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84mm OCB Virgin 1 1/4 Size Cones - 26mm Filter (0.6 Grams) 900/Box - 184mm OCB Virgin 1 1/4 Size Cones - 26mm Filter (0.6 Grams) 900/Box - 2
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OCB King Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones Display Case - 1OCB King Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones Display Case - 2
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109mm OCB Virgin King Size Cones - 26mm Filter (1.3 Grams) 800/Box - 1109mm OCB Virgin King Size Cones - 26mm Filter (1.3 Grams) 800/Box - 2


What is OCB?

OCB the brand has been perfecting the paper-making process since 1918 and it shows! OCB papers are sold on six continents and are only gaining momentum in countries across the globe. The OCB rolling community continues to grow due to the brand's unparalleled product integrity and loyal fan base. Whether you are an up-and-coming business in cannabis, distributor, or cultivator OCB products have the best of the best rolling papers in the BIZ.

All Good Things Get Discovered, this saying rings true when it comes to OCB papers, Trays, and basically any product that contains the OCB household name. Knowing this, 420Packaging now provides the opportunity to buy OCB online! That’s right, an online OCB shop that offers OCB products wholesale at the lowest prices shipped right to your shop!

We love OCB just as much as the next cannabis consumer, which is why we know it is a brand that should be accessible to everyone! When you buy OCB online you open your business up to a world of possibility, popularity, and products built on perfection. A wide variety of OCB trays and OCB unbleached rolling papers are just the beginning of wholesale products available on the 420Packagings OCB shop. Check out what killer OCB products we offer at unbeatable prices in bulk!

Why We Love OCB Products:

  • Unparalleled Product Integrity
  • Favorite Premium Papers Worldwide
  • Natural Unbleached Papers
  • Ultra-thin slow-burning design
  • Chlorine-free and Tree-free product
  • Organic and Sun grown

What OCB Products Are Available?

OCB rolling papers come in a plethora of fan-favorite options and 420Packaging offers only the best of the best wholesale OCB products. For example, the OCB hemp rolling papers are unrefined, unbleached, and provide a 100% natural smoking experience to the health-conscious cannabis consumer. Part of the OCB organic line, these OCB rolling papers are loved just as Mother Nature intended, providing you with an ultra-thin slow-burning smoke.

Additionally, and offered by popular demand are the bamboo OCB rolling papers! Yes, America’s only bamboo rolling papers are sold wholesale on our site. These OCB wraps are expertly crafted from bamboo fibers and natural acacia gum to give smokers a smooth slow burn everytime. Snag a 24 pack case and stock your shop with the pinnacle of sustainable enjoyment.

Looking for an even simpler alternative to rolling papers? Check out our OCB pre-rolled cones and the OCB pre-rolls. These products are simply satisfying and a preferred method for smoking on the go. OCB cones are perfect for even the most inexperienced of rollers and are available in bulk. The OCB cones and OCB pre-rolls are the perfect purchase for any dispensary, cannabis producer, and distributor.

420Packaging also offers OCB rolling trays in a variety of designs and size options. The rolling tray is a staple item in the cannabis industry and just about as necessary as OCB rolling papers. OCB trays are a surefire sale at any shop and their designs are freaking awesome, PERIOD. A durable smoking necessity every cannabis consumer needs for smoking just about anywhere and we sell them in our OCB shop for just that reason!

Interested in an OCB rolling alternative? We have OCB rolling machines wholesale too! That’s right! 420Packaging carries OCB rolling machines and the OCB rolling papers. Their rolling machine comes in different material options depending on what your company is looking for. These rolling machines are the perfect companion for anyone wanting to roll up a quick doobie. Buy OCB online and get all your OCB cones, OCB trays, and OCB rolling machines wholesale and shipped right to your door.

Why We ROLL with OCB Rolling Papers

OCB pre rolls are top-of-the-line and used by just about everyone. One reason is that OCB papers are backed by a century of old-fashioned hard work with a new school style. Another reason is that OCB cones are so easy to work with that you don’t even have to roll them yourself! Let us show you how we ROLL the OCB way:

  1. Grind up about one gram of cannabis flower.
  2. Take your OCB pre-rolls, facing the wider end upward.
  3. Grab a small amount of your ground cannabis flower and insert it into the OCB cone using a packing tool or your fingers, either work!
  4. Carefully pack your pre-rolled OCB cone until it is full.
  5. Yes, they come with a perfect filtered tip per your convenience.
  6. Grab your lighter because you are ready to sit back and smoke.

Got an OCB rolling machine? We do, and we sell them wholesale, so rolling on the go is easier than you’ll ever know. Here are some simple steps to packing the perfect joint anywhere using the OCB rolling machine:

  1. Get out your OCB papers and grind up your cannabis flower.
  2. Load the roller with a filter on one end and pack in your ground cannabis flower.
  3. Roll the machine to get everything set evenly.
  4. Insert an OCB rolling paper (gum side facing toward you).
  5. Roll the machine by hand until you reach the gum strip or edge of the rolling paper.
  6. Lick the edge and then finish the rolling process.
  7. Enjoy a 100% natural smoking experience using OCB rolling papers.

Where to Purchase OCB Cones and Rolling Papers?

Every smoke shop, dispensary, and cannabis producer needs OCB cones and rolling papers. At 420 Packaging, you can keep your shop stocked with OCB joint cones in bulk. Need a variety of top-selling brands products? Of course, you do!

420Packaging offers an impressively wide selection of cannabis-related products while supplying the most well-known brands in the industry! We provide unique OCB mini cones, coveted High Hemp wraps in NEW spring flavors and all sorts of RAW products wholesale on our online site.

420Packaging is one of the top industry-leading wholesale suppliers of cannabis products and for good reason. We know what it takes to be successful in such a dynamic powerhouse of an industry. This is why we provide top-quality products, the most popular brands, and the most affordable prices.

Keep your shop fully stocked with the best products on the market through our easy-to-navigate one-stop online shop! Enjoy the best brands wholesale with fast shipping at a price-beat guarantee. Want it custom? We do that too! Build your brand with our in-house design team or shop all the world-famous brands right here at 420Packaging!

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