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Shine Papers

There are many incredible rolling papers and wraps in the cannabis industry. However, sometimes it can be challenging for brands to stand apart from the crowd. Luckily for Shine rolling papers and Shine blunt wraps (more on all the product details soon), this brand truly has the “it” factor.

Shine papers are the pinnacle of luxury rolling. The brand is most recognized for their signature 24k gold woven into them. The founders thought of the idea of gold rolling papers in the early morning hours in Las Vegas, and nothing exemplifies the party life better than lighting up one of these joints. Once lit up, these gold rolling papers are sure to make head turns!

From RAW papers to Elements papers to Zig-Zag rolling papers, your company will also want quality products in the industry. Shine papers are up there with the best of them, and these gold papers will rival any brand in quality.

Gold rolling papers are the best novelty papers you can offer in your business. We will deep dive into all the fantastic aspects that Shine papers has in their stock!

What is Shine Papers?

Shine papers are high-quality, luxury papers woven with 100% edible 24k gold. These slow-burning papers have some of the smoothest burns in the biz, and they look good while doing it. We’ll get into how incredible the Shine products are and why they will be perfect on the shelves of your store front!

All That Glitters Is Gold

One of the great selling points of these 24k gold rolling papers is the golden gift it leaves behind! Customers never have to worry about their ashtray looking boring again. These gold rolling papers leave behind gold ash – true luxury from sheet to cinders!

This little extra golden nugget is yet another reason why the products will draw customers to Shine rolling papers. A feature that whatever glitters is gold!

Why Your Business Needs Shine Papers

Where do we begin? Your smoke shop will thrive by offering Shine products, including awesome gold wraps. Every business wants to have eye-catching products displayed, and offering Shine 24k gold rolling papers is sure to bring in the customers.

Shine products will make customers feel like the life of the party. The positive is that offering products like Shine rolling papers will bring a fresh and unique product to your smoke shop.

What Shine Products are Available?

Shine products are true to their namesake. They shine and are used to get the festivities started! As a company known for gold rolling papers, there is a variety in packaging and products. Let’s get into it!

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

The gold joint papers are handcrafted with the highest-quality, edible gold. Shine papers come in the classic sizes 1 1/4 inch and king size (about 4 inches). Due to the universal size of the papers, the loose sheets can be R.Y.O. (roll your own) or can be loaded into a roller for a little extra assistance.

These Shine gold rolling papers are also made with blended hemp paper. The hemp papers provide a slower burn, which will definitely be popular with your clientele. The hemp paper also known for their amazing joint cones so that customers can roll to their heart's’ content!

Shine rolling papers come in 1 per pack, 2 per pack, 6 per pack, 12 per pack, and 24 per pack. Every pack has a window for customers to see the bright gold, so every package will draw the eye. The papers per pack or how many packs you order entirely depends on what you want in your smoke shop! You can feel good knowing that whatever packaging you choose, Shine 24k gold rolling papers will always provide an amazing smoking experience for your customers.

Shine Gold Blunt Wraps

Shine wraps will elevate any blunt to the 24k status it deserves. Blunts are an extremely popular way to smoke due to the slow burn, thick clouds, and flavorful wraps. Shine blunt wraps provide the quality smoke your blunt-loving customers are looking for! These 24k gold wraps are fit for kings and queens since they are made from the same superior edible gold that the rolling papers are made from.

Shine blunts are handcrafted cigar wraps and rival the quality of any other wraps out there! These Shine blunt wraps are woven together in a gorgeous and classy checkerboard of the 24k gold and reconstituted tobacco packaged in a glass tube. The 100% edible gold Shine blunt wraps come in the classic two-pack; these wraps are the classic blunt wraps, but obviously so much better with the 24k gold. Your smoke shop can also offer the gold woven wrap. The woven wrap is king-size, 5 inches long.

Any Shine blunt wraps you offer will be a huge hit and get the party started with your customers!

Shine Gold Wrap Celebrity Collabs

Shine gold rolling papers sometimes collaborate with celebrities to provide high-quality products. These limited lines will draw customers in due to the exclusivity, and it’s always a bonus if their favorite star has a hand in these Shine papers!

For example, Shine has partnered with hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan and rapper Tyga. The papers are still the famous 24k gold papers, and they still get the party started! Keeping an eye on Shine collabs is an awesome way to stock your shelves with natural name recognition products.

Where to Purchase Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers & Blunt Wraps

As you know, when running a smoke shop business, it’s imperative to choose a supplier that you trust. Finding that key supplier component will ensure that your shop quickly gets the products you need. Having 100% incredible service will make your life easier, which we know you’re all about. We are all about ensuring you get that service at 420 Packaging. Whether it’s Shine gold rolling papers or blunts, we got you!

Shine Products at 420 Packaging

At 420 Packaging, you will get all of the products we mentioned, ensuring your smoke shop will have top-of-the-line Shine products! 24k gold blunt wraps and Shine rolling papers in multiple packaging sizes and styles are available at 420 Packaging. We truly believe this brand will add that touch of luxury to smoke shop shelves, which is why we are proud to offer Shine products! Gold blunts for sale will never look better in your business.

Why You Should Order From 420 Packaging

There are several reasons to order Shine papers from 420 Packaging! Let’s get into all the fantastic benefits you’ll get when choosing these luxury gold rolling papers from us!

We know that payment security is a legit concern in this world of digital orders. Who wants their business bank information unguarded on the internet? Not you, which is why we offer secure payments for whatever products you order from us. You will have protected payments from Juicy Jay’s to OCB to Shine and everything in between whenever you order products from 420 Packaging. Order from our store with your finances secure, and have peace of mind about your smoke shop.

420 Packaging also offers online customer support for any questions your business might have. The communication between supplier and business needs to be seamless, and we 100% recognize that! Do you have questions on quantities of Shine rolling papers? We got you covered with complete customer service! We will work with you live on the phone, email, and web chat to ensure you get the best customer service in the business. Our pros are always on hand to be there for anything you might need, so you never have to be left in the cold!

With any business, shipping is always a concern. Especially in the world of COVID-19 delays and high shipping costs, 420 Packaging offers same-day shipping for your convenience. Why wait for your order of Shine blunt wraps and gold papers? We will work with you to get your smoke shop everything it needs!

Okay, one last bonus that we would beat ourselves up with if we didn’t mention: price beat guarantee! 420 Packaging recognizes that you want to keep profit margins high as a business. When you provide a lower price, we will beat it! We know that you want to grow your business, so our price beat guarantees will help you succeed.

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