent in the marijuana industry because of their many uses! Here are just a few ways your business can use 3.5 g bags:

Cultivation Uses

Using eighth bags to package your product is an excellent choice if you operate a cultivation and grow operation. Many dispensaries will source the packaging for your cultivation company. In doing so, these bags on hand is a perfect way to provide your customers with precisely the kind of packaging they are looking for.

Bags are also lightweight and it allows for cheaper shipping that benefits your product line! You can also stack unused bags tidily while not taking up valuable packaging and grow space.

Dispensary Uses

A weed bag 3.5 is an essential size for your dispensary to preserve marijuana. As we said above, 3.5 mylar bags are the most popular size your customers will purchase from your business; therefore, it will benefit you to package your eighths in these bags.

Customers often prefer 3.5 bags because of their discreteness; other bags have windows, but some are entirely opaque. Plus, the mylar seals in odor and the dimensions of the bags are easy to slip into a backpack, purse, tote, etc. 1/8 mylar bags are a must-have for your dispensary!

Other Uses

While 3.5 gram bags are the perfect storage for marijuana products, businesses can also use them for various other things. Packaging items like toiletries, eyeglass repair kits, jewelry, and much more can all be stored in 8th bags! The sky's the limit when it comes to these mylar bags.

What's so Special About 3.5 Gram Bags?

Where do we begin about how special these 3.5 weed baggies are? They have several incredible benefits, and we have listed just a few things that make them so exceptional.

Product Protection

Customers want to know that when they buy your product, it will come in protective packaging.

Mylar 1/8 bags are made out of several layers of overlaid plastic and aluminum; the plastic is food-grade. These sheets of protection will ensure that weed does not leach odor or flavor, protecting all the fantastic taste and smell your cannabis product will have.

Oxygen, moisture, and light can all damage or change the effectiveness of your product, which is why having protective bags are so significant! 3.5 mylar bags also have a solid oxygen barrier; this protects marijuana's shelf life. These weed 8th baggies also protect against moisture and light.


We offer recyclable and reusable 3.5 bags that are eco-friendly. One of the best things about these 3.5 bags is their sustainability. Customers are far more likely to buy products packaged with sustainable materials. They want to buy an eighth bag that they can reuse after finishing your incredible product! When your customer is done with the bags, instead of throwing them away and contributing to waste, they can simply recycle them as they would other plastic items! Choosing sustainable ⅛ mylar bags will keep your business environmentally conscious and attract like-minded customers.


One of the reasons mylar bags are so special is their versatility for your business. 3.5 gram bags are popular for holding flower, but they can also function as packaging for several different kinds of products. Your business can store edibles like gummies, hard candies, chews, savory items, and baked items in 3.5 gram bags. The versatility makes mylar bags an excellent choice for whatever your business needs them for!

What Types of 3.5 Gram Bags are Available?

3.5 packaging bags can come in many styles and features; it is up to your business to choose what is suitable for you, but here are a few examples of bags we highly recommend!

Child Resistant 3.5 Gram Bags

Not only are child resistant 8th weed bags highly suggested, but they are required. All states require marijuana packaging to be child resistant, so we test the resistance with third parties. Child resistant packaging will provide security and peace of mind to your customers while keeping you compliant with state laws.

One of the most popular child resistant bags is the tamper-evident 3.5 dispensary bags. These bags often have a tear-away strip with notches. You can also place dispensary stickers over the openings of 8th bags, which will clearly indicate if the bag has been opened.

We also offer child resistant, patented Pinch N Pull, and Pinch N Slide technology. These child resistant mylar bags have features that allow secure and childproof opening for your products. Both the Pinch N Pull and Pinch N Slide 3.5 bags will help your customers keep their products safe from their little ones.

Visual 3.5 Gram Bag Types

3.5 designer weed bags can fit your exact vision for packaging needs. We offer both glossy and matte finishes; depending on your brand aesthetics, either of these finishes will make your label/logo pop.

The color of the bag is also up to you! You can purchase 3.5 mylar bags in black, white, or clear. The aesthetic you choose will depend entirely on your customization needs! Products you want to stand out might be packaged in clear 3.5 bags to draw customers' eyes; customers that prefer discretion would be better packaged in black or white opaque baggies.

You can fully customize edible bags (and any marijuana product bags). 8th bags are the perfect size for your business to add the custom labels and stickers of your choosing!

Stand Up Pouch 3.5 Gram Bags

When it comes to weed baggies, 3.5 gram stand-up pouches are a great type of packaging. While mylar bags that lay flat absolutely have their merits, stand-up pouches are especially popular with dispensaries and customers. When it comes to dispensaries, stand-up 1/8 mylar bags can be readily displayed on shelves. They look professional and are sure to attract customers who want stable packaging for their weed products.

Where to Buy Eighth Bags Wholesale

We know several places offer 3.5 weed bags for sale, but we believe you should shop 420 Packaging!

420 Packaging

At 420 Packaging, we offer high-quality 8th bags for sale that are sure to be perfect for your business. We are a reliable and service-based website to fulfill your order needs! There are many options in the cannabis industry regarding where to get your cannabis packaging needs, but 420 Packaging believes in an easy-to-use website with high-quality products. We are here for whatever packaging, and smoke accessory needs you may have!

Wholesale & Bulk Eighth Bags

Wholesale mylar bags are the way to go to keep your costs low. Your company can buy 3.5 gram bags in bulk at wholesale prices, which allows you to carry the product amount you need and offer it at a competitive rate. These rates will draw customers to you while allowing you to keep up with packaging demands!

3.5 Gram Eighth Bags: The Bottom Line

3.5 bags are the perfect way for your business to package weed products. From edible packaging to flower packaging to pre-roll packaging, your needs are sure to be met with an ⅛ bag. We know your business goal is to offer your quality products in packaging you can be proud of, and that is why 420 Packaging is here to have your back! We cannot wait to fulfill your 3.5 gram packaging needs!

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