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Clipper Lighter

There are many ways to light a joint, but stoners believe a clipper lighter is the best way to get an evenly-burning cherry going on every spliff.

There are so many different lighters on the market, and rightfully so. Every lighter has its own purposes, and smokers have individual preferences. However, most smokers have amassed a collection of sparks from different sessions, from Zippos to generic plastic lighters. Still, ask any true-and-tried stoner, and they'll likely choose a Clipper refillable lighter if they had the chance. The Clipper lighter solves every issue that smokers regularly face because they cater to their needs. The removable flint is an excellent tool to pack in joints, while the bottom of the clipper torch lighter is great for packing in bowls.

It's essential for every smoke shop to boast a collection of lighters for their customers, but Clipper lighter wholesale is one of the best on the market. For one, most bulk clipper lighters are primarily available at head shops because these are a must-have for any stoner's collection. Secondly, the removable flint/packing tool is practically only used by cannabis smokers since cigarettes are predominantly pre-rolled.

Another reason smoke shops should purchase bulk Clipper refillable lighters is that they're refillable. With a larger crowd of smokers dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly solutions to the cannabis community, bulk Clipper lighters can help reduce the waste of their disposable counterparts. If a Clipper refillable lighter runs out of fuel, it can be quickly filled with butane once it is empty.

420 Packaging has everything you need to elevate your smoke shop. We have an array of smoking accessories to choose from, whether it's mylar bags with child-resistant seals or Clipper lighter wholesale orders with various designs and colors. Our selection of bulk Clipper lighters has some eye-popping designs with unique designs. Plus, blank Clipper refillable lighters for customization.

What are Clipper Lighters?

A Clipper lighter is the most efficient way to ignite a flame to light a spliff -- better than any other bulk lighters available.

The history of Clippers lighters goes back to the late 1950s. Flamagas, the company that produces Clipper lighters, began production in 1959. However, their iconic models took over a decade to hit shelves. In 1971, they introduced Clipper reusable lighters and changed the game forever. Of course, it was largely tobacco smokers who leaned towards these products. The Clipper lighter was then embraced by the cannabis community, since the flint/poker in the Clipper refillable lighter makes it as close to a Swiss Army knife as a stoner can ask for.

Since its introduction in 1971, the Clipper lighter has become a fixture in pop culture. UK musical act The Streets uses a design of the Clipper refillable lighter as its logo, along with the artist's name. The logo has appeared on all of their albums following their debut, and they also sell custom Clipper lighters as merch. Additionally, acclaimed artist Damien Hirst also used images of the Clipper in a collection of art pieces alongside Silk Cut.

The Clippers lighter was created to enhance the smoking experience. Every Clipper refillable lighter works incredibly to burn cannabis, tobacco, and other dried herbs in pipes and bong bowls. This is because bulk Clipper lighters release extra butane when turned upside down or horizontally.

420 Packaging is the #1 online smoke shop for all your needs, whether dispensary supplies like child-resistant bags and jars or bulk Clipper lighters. These are essential items for every smoke shop to stock up on. Some smokers frequently lose their lighters, while others are looking to widen their personal stash with rare collector Clipper refillable lighters. The bottom line is that a Clipper torch lighter is an elite method for lighting joints. Smoke shops must have bulk Clipper lighters on deck to appease their customers!

What Types of Clipper Lighters are Available?

The better question is: what type of Clipper lighter wholesale isn't available on 420 Packaging? As the leading store in all things cannabis supply-related, the collection of bulk Clipper lighter options on 420 Packaging is vast and includes designs that suit any smoker's personality. Looking for something classy? You'll be pleased to find out gold metal Clipper refillable lighters. Need something blank for customization? We have the Clipper lighter wholesale available in different solid colors and a design team to fulfill your branding wishes to create cool Clipper lighters.

Additionally, there's an abundance of Clipper refillable lighter options. There are different sizes, like the mini Clipper lighter , which is even smaller than the BiC mini lighter. The dimensions of a mini Clipper refillable lighter are around 2 ½ inches long, ⅞ inches wide, and about ½ inches thick. No matter what size, though, you can refill Clipper lighter units with butane. These are even more portable and include the same features as your average Clipper lighter, like being reusable and containing a handy flint that simultaneously works as a poker. So, even with a smaller lighter, there's no loss in quality when smoking. These are perfectly customizable. This allows smoke shops to diversify their inventory with lighters that speak to their brand's identity. In turn, this helps increase brand awareness. Given how easily lighters are pocketed these days, it's practically the best way to get your name out.

One of the perks of the bulk Clipper lighters is that they are versatile. The flame is intense because of its butane refill, but it's similar to a BiC lighter or a generic plastic lighter. For a more intense flame, 420 Packaging does carry Clipper butane lighters that bear similarities to a dab torch. Clipper jet lighters, like the Clipper Silver Jet Metal Electronic Lighter in bulk, have a fixed flame. This allows for prevention against the wind, which is always helpful during those smoke sessions on rainy or snowy days. Bulk Clipper lighters with a jet flame are key for smoke shops to have a well-rounded selection of lighters.

420 Packaging remains the most comprehensive online smoke shop for bulk Clipper lighters. We have everything from the gold and jet black metallic Clipper lighters to mini lighters with cute animal designs. Some lighters come with more festive vibes. If you want a seasonal lighter on shelves from Christmas, Halloween, and of course, every stoner's favorite holiday, 4/20. Additionally, we also carry pure butane gas canisters in bulk. These are an excellent accessory to offer any fan of the Clipper lighter. While these are refillable lighters, adding more fuel to your lighter can often be a task to be handled at home. With the butane gas canister, every Clipper lighter can be refilled even while on the go.

Where to Buy Clipper Lighters in Bulk

You won't find a better online smoke shop to see all your supplies than 420 Packaging, especially if you're looking for the best Clippers lighter collection. 420 Packaging is a leading online smoke shop that supplies everyone from the most giant cannabis corporations to mom-and-pop shops looking for the best prices. We have everything from tin jars and mylar bags of all sizes to different types of lighters, whether that's BiCs and Zippos, to a bulk order of the iconic refillable Clipper lighter.

It's more than easy to look for a supplier by Googling "buy Clipper lighters." However, it's always a gamble to place orders with companies you haven't built a rapport with yet. 420 Packaging has a trusted reputation in the cannabis industry, and that's why smoke shops have frequently visited our online shop to find different styles of refillable Clipper lighter for their shelves. We have a wide selection that can appeal to everyone, from the bubbly smoker who loves anime and cartoons to the classy toker who wants a sleek accessory to carry around in their pockets.

Smoke shops know that Clipper wholesale lighters are one of the best options for smoke shops. They're a cultural staple in the cannabis community among smokers young and old, and it's reflected in head shops across the country. The recognizable figure of a Clipper torch lighter is as distinguished as a BiC lighter. Because they're low in cost, they're also an easy product to help boost store revenue.

However, one of the biggest perks of bulk Clipper torch lighter orders is that they are one of the most straightforward products to customize. The ability to personalize products like lighters is a perfect way to elevate your brand's presence in the community. Simply adding a small logo to a clean Clipper is all you need to spread the word about what your store has to offer. We have an incredible team of in-house designs with years of experience working with some of the leading brands in the industry. Our design team can work to size your company's logo to fit on Clipper lighters, both regular and mini sizes. For start-up companies, we can quickly whip up an attractive design to add to the side of a Clipper cigarette lighter. They work efficiently to quickly turn around your orders to perfection.

The benefits are plentiful when you shop with 420 Packaging. We've already broken down our custom options, but that's just the tip of the iceberg for our customer service. We take pride in bringing out clients' satisfaction with every order, which begins with communication. Our live support option ensures that you can place orders and receive updates quickly. You can get through to us via telephone, email or web chat to get a speedy response to any of your inquiries. We also have a price-beat guarantee to ensure that you receive the best prices in the cannabis supplies market. And once you place your order, we move quickly to bring it to your store with same-day shipping options.

No matter what, 420 Packaging is committed to our customers and helping bring their orders to their shelves promptly.

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