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RAW Small Wood Rolling Tray 1/Box - 1RAW Small Wood Rolling Tray 1/Box - 2
RAW Small Wood Rolling Tray 1/Box
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RAW Logo Mini Magnetic Rolling Tray Cover 1/Box - 1RAW Logo Mini Magnetic Rolling Tray Cover 1/Box - 2
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RAW Large Metal Classic Rolling Tray - 1RAW Large Metal Classic Rolling Tray - 2
RAW Large Metal Classic Rolling Tray
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RAW Mini Metal Classic Rolling Tray - 1RAW Mini Metal Classic Rolling Tray - 2
RAW Mini Metal Classic Rolling Tray
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RAW Girl Mini Metal Rolling Tray 1/Box - 1RAW Girl Mini Metal Rolling Tray 1/Box - 2
RAW Girl Mini Metal Rolling Tray 1/Box
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RAW Jada Stevens Large Metal Rolling Tray - 1RAW Jada Stevens Large Metal Rolling Tray - 2
RAW Jada Stevens Large Metal Rolling Tray
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RAW Small Metal Rolling Tray (3 Designs) 1-Tray Original RAW - 1RAW Small Metal Rolling Tray (3 Designs) 1-Tray Original RAW - 2

RAW Rolling Tray

What are RAW Rolling Trays?

The RAW rolling tray is one of the most inexpensive must-have smoking accessories in today’s marijuana market! The RAW tray is perfect for rolling a quick joint on the go, consolidating your cannabis, and keeping all your favorite things in one place. It is one of the most inexpensive smoking must-have accessories designed to help consumers in rolling joints, blunt and spliffs.

The RAWthentic Rolling Tray is a fan favorite, and one of the reasons is that the RAW brand is well-known for its high-quality items and unparalleled product integrity. The RAW weed tray falls in line with the top-selling RAW products and now comes in various fun designs and sizes. It is loved for its durability and is the perfect place to store your smoking supplies.

The RAW tray kit has smooth curved edges and a sleek design to keep your ground flower and RAW papers in a designated and convenient place. Whether that designated place is out of the reach of children or the table centerpiece at a party, everybody loves using this perfect pot platform.

What are RAW Trays For?

The RAW joint tray is made to aid users in rolling joints, blunts, and spliffs while keeping their rolling papers, filters, and smoking supplies all in one place. These sturdy smoking platforms come in different sizes depending on consumers' preferences. The XXL RAW metal rolling tray is perfect for passing around at a party and holding all your smoking supplies. It has fold-out legs, so you can place it on your lap and confidently roll a blunt anywhere. These XXL metal RAW trays sport the awesome RAW logo and are seriously heavy-duty, sturdy, and super easy to roll on.

Smaller RAW rolling trays are a perfect place to hold your ground cannabis flower and roll a joint on the go. They are truly a life-saving smoking accessory that all consumers and smoke shops need to have on hand. The standard 11x7 inch RAWthentic rolling tray comes in three different designs and stores your rolling papers perfectly. The mini RAW tray comes in a perfect round or rectangular shape and can even be used as an easy-to-clean ashtray.

Due to the high demand and popularity of rolling trays, we now offer the RAWthentic rolling tray in glass, metal, and magnetic. You can also purchase this user-friendly product in gold plated and black metal and the ever-popular camouflage option. The latest and greatest RAW rolling tray option available on the market is Raw’s skate deck tray. This killer product took quite some time to design, and it shows! Consumers love the sleek custom build of this new RAW tray with its continuous metal design that perfectly fits all your smoking supplies and looks good.

Aside from the convenience factors, accommodating sizes and designs to fit your smoking style, and storage capabilities, the RAW weed trays catch any loose buds you drop when rolling up a joint. They also help keep your weed from getting contaminated by dust, table residue, or any accidental spills that could occur while you are packing up the perfect doobie.

How to use a RAW Rolling Tray, The Proper Way

The RAW rolling tray kit seems simple to use, and of course, that is one reason why everybody likes it! Trying to roll one on the go? Looking around for an envelope or dollar you can roll a joint on? Forget dropping weed all over your lap and making a mess, and just snag your RAW tray real quick. Here are a few simple steps so you know how it’s done:

  1. Grab your RAW grinder and grind up your cannabis, so it is fine enough for the blunt you want to roll.
  2. Pour your freshly ground weed on your RAW rolling tray kit and take your RAW cone filler or rolling papers in your hand, so you are ready to pack your joint or blunt on the go.
  3. Slide the weed to the smooth curved corner of the rolling tray to pick up your marijuana without making a mess.
  4. Place and pack the cannabis into your rolling papers, hemp wrap, or preferred smoking device.
  5. The leftover weed will be waiting there with your other smoking accessories for the next time you are ready to roll one up.

The RAW rolling tray makes rolling up a spliff simple whether you are in the car, on the go, or just chilling at home on the couch. Roll a blunt up when it’s windy or with the windows down; that is what the rolling tray was designed for!

Where to Buy RAW Rolling Trays

The RAW tray is the most inexpensive smoking accessory on the market, which is slightly ironic because buying this item wholesale saves you money. Let’s be honest; buying high-quality cannabis can be expensive enough, so it is important to save where you can while not having to skimp on quality. The top-of-the-line RAW authentic rolling tray is as good as it gets as far as quality, price, and convenience are concerned. RAW trays serve their purpose perfectly, and that is genuinely all you can ask from an item you use daily.

Thankfully, 420 packaging knows the power of knowledge and convenience, especially when it comes to cannabis. By providing one of the largest online shops for wholesale cannabis-related products in America, we assure the highest quality products and lowest quantity minimums. The RAW rolling tray kit is only one of the trending and top-selling RAW products we have in stock that smoke shops need to succeed. Grab your RAW tray, rolling papers, and weed, and get to rolling!

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