Juicy Jay's

When customers are browsing the products your smoke shop provides, they are going to look for quality brands that they trust: enter Juicy Jay's. Juicy Jay papers have been on the block for over twenty years. This trusted brand will elevate your smoke shop and keep your company happy with their natural premium quality paper.

Juicy Jay's rolling papers and blunt wraps appeal to some of the most popular products any cannabis consumer knows and loves! We'll delve into how incredible these products are and where to get them at the best prices.

What is Juicy Jay's?

A Little Juicy Jay's History

Okay, we know that a history lesson might not be what you expected, but we promise this one is cool! Juicy Jay's was founded in the late 80s by none other than Josh Kesselman – the founder of RAW papers and following RAW products! Rolling paper royalty has created Juicy Jay's, so you know it's some good stuff.

Originally the name was inspired by Kesselman's love for LL Cool J, which earned him the nickname "Cool Jay." As Kesselman began to expand Juicy Jay's rolling papers, he settled on the name to reflect the amazing flavors his company was producing. And, as they say, the rest is history!

What Makes Juicy Jay's Special

The main thing that sets this brand apart from other companies is the focus on flavor. Juicy Jay papers are meant to appeal to the customer who wants a little extra taste to their smoking experience.

Who can resist fun packaging? Juicy Jay's are easily recognizable with the bold, colorful graphics, and branding. The signature off-kilter, vibrant block letters are sure to attract customers. Offering Juicy Jay rolling papers (or any product for that matter) will brighten up your retail space and draw customers in!

What Juicy Jay's Products are Available?

As the brand has grown, Juicy rolling papers have spun off into several incredible product lines. All the products are vegan and use high-quality materials to achieve a natural, flavorful smoke! Here are some of the most popular products that your smoke shop will want to add to the shelves.

Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers

Like every Juicy Jay's product, each paper comes packed with a punch of flavor. Juicy papers come in the 1 1/4 size; these ultra-thin fine rolling papers are organic, hemp-based papers printed with soy ink. They are also made with natural gum sugar, a non-toxic adhesive that adds a dash of little sweetness to the Juicy Jay rolling papers.

Juicy Jay papers come in boxes with 24 packs per box; each pack contains 32 papers. When buying a pack, customers will have papers to roll 32 Js! Each box will come with over 700 papers, so your smoke shop won't have to worry about selling out anytime soon. Once customers start trying these flavorful papers, you'll see them flying off the shelves!

Juicy Jay rolling papers also come in easily displayable packaging. The box folds into a holder for the packs with a pop-up display, which clearly states the brand, flavor, and product! This makes them perfect for your smoke shop's shelf and counter displays.

Juicy Jay's Blunt Wraps

Juicy Jay blunt wraps don't skimp on taste or quality; these flavored Juicy wraps are the perfect shell to fill up with your customers' sticky icky. Blunts are supposed to send the smoker on a euphoric ride, and Juicy Jay's wraps add to that experience.

The Juicy Jay wraps are made with hemp, just like the rolling papers. While traditionally blunt wraps are made from hollowed cigars or tobacco leaves, hemp Juicy wraps have a lighter and more earthy flavor – not to mention hemp wraps are considered a healthier, non-toxic alternative to traditional wraps. The Juicy hemp wraps are also slow-burning, so there is no need to rush during the smoke circle.

Juicy Jay hemp wraps come with two wraps per package. The packs are resealable so that the unused wrap will keep in freshness, but won't stay new for long! There are 25 packs per box, so your smoke shop will have 50 wraps per box to offer customers.

Juicy Jay's Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are one of the most helpful smoking accessories, so of course, Juicy Jay's offers some of the best in the biz! Rolling trays provide a flat and comfortable surface to store and use rolling accessories. Are they using Juicy hemp wraps or Juicy Jay rolling papers? Customers will catch any fallen weed in the tray to be able to add it to papers or any smoking device! Rolling trays are also perfect for keeping all of your customers' smoking products in one place, so they won't waste any time getting into lighting up!

Juicy Jay's rolling trays come in three sizes: large, small, and mini. The large tray is 14x11 inches, the small is 11x7 inches, and the mini is 7x5 inches. While the trays themselves are amazing, customers can buy corresponding magnetic tray covers. These covers will magnetically seal over the top of the trays, keeping Juicy rolling papers, joint cones, grinders, lighters, weed, etc. safe and secure. The covers will also keep products fresh and flavorful, not to mention the covers can function as trays of their own! Hey, who doesn't want a two-tiered rolling experience?

Juicy Jay's rolling trays and tray covers are designed with Juicy Jay flavor packaging collage patchwork. With over 40 Juicy Jay's flavors and unique packaging designs, these trays are bright, eye-catching, and unique.

Juicy Jay's Flavors

As we've probably gone on and on about (can you blame us), Juicy Jay papers and Juicy Jay wraps come in multiple classic and novel flavors! Some fruity flavors include strawberry, pineapple, and black "berrylicious." Flavors that speak to the sweet tooth in all of us include chocolate chip cookies, maple syrup, and peaches' n' cream. More specialty flavors include bubble gum, candy cane, and Jamaican rum.

As you can tell, there is something for everyone. Unique flavors of Juicy Jay rolling papers and Juicy wraps will keep customers coming back for more to experiment with, and your smoke shop will have 40+ options to choose from to display in your business!

Where to Purchase Juicy Jay's Papers and Hemp Wraps

We know you have many options on where to buy Juicy Jay papers, but we definitely think we found the place for you to get Juicy Jay’s papers, wraps, and trays! It's us!

Juicy Jay's at 420 Packaging

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