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50mm Straight Sided Clear 4oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 150mm Straight Sided Clear 4oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 2
50mm Straight Sided Clear 4oz Glass Jar 100/Box
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50mm Straight Sided Black 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 150mm Straight Sided Black 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 2
50mm Straight Sided Black 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box
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50mm Straight Sided Clear 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 150mm Straight Sided Clear 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 2
50mm Straight Sided Clear 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box
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50mm Straight Sided Matte White 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 150mm Straight Sided Matte White 3oz Glass Jar 100/Box - 2

3.5 Gram Jars

3.5-gram jars are one of the most popular sizes to package your weed. 3.5 jars (also commonly known as 8th jars or 1/8th jars) will keep your cannabis products hygienic. Before we get into all the fantastic benefits of weed 8th jars, it’s essential to know the most popular weed measurements that customers are likely to recognize. Understanding weed measurements is vital to understanding what kind of weed jars you choose for your business.

  • An eighth: 3.5 grams is an eighth of an ounce. 8th weed jars are one of the most popular weed storage containers in which you can keep your product.
  • A quarter: A quarter is double an eighth; 7 grams is a quarter of an ounce. This amount is considerable and perfect for the everyday smoker.
  • A half: Half an ounce of weed is perfect for dispensaries that package larger quantities of weed.
  • An ounce: this measurement is one of the most standard, most significant amounts of weed.

These standard weed measurements are a go-to when figuring out how to package your marijuana. 3.5 weed jars are a great size to offer up to your customers.

1/8th glass jars will be a necessary size for your business to carry; it will build your business and keep customers coming back for more and more products!

What Are 3.5 Gram Weed Jars For?

Weed 8th jars are the perfect jars for your dispensary. This famous sized jar is ideal for offering your customers or displaying your marijuana. Your business can use 1/8th glass jars to hold flower, edibles, CBD oils, lotions, or dab jars; any cannabis product up to 3.5 grams can fit in these jars!

Cannabis Production Use

You can use weed 8th jars for your cannabis cultivation company to package your marijuana products. If your business cultivates weed and distributes it to dispensaries, they often look for jars that will get your excellent cannabis in no time! Weed jars are a perfect packaging way to do that.

Dispensary Use

There is no better way to advertise and promote your cannabis product than in these weed 8th jars. As said before, 1/8th glass jars are one of the most popular measurements your customers can buy; this is why 3.5-gram jars are so perfect for dispensary use.

Jars are also aesthetically perfect for dispensary use. Jars can give your business a professional and clean look. Whether for adult use or medical dispensaries, jars will fit any kind of branding and aesthetic your company has!

What Types of 8th Jars Are Available?

There are numerous types of 8th jars out there in the industry! While several weed 8th jars are available, we highly recommend a few options (often, all three of these types go together into one)! The versatility of these jars is just one more reason why they are perfect for your business.

Glass 8th Jars

Glass jars are one of the best ways to package your business's marijuana. Glass jars allow your customers to see their product quickly; 3.5 jars that are glass can transparently hold your customers' marijuana so they can visualize your amazing product. Glass jars also prevent harmful chemicals and toxins from permeating your weed products; glass jars are one of the most health-conscious packaging decisions you can make for your customers.

Child-Resistant 8th Jars

All marijuana packaging must be child-resistant, so child-resistant glass eight jars are perfect for staying compliant! With these weed jars, 3.5 is the ideal size for your child-resistant jars. We highly recommend that you pair any 3.5-gram jars with child-resistant caps to ensure fully resistant and compliant child-resistant packaging.

Sustainable 8th Jars

Customers are looking for the most eco-friendly products they can find, and this does not exclude your cannabis product packaging! Sustainable eighth weed jars can be reused, recycled, and upcycled. Customers heavily lean towards more eco-friendly packaging, which is why sustainable 8th jars are essential for your business. In terms of weed jars, 3.5 is highly versatile for reusing and upcycling the jars.

Why Does My Business Need Eight Jars?

There are many reasons your business needs these wonderful 1/8th glass jars. Here are just a few reasons that when it comes to weed jars, 3.5 is the way to go!

Smell & Taste

These excellent 1/8th glass jars can hold in smell and taste of your marijuana product. Eighth jars will keep your cannabis's smell and taste from leaching out. Odor-resistant jar packaging will allow your customers to transport cannabis products discreetly; no one likes their weed scent to linger on their bags or whatever they are carrying 3.5-gram jars with weed in!


When it comes to weed jars, 3.5 containers are long-lasting and resistant. They protect your products from contamination and wear and tear that may occur in other forms of packaging. 8th jars made out of high-quality materials (like the ones we offer) can hold up against constant and rough handling. This means your business will indeed get its money's worth when packaging with these jars for weed.


Jars are one of the most budget-friendly ways to increase financial returns! When you buy 8th jars wholesale, you save money while increasing profit margins. We recommend your company always buy weed 8th jars in bulk. This allows you to get large amounts of jars while buying at wholesale prices; in turn, you will be able to offer products at a competitive retail price.


One of the most important things that will set your business apart from the competition is customization. 3.5 weed jars with labels can have your logo, emblem, and graphic designs to catch customers' eyes. Branding will increase word-of-mouth business and promote your product with minimal marketing spending. Glass eighth jars with labels can also be state-mandated stickers to keep your business in compliance with the law. However you choose to customize, branded 1/8th glass jars will significantly benefit your business!

Where to Buy 3.5 Gram Eighth Weed Jars

While we know there are several places to buy weed jars, 3.5 sized containers can be purchased from us at 420 Packaging! We ensure affordable and competitive rates.

420 Packaging

At 420 Packaging, we pride ourselves on fast service and quality products; eight jars are no different! We can offer the perfect jars to fit your cannabis product, whether it be flower, edibles, concentrate, etc. The 3.5-gram weed jars from 420 Packaging are sure to be what your business is looking for.

3.5 Gram Jars: The Bottom Line

8th jars wholesale will hit your bottom line every time. These hugely popular jars will keep growing your business and ensure you will keep your profits up! We know how important choosing the proper eighth weed jars can be for your business, and at 420 Packaging, we are here to help your business fulfill all of your packaging needs. Proudly display the glass eighth jars with labels with your personal branding; customers will love it!

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