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Online Smoke Shop

Online smoke shops have grown in popularity as our world moves into a more digital age every day! What better way to connect with customers and build your business than offering smoking supplies from your smoke shop online? Customers will come to your website to find the same products they’ve been accustomed to from your in-person shop! A solid online smoke shop can lead your business to succeed an in-person store.

Shops have been referred to as head shops when a store is associated with marijuana. Today, most smoke and head shops are interchangeable! In-person smoke shops have traditionally been around for tobacco consumers. However, weed acceptance and legalization have grown with online smoke shops. We also refer to these shops affectionately as a 420 shop for obvious reasons. What better name to call smoke shops than by the tokers' favorite holiday!

One of the best decisions you can make when running online head shops is to use smoke shop and wholesale distributors. Online wholesale purchasing is the way to go when it comes to your smoke shop! Wholesale distributors will be able to provide your business with bulk products at a wholesale price. When your store buys 420 wholesale, you can offer smoking supplies at a competitive retail price. You will keep your ordering prices low and be able to charge prices that will give you an incredible profit margin.

With 420 right around the corner, we've got all the details on what makes a smoking shop tick. We will break down all the amazing benefits an online smoke shop will give you!

What is a Smoke Shop?

A smoke shop is a business that sells smoking accessories. Smoke and heads shops are a one-stop for customers to get all the items they need to have the best smoking experience. Cannabis and tobacco smokers alike should be able to order fun and practical supplies to elevate their smoking experience.

Benefits of Online Smoke Shops

Ordering smoke supplies from online shops has several benefits for customers and, therefore, for your 420 store!

Who doesn't like to feel comfortable when they shop? Sometimes you wake up in the mood to order some fun, new smoke shop supplies; an online 420 shop is the perfect place to go! Ordering smoker supplies online provides a higher level of comfort for your customers.

A considerable benefit of online head shops is that they provide your customers with safety. In a COVID world, customers have turned to digital shopping to ensure their health isn't compromised. Because of the increased safety digital browsing allows, having a fully stocked online 420 smoke shop will put your valued customers at ease.

Speaking of ease…online shopping is so popular because of how easy it is! For example, potential customers who live in rural areas might not have access to quality head shops, which is where your online business comes in. These customers can simply go to your website and purchase the smoking supplies they need. Ease also extends to all customers; how easy is clicking "add to cart" and "checkout"? Customers can order products online with minimal effort!

As the online smoke shop world booms, ordering from smoke shop wholesale distributors will enable you to grow your online business and reap all the benefits your website offers!

Smoke Shops vs. Dispensaries

While some might refer to them interchangeably, smoke shops and dispensaries are very different. Dispensary supplies wholesale are typically considered packaging supplies that dispensaries need; dispensaries legally can sell packaged cannabis. Head shops cannot sell weed, but they can sell everything your customers need to consume it! Dispensaries typically just focus on the actual marijuana product, while smoke shops are there to ensure your customers have all the smoking accessories they need.

The fantastic thing about smoke shops and dispensaries is that they work hand-in-hand! Both businesses work together to give us the smoking experience we know and love. What's the point of having smoking items without the weed and vice versa?

What Smoke Shop Items are Available?

The remarkable thing about smoking supplies is that there are so many available! Make sure your online and in-person stores are always stocked with classic head shop items! Customers can order all these products at wholesale smoke shop distributors.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are probably one of the items associated most with a 420 supply store; rolling papers are widely used by tobacco and cannabis smokers alike. There can be no joints without rolling papers, and no one wants to live in that world! There is no question that offering papers are essential for any in-person and online head shops.

Blunt Wraps

Smoke shops are not complete without blunt wraps. These wraps in particular are considered a more niche part of the smoking community, so customers will come looking for them in your smoke shop! Blunt wraps come in multiple sizes and flavors and can be made from tobacco or hemp leaves. With all this variety, customers are sure to find blunt wraps that are perfect for them.


Pre-rolls go hand-in-hand with rolling papers and blunt wraps since both of those items can be pre-rolled. Pre-rolls also come in the famous cone shape, which burns at a different pace and is easier to pack due to the broader tip. Pre-rolls save customers time, money, and product, so they are extremely popular with your clientele! Pre-rolls are ready to go, and all that needs to be done is simply putting Mary Jane into the roll. Every 420 store should offer this customer go-to.

Rolling Machines

Rolling machines are the perfect middle ground between pre-rolls and papers; there's no shame in needing a little extra help with rolling loose paper, and that's where the rolling machines come in! Even customers who love to roll their own will know that machines can save a lot of time and provide a nice, clean roll. Customers new and experienced with smoking will gravitate towards machines, making them the perfect item for a smoking shop.

Rolling Trays

Smoker supplies can sometimes feel like they are all the same; it can be hard to find the splash of personality people are looking for. Enter: the rolling tray. The awesome thing –okay, one of the awesome things–about rolling trays is that they can come in individual styles! Rolling trays come in every color and design you can imagine. They often have trippy, creative designs that are sure to draw in customers; everyone can find a rolling tray that fits their aesthetic.

Rolling trays are used by customers who like to keep all their products in one place. Frequently tokers will set all of their ordered online smoke shop accessories on the tray for easy access (plus, it looks good displayed too)! Rolling trays also save product; for example, why would your customers roll a blunt over a table where they would have to wipe up excess cannabis when the cannabis will fall on a clean tray and be reused.


Let's be honest; life would be a lot harder if grinders didn't exist. When your business orders wholesale weed grinders, you can provide customers with the perfect tools to shred their weed. Ground weed is easy to roll joints/blunts with and pack glass accessories. Quality grinders will provide your customers with the perfect grain of weed; no more picking apart bud, wasting product and time. Grinders are essential for any 420 shop!

Lighters & Torches

Smoke shop wholesale distributors should always have various lighters and torches to provide your business with! Much like rolling trays, lighters and torches come in multiple styles. Lighters are a great item to offer. After all, even if a customer isn't a smoker, they will look for lighters on your smoke store website because everyone uses lighters – from lighting candles and camping and to have just in case. Lighters will always come in handy.

Torches are a must-have for the dabbing community, and they are a valuable item to have around. Customers will want a high-quality torch to add to their 420 supply accessories. Not to mention torches are as versatile as lighters; customers can use them for cooking, camping, smoking, and more!

Both lighters and torches ship easily, so you save both your online smoke shop and your customers' money. These items are essential for any head shop business.

Concentrate Containers

Speaking of dabbing…if customers are going to pick up a torch, they will probably look for concentrate containers. These containers will hold concentrate like shatter, wax, and oil for your customers. Head shop suppliers also offer them at extremely cheap rates, so your business will significantly profit from these small containers!

What Smoking Supplies Make a Successful Smoke Shop?

All of the items mentioned above are great additions to your business, and they all add up to make your online head shops successful. However, some specific parameters around supplies will add that sprinkle of extra success to your business!

Quality Brand Smoking Supplies

When it comes to your smoke shop, wholesale distributors that offer high-quality brands are where it's at. You want to provide well-respected brands that are trusted in the cannabis community; the experienced toker will know exactly what brands they like, and a new cannabis-lover will wish to explore grade-A brands that provide them with the best smoking experience. Your smoke shop website will attract more customers the more quality brands you offer!

Brands like RAW, King Palm, and High Hemp are synonymous with great products. For example, RAW products you can buy through smoke shop wholesale distributors will be instantly recognizable to customers, bringing in more people (and more profit for you). By offering brands that people trust in your smoke shop, online customers will undoubtedly come to know your business as one that offers the best of the best!

Variety of Smoking Supplies

Wholesale smoke shop accessories can only do so much for your business if you only offer one kind; for example, why offer only one size of rolling papers when you can offer multiple sizes? Why provide only tobacco leaf blunt wraps when you can attract non-nicotine consumers with hemp wraps? Why offer only metal grinders when some customers prefer lighter, plastic ones? Smoking supplies are diverse, and you can't go wrong by providing as many awesome products as possible.

Head shop wholesale supplies can come in a variety of brands, designs, colors, and more; that variety will only attract various customer bases. One of the beauties of an online smoke shop is how many customers your business can reach, and you'll get greater outreach to customers with the more smoking accessories you offer!

Where to Find a Smoke Shop Wholesale Distributor Online

Finding a wholesale head shop supplies website is more complicated than it sounds. We've already established that wholesale smoking products are essential to keep your business costs down, and finding the right wholesale smoke shop supplies on the right website is so important. We've compiled some of the things that you should look for when looking for smoke shop inventory for sale.

Researching Smoke Shop Wholesale Distributors

Smoke shop wholesale distributors should always come with some must-haves. Fast shipping is one; no business wants the frustration when waiting for their wholesale smoking supplies, and it is taking weeks to get them. This leads to your online customers having delayed shipping from your business, which in turn leads to unhappy customers, which no one wants.

Another trait to research from wholesale smoke shop distributors is the quality of the products. It is extremely important that the brands they offer are of quality that you know will keep customers of your online smoke shop happy.

420Packaging - A Leading Distributor

Luckily, we think we've saved you some research time when finding wholesale smoke shop supplies you can get from an online distributor. This is 420 Packaging's time to shine! Okay, we might sound a little biased, but it is all for a good reason since 420 Packaging has all the traits online head shops need from a distributor and more. Let us prove it to you!

420 Packaging offers price beat guarantees on every product we offer! If you can find cheaper wholesale supplies for your 420 smoke shop, we will absolutely beat the price for you. As one of the head shop suppliers’ websites, we want wholesale prices to truly make a difference for your bottom line; this is why we commit to guaranteeing to top other online distributors' prices. You'll get the bang for your buck ordering wholesale from 420 Packaging.

Our customer service is also next-level awesome. We believe that your online smoke shop should have top-tier service from smoke shop wholesale distributors, which is why we offer live chat options. Does your business have any questions? We offer knowledgeable staff that is here to answer your inquiries by phone, online chat, and email. Your online 420 smoke shop will have the best service in the game when you go with 420 Packaging.

Yet another sweet bonus is that we offer same-day shipping. Like we said above, 420 Packaging knows the struggles of not being able to get your products promptly. This is why we want to eliminate the problem before it arises! Same-day shipping of your ordered smoking supplies will put your mind at ease since your business will receive orders in a timely manner. How much better can it get?

The answer: a lot better! 420 Packaging offers all of the products we mentioned above and more. Online head shops can order the best product and brand lines from our. You can trust 420 Packaging has done the research on popular products.

At 420 Packaging, our wholesale smoke shop supplies will help your bottom line. Our goal is to help you keep costs low and profit margins high, and we cannot wait for you to explore our website and order the supplies you need to take your business –and customers– to new highs.

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