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BIC 'Retail Display' Lighters Large - 50/Box - 1BIC 'Retail Display' Lighters Large - 50/Box - 2
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Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane 145mL BHO Canisters w/ Flints 12/Box - 1Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane 145mL BHO Canisters w/ Flints 12/Box - 2
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Neon Premium Refined BHO Butane Canisters 12/Box - 1Neon Premium Refined BHO Butane Canisters 12/Box - 2
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4.5" Blink Plastic Torch Assorted Butane Torch Lighter - 14.5" Blink Plastic Torch Assorted Butane Torch Lighter - 2
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4.5" Blink Opaque Plastic Torch Assorted Butane Torch - 14.5" Blink Opaque Plastic Torch Assorted Butane Torch - 2
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6" Scorch Torch Metal Assorted Butane Torch w/ Safety Lock - 16" Scorch Torch Metal Assorted Butane Torch w/ Safety Lock - 2
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5" Newport Zero Plastic Assorted Butane Cigar Torch 12/Box - 15" Newport Zero Plastic Assorted Butane Cigar Torch 12/Box - 2
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Smokus Focus Horizon The Stash Jar White - 1Smokus Focus Horizon The Stash Jar White - 2
Smokus Focus Horizon The Stash Jar
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Iroda Pro-Torch PT-500 High Power Butane Torch Red Torch - 1Iroda Pro-Torch PT-500 High Power Butane Torch Red Torch - 2
Iroda Pro-Torch PT-500 High Power Butane Torch
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RAW Gold Lighter Ring 8 - 1RAW Gold Lighter Ring 8 - 2

Bulk Lighters

Bulk lighters are an essential item for any smoke shop!

If there is one dependable thing across gas stations, corner stores, head shops, and dispensaries, it is lighters. It's not uncommon to walk into a gas station and see a rack of lighters in bulk sitting right in front of the check-out. They're the most accessible item to pick up out of a store, even if it's for safe measures. Lighters are a fundamental part of any smoker's daily rituals. However, they're simply an item that every household should have. All of that to say -- smoke shops that purchase their lighters bulk are the most dependable spots to make sure you have a spark to light up.

Operators of smoke shops should recognize that there's always a demand for lighters. It's a key component in smoking and dabbing. With torches getting pocketed on the regular, some smokers might even be keener towards purchasing a pack of lighters at a time. Keeping your store stocked with bulk lighters is an easy way to boost profits and upsell products just as customers are ready to ring up their orders.

420 Packaging is always here to ensure that your smoke shop or dispensary has all of the right supplies and materials to keep your business compliant. Our selection of bulk lighters is available in various styles and colors, from generic cheap lighters to brand-name durable Bic lighters.

What are Lighters For?

Lighters are one of the most necessary portable devices for creating fire anywhere you go. It's not just smokers, but practically everyone else needs a lighter. Businesses that purchase lighters in bulk have a smart way of bringing in additional revenue. Some people are inclined to lose their spark and opt for buying a lighters pack.

Lighters bulk purchases are a game-changer for any smoke shop, and there are a few reasons for this. There are loads of options in various styles, colors, and sizes of wholesale lighters. Plus, we offer cheap lighters bulk purchases, whether that's an average box of Clipper lighters or a state-of-the-art refillable Zippo. There are also options for display cases for a pack of lighters to ensure that they're visibly in customers' faces just as they check out.

Lighters are handy, even to non-smokers. Wholesale lighters appeal to campers, candle and incense enthusiasts, and everyone else. There's never a time when purchasing a pack of lighters won't come in handy. Some lighters in bulk lean towards assisting in lighting up a joint or a cigarette, while other options cater to more heavy-duty work. A dab torch, for instance, has a powerful flame that can be as hot as 2400-degrees Fahrenheit. These types of lighters bulk purchases aren't really for everyday use unless you're a daily dabber.

For businesses, cheap lighters bulk orders can also work towards a promotional benefit. There are many ways to personalize lighters in bulk purchases. You can place your company's logo on the sides as an example. 420 Packaging's in-house designers have years of experience to help bring stylish cheap lighters into your stores.

What Types of Wholesale Lighters are Available?

With nearly 100 options in stock, 420 Packaging has plenty of lighters bulk choices to keep your businesses stocked with many different styles and colors. However, before making an order of lighters in bulk, you must determine your customers' preferences. Some smokers are environmentally friendly and prefer refillable lighters, like a clippers lighters pack. Others want cheap lighters because they get lost easily.

Lighters bulk wholesale options are plentiful of 420 Packaging but narrowing it down is relatively easy. BiC lighters bulk is always a great idea to have right by the cashier. They are one of the most recognizable types of lighters on the market. Plus, they're available in a lighters pack of 6 or more. BiC also remains an excellent choice for blank lighters bulk purchases for customization purposes.

Clipper bulk lighters are easily one of the best refillable options. These have received recognition as one of the most environmentally friendly lighters bulk options. Clipper lighters also have a poker stick, which is a convenient feature for tokers. The array of designs and styles for clipper lighters pack will bring personality to your storefronts. We also carry portable gas canisters for clipper lighters to refill on the go.

Classy smokers will undoubtedly appreciate our collection of Zippos, as well. Zippo wholesale lighters come with different designs and a durable burn for when you're smoking outside. Brand names like RAW have collaborated with Zippo to bring their rendition of the iconic lighter to the table. RAW Zippo lighters bulk for your store will undoubtedly bring joy to the brand's dedicated fans.

Wholesale lighters aren't the only option to ignite a fire. We also carry other options like matches and smoking accessories like hemp wicks for a cleaner burn than bulk lighters.

Where to Buy Lighters in Bulk

There is no better online smoke shop for all cannabis supplies than 420 Packaging. We're a leading carrier of all dispensary accessories, whether child-resistant mylar bags or lighters wholesale. It's easy to Google "buy lighters in bulk," but there's a considerable risk in purchasing wholesale products from unknown suppliers. 420 Packaging is your trusted online cannabis supply retailer. Our selection of wholesale lighters has everything needed for a smoker shop to cater to every type of smoker. From the trusted everyday BiC lighters in bulk to refillable Clipper lighterswith attractive designs, 420 Packaging is a one-stop-shop for all of your weed accessories.

Clipper wholesale lighters are easily one of the best options for smoke shops. These are a staple in all head shops with a poke stick and a slick design. However, our wide selection of BiC lighters in bulk might be more suitable for your shop for a more common option. The best thing about both options is that they are both entirely customizable. We have an elite team of in-house designers that have years of experience working with the biggest brands. Our design team works efficiently to help bring your custom requests to life. If your business doesn't have a logo, then our designers can whip one up without hesitation. The custom bulk lighters are also an excellent method of raising brand awareness with blank lighters.

There are plenty of perks when shopping with 420 Packaging. Along with our custom options, we also take pride in providing excellent customer service. Our live support ensures all of our customers receive the attention they deserve. Through phone, email, or web chat, it's easy to reach out for any of your inquiries. More importantly, we offer a price-beat guarantee to ensure that your business is getting bulk lighters at the best prices. Plus, we prioritize orders through same-day shipping. 420 Packaging is committed to our customers' needs in bringing their orders to their doors speedily with little to no delays.

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