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Dab Torch

Dabbing is a rising trend, and customers are heading to smoke shops in demand for a dab torch.

The cannabis industry has grown beyond flower, with concentrates dominating the market. That means that smoke shops need to have their shelves stocked with more than just bongs and papers. To meet the increasing use of concentrates on the market, they need the right accessories for consuming extracts, including the proper rigs and torches for dabs.

A torch for dabs is unlike your average lighter. Think of these as a mini blow torch for dabbing. They boast an oversized handle with a more powerful flame. A dab rig torch heats the nail before inserting your concentrate to be vaporized, and its powerful fire isn't something you can produce from your average lighter. However, not every dab torch has such intense flames; a few are smaller and provide a strong enough fire to withstand wind. We’ll get into them all!

There are many different options for getting a butane torch for dabs, as you could imagine. Whether smoke shops are catering to the dabbers or simply the average flower smoker, the dabbing torch is a necessary item to have on shelves.

There are a few benefits of using a torch for dabs, even to light your joints. For starters, they don't point upward. Hold a dabbing torch in any direction, and it'll light that way. Because they're also powerful, they can still stay lit, even in the face of extreme wind. Secondly, a torch lighter for dabs runs off of butane which is odorless. Sometimes, the gas smell from regular lighters can cause a pungent scent to linger in any given room.

420 Packaging is your #1 shop for all your packaging and accessory needs. If you're looking to make a bulk purchase of dab torch units, we have a wide selection to choose from and average bulk lighters.

What are Dab Torches?

A butane torch for dabs is a powerful tool necessary for lighting dab rigs. Dab torches are one of the best accessories for lighting nails, bongs, joints, and blunts. These lighters contain butane, so they have such a powerful flame that provides intense heat. Bulk purchases of butane torch lighter for dabs are critical for every functioning smoke shop in the wake of rising concentrate use.

A butane dab torch has many benefits for smokers, but there's a reason why they're used to evaporate extracts. A small torch for dabs burns with extreme heat, upwards of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The fiery heat is perfect for quickly heating glass or metal dab nails. In the case of smoking a monster joint, a torch for dabs is powerful enough to help develop an intense cherry,

The other benefit that comes with a butane dab torch is the fact that they're wind resistant. There are few lighters that smoke shops have on deck that can withstand strong winds. However, even though you probably don't want to use a regular-sized blow torch for dabbing on a regular-sized joint, the mini dab torch also contains air-propelled flames. Notice how regular lighters flicker in the wind? A blow torch lighter for dabs keeps a robust and consistent flame resistant to wind.

Torches for dabs are integral for any stoner, especially those in places with lots of wind who need that extra strong flame. 420 Packaging remains the #1 online smoke shop with all of your needs surrounding bulk dab torch orders.

What Types of Torches for Dabs are Available?

420 Packaging has a mini torch for dabs in different varieties and selections, from single options to bulk butane torches for dabs.

Before we leap into the best butane torch for dabs, we must point out what you need to look out for in an ideal torch. It's pretty standard for dab lighter to have refillable butane. Plus, the options on the market provide a window to see how much butane fluid is left.

We currently provide two different dab blow torch brands: ZiCO and Iroda. They have gained incredible reputations in the dabbing blow torch market among die-hards.

Iroda has grown as a brand based on having one of the best torches. Their dab torch lighter collection gained a rapport in the culinary world and cannabis communities. They are the ones to trust if you're looking for a torch for dabs.

If you're looking for a stylish torch for dab rig sets, ZiCO has an incredible selection to choose from. The brand's torch lighter for dabs collection has several colors and styles. Some look like they're meant for utility, while the gold torch for dabs is nothing short or elegant.

Below, we've broken down the best torch for dabs available by ZiCO and Iroda on 420 Packaging.

Iroda Pro-Torch PT-500 High Power Butane Torch

The PT-500 from Iroda is a high-power dabbing torch with an ergonomic grip and an incredibly high BTU output. These torches provide comfortability and precision control so you can control the flame. Iroda's PT-500 butane torch for dabs holds down big jobs. Available in yellow and red.

Iroda Pro-Torch PT-230CR Child Resistant High Power Butane Torch

Another powerful torch for dabs from Iroda. The PT-230CR torch lighter for dabs is similar to the PT-500 because it intends to tackle bigger jobs where high BTU output is necessary. These are child-resistant, which is a requirement for households with young kids.

ZiCO Metallica Mini Torch Lighter Display

ZiCO's mini dab rig torch comes in packs of six and four metallic colors. These sleek and pocket-sized pocket torches are perfect for display.

ZiCO ZD113 Pocket Sized Torch Lighters Display

The 9-pack ZiCO butane torch for dabs offers high-quality flame in three different colors. The ZD113 pocket dab torch also includes a flip lid that opens up when you need to light up. ZD-113 mini torch for dabs has a mighty flame, despite its size.

Iroda MJ-352 Micro-Jet Child Resistant Butane Torch

The Iroda MJ-352 Micro-Jet Child Resistant butane torch for dabs is pocket-sized and safe for home use. Iroda's product packs high heat with flame temperatures rising to 1300°C (2400°F).

Iroda Pro-Torch PT-550CR Child Resistant High Power Butane Torch

Iroda's PT-550CR blow torch for dabbing is nothing short of powerful. With child-resistant technology, precision control, and an ergonomic grip, smoke shops must have the PT-550CR on deck for dab-friendly customers.

ZiCO ZD37 Metal Mini Torch Lighters Display

An excellent flame for bulk purchases, ZiCO's ZD37 blow torch lighter for dabs is portable, colorful, and powerful. Each comes in a pack of 6, making them excellent for display.

ZiCO ZD38 Metal Mini Torch Lighters Display

The ZiCO ZD38 is another solid pick for bulk torches for dabs that come in three different colors. Although small, they are a perfect lighter for heating dab nails and come with a long-lighting tip.

Other available mini torches: ZiCO MT22N Metallic Mini Torch Lighters Display, ZiCO MT06 Mini Torch Lighters Display, and Iroda MJ-320 Micro-Jet Child Resistant Butane Torch.

Where to Buy Wholesale Dab Torches

The only place you should be shopping for smoking accessories is 420 Packaging. We are one of the top suppliers of all cannabis supplies across America, whether bulk orders of dabbing torches or mylar bags. 420 Packaging boasts a substantial collection, including trusted BiC lighters, cool dab torches, and even hemp wicks. Smoke shops remain the cornerstone of cannabis communities across the United States. That's why it's necessary to carry the best supplies, like dab torches, to provide to the very community they serve.

Our selection of torches for dabs will keep shelves stocked with the best products—for example, the several options from ZiCO that provide smoke shops with excellent display cases. The mini hand held torch for dabs comes in metallic covers that perfectly fit pockets. However, the powerful flames that they exude are wind-resistant and odor-free, thanks to the butane fuel.

Iroda's boasts an incredible collection of a giant butane torch for dabbing. These high-powered torches are versatile. They are just as good for heating a dab rig as it is for cooking and home repairs. Even the most miniature Iroda torch will bring intense flames for whatever you need to do. Smoke shops will easily see these flying off the shelves and gain a wider customer base beyond cannabis enthusiasts.

Bulk Dab Torches from 420 Packaging

420 Packaging is committed to bringing the best possible experience to smoke shops, not only with high-quality products to keep your shop functioning but with the several amenities that we offer. For one, all of our dab torches are customizable. Businesses can get their logos emblazoned across the handle on bulk orders. We have a talented team of designers, with years of experience, that can elevate your company's branding. We would love to help create you a logo if you don't have one.

Additionally, we ensure that you're getting bulk orders at the best prices available. Through our price-beat guarantee, we work to help save you costs while offering secure payment options. Finally, there are no long wait times once you place your order. Our same-day shipping option intends to ensure that your business gets all of your supplies exactly when you need them to come in.

Dab torches are a necessity in every smoke shop. Placing orders with 420 Packaging ensures that your business receives top-quality products quickly and efficiently.

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