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Alien Van Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 1Alien Van Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 2
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Space Mushroom Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 1Space Mushroom Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 2
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RAW Girl Mini Metal Rolling Tray 1/Box
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RAW Small Wood Rolling Tray 1/Box
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RAW Large Metal Classic Rolling Tray - 1RAW Large Metal Classic Rolling Tray - 2
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RAW Logo Mini Magnetic Rolling Tray Cover 1/Box - 1RAW Logo Mini Magnetic Rolling Tray Cover 1/Box - 2
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Alien Mushroom Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 1Alien Mushroom Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 2
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R&M Trippy Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 1R&M Trippy Mini Rolling Tray w/ Magnetic Cover - 2
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RAW Jada Stevens Large Metal Rolling Tray - 1RAW Jada Stevens Large Metal Rolling Tray - 2
RAW Jada Stevens Large Metal Rolling Tray
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RAW Small Metal Rolling Tray (3 Designs) 1-Tray Original RAW - 1RAW Small Metal Rolling Tray (3 Designs) 1-Tray Original RAW - 2
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NoGoo Silicone Large Square Tray
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NoGoo Silicone Large Round Tray
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Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is an ideal accessory for any cannabis consumer that wants to keep their smoke space clean and organized.

It's not uncommon to look for an empty DVD cover, a book, or a flat surface to use as a weed tray to roll a joint. However, a metal rolling tray prevents ruining any other good surface with cannabis residue. A roll tray is an essential accessory in every smoker's household as they provide a clean space. Typically trays are shaped in a square or rectangle form that one can use to grind and roll cannabis without leaving trails of weed crumbs behind.

There's a misconception that a roll tray is solely for rolling joints and blunts, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The beauty of using a rolling tray set is that it's a versatile accessory for any bud smoker, whether bongs, bubblers, hand-pipes, or vaporizers. Having a single surface entirely dedicated to your bud can make life so much easier because of the minimal clean-up.

Most smokers usually have at least one cannabis rolling tray at their homes, especially if they lean towards flower rather than other forms of consuming marijuana. However, it's also an item that can add more personality to homes or wherever else you can comfortably roll up. There are various rolling sets on the market to fit your needs, from the RAW rolling tray, a staple in the cannabis community and highly sought after in smoke shops, to the colorful OCB rolling tray set.

420 Packaging has an array of wholesale rolling tray on the market to lace your smoke shop with the right cannabis supplies. We have an assortment of options, like those mentioned earlier, RAW and OCB weed rolling tray, and an abundance of other options to cater to every type of stoner imaginable. We also offer customization options to bring branded wholesale rolling sets to our clients.

What is a Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays are flat metal surfaces with curves on the side intended to keep your flower from spilling over. They're the solution to a common grievance most stoners face during their rolling rituals. Smokers rolling tray creates little to no clean-up and provides consumers with a dedicated surface to hold their cannabis. It's the solution to prevent having bits of cannabis flower lying around on tables or scattered on the floor.

Cannabis smokers aren't the first to use a rolling tray. Before pre-rolled cigarettes were widely available, these flat surfaces became popular among tobacco smokers. Over time, it became common to find cigarette smokers using a metal rolling tray to roll their cigarettes. However, 420 enthusiasts transformed them into must-have accessories over time, along with rolling papers.

The variety of cannabis accessory brands on the market has different weed rolling tray set options to cater to their consumers with designs, symbols, and sizes to suit everyone's needs. A smaller-sized smoker tray is ideal for anyone who is on the move. Those seeking a wider surface for their homes might want to look into more giant weed tray sets with inserts for rolling papers or a lighter.

For businesses looking for wholesale rolling trays, 420 Packaging is the solution to all of your cannabis supply needs. We boast an array of different weed rolling sets, joint cones, and other supplies to keep your business stocked up with the most sought-after products on the market.

What Brands of Rolling Trays are Available?

There is an assortment of weed rolling tray sets accompanying your favorite rolling papers or pipes. The top rolling paper brands on the market also have their own branded smoking trays specifically for their consumers.

As a leading supplier of cannabis dispensary accessories, we have an array of wholesale rolling trays available, including a variety of sizes of RAW brand smoking trays and the colorful STR8 weed tray. 420 Packaging carries sixteen different roll tray options, each with its attributes and benefits to satisfy customers. Some are discrete, but our collection of rolling tray sets offers eye-popping designs that are even better to look at after smoking a joint.

Below, we've broken down the different brands of marijuana tray options that are available right now.


RAW is one of the most prominent brands on the market, and we carry six of their rolling tray products in different sizes.

RAW Classic Metal Rolling Tray

If you fell in love with the classic design of RAW's unrefined rolling papers, then this metal rolling tray is for you. The simplicity of its light honey wheat color with the large-scale red "RAW" logo is tied together with a decal of strings to make it look like a package. There are four sizes for this design of smoke tray: mini (5 x 7), small (11 x 7), large (13 x 11), and XXL (20 x 15).

RAW Gold & Black Weed Tray

Take the RAW classic roll tray concept and make it a classy black and gold. Mirroring the design of the RAW Black papers with a jet black background and gold accents, the limited edition weed rolling tray is an eloquent twist on a classic brand. These are only available in a small size (11 x 7).

RAW Prepare For Flight Weed Tray

One of the most fabulous designs among RAW's cannabis rolling tray collection is the Prepare For Flight design. It's easily one of our favorite products in our online store because of its sky-blue backdrop with a joint with airplane wings emblazoned across it. The Prepare For Flight weed tray is available in a large size (13 x 11).

RAW produces each weed tray with extra thick metal with a non-stick feature and recessed design.


Zig-Zag has been synonymous with cannabis for decades, so naturally, they would have a wide rolling tray set collection. Zig-Zag not only banks off of its iconic designs but provides solid, sturdy material that assures comfortability with each roll. There are seven Zig-Zag rolling tray options in our shop, and below, we'll dive into detail about each one.

Zig-Zag Classic Orange Rolling Tray

The Zig-Zag man remains a champion for cannabis culture, and Zig-Zag couldn't have excluded him from being front and center on their rolling tray. The classic orange roll tray is available in small (10.75 x 6.5) and large (13.4 x 10.8) sizes. The Zig-Zag man pops out every time you roll-up with a half white, half orange colorway, and black edges.

Zig-Zag Orange Rolling Tray

Another shining moment for the Zig-Zag man, who is the star of the orange roll tray. Boasting similarities to the French Orange papers, the small (10.75 x 6.5) rolling tray design is vertical rather than horizontal.

Zig-Zag Black Rolling Tray

The minimal design on this rolling tray set provides a classy look. The Zig-Zag Black weed tray is a top-tier option in simplicity with its gold and black "Zig-Zag" lettering and its small size (10.75 x 6.5).

Zig-Zag Paper Mix Rolling Tray

The rolling paper enthusiasts will love this Zig-Zag weed tray. The large (13.4 x 10.8) rolling tray features a collage of different Zig-Zag rolling papers from over the years.

Zig-Zag White Rolling Tray

The original Zig-Zag packs influenced the cover art of Dr. Dre's “The Chronic,” so it only seemed natural that the Zig-Zag man would appear in his original form on a roll tray. The gorgeous Zig-Zag white tray is classy, simple, and comes in a large (13.4 x 10.8) size.

Zig-Zag Tie-Dye Rolling Tray

The large (13.4 x 10.8) tie-dye Zig-Zag roll tray is precisely what every stoner needs at their home. With a blend of colors that bring the hippie era to life and the white Zig-Zag lettering emblazoned across the tray, this is one of the most fabulous trays on the market right now.


OCB roll tray options are limited to only one. The Always Sticks Sea Monster Rolling includes an incredibly eye-popping design with shades of blue and green. This rolling tray set is only available in large (14 x 11.3) sizes.


Another notable weed tray with incredible designs is from STR8, which offers two designs with their Rollin Rasta and Stoney Penguins design. Both come in small (11.5 x 7.2) sizes, making them easy to use and portable.

Where Do I Purchase Wholesale Rolling Trays?

If you're searching to find a gold mine for bulk wholesale rolling trays, 420 Packaging is where you need to look. We boast one of the most impressive collections of dispensary packages and cannabis supplies, like wholesale weed grinders, mylar bags, and everything in between.

Weed trays in bulk are easy to find on our website, especially if you have a particular style. Cool rolling tray sets, like STR8 or OCB, with eye-popping designs, are available in a few sizes that can easily complement your collection of cannabis accessories. Plus, their design doesn't compromise their quality, meaning that you won't be getting your hands on a cheap weed tray.

Every head shop in the world is at a disadvantage without selling roll trays. If your shop is frequently selling out of RAW papers, then there's a good chance that your customers will love to purchase RAW weed trays. A cheap rolling tray set might do the trick in the short term, but RAW's durable and robust metal rolling surfaces have won over every single stoner who has used them in the past.

420 Packaging has an abundance of rolling tray set options, as we've broken down above. Plus, with a price-beat guarantee, there really shouldn't be any reason why you shouldn't be stocking up on rolling tray set wholesale purchases with 420 Packaging.

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