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High Hemp Wraps

What is High Hemp?

High Hemp wraps are the FINEST organic wraps for your cannabis and the top choice wrap for health-conscious cannabis consumers! That’s right, finally, an amazing alternative to the old-school tobacco blunt wraps. High Hemp blunts are organic, 100% hemp, and contain no toxic additives. Loved by many, cannabis consumers cannot stop talking about the safest smoking method for wrapping up your dried cannabis flower.

High Hemp brand is known for so many positive aspects within the cannabis industry and 420Packaging is so excited to be the go-to distributor for High Hemp organic wraps! Hemp wraps are the favored smoking method to the addictive chemical-induced tobacco wraps and here’s why.

Why We Love High Hemp Organic Wraps:

  • Straight from the seed organic farming method
  • NO USE of Pesticides, antibiotics, growth stimulants, or formulated fertilizers
  • Gluten-friendly smoking experience
  • No addictive additives like nicotine!
  • All Organic 100% Hemp
  • Natural wrap flavoring in High Hemp NEW flavors
  • GMO-free and Tobacco-free
  • Eco-friendly way of processing and manufacturing
  • Smooth-burning design
  • Contains a CBD component

There are so many reasons to LOVE the High Hemp brand, not to mention all their products are organic and downright delicious. High Hemp flavors use natural mouthwatering wrap flavoring that just adds to its smooth smoking design.

These High Hemp flavors create a cannabis smoking experience unlike any other. At 420Packaging, we have all the High Hemp NEW flavors in stock! A must-have product just in time for SPRING! Check out some of the High Hemp products now available in our online shop.

What High Hemp Products Are Available?

420Packaging offers High Hemp rolling papers as well as the #1 best-selling organic hemp blunt wraps today! Our smooth-smoking High Hemp cones are of the highest quality. These cones will give you that mood boost you need to get you through the day with every hit.

The High Hemp rolling papers are a must-have product in everyone’s pocket and we offer them in both your standard and king size options wholesale. These are 100% organic rolling papers that allow you to truly taste every note of your cannabis flavor. Not to mention, they are a straight-up staple product you need in every smoke shop. Why? Because in today’s market you can’t just offer mediocre products at fair prices you need a variety of the best items out there.

This is why we bring that high-quality, High Hemp FIRE in all the High Hemp flavors! High Hemp wraps come in the best natural flavor profiles, such as Grape Ape, Honey Pot Swirl, Maui Mango, and the ever-popular Hydro Lemonade! Check out all the flavors of High Hemp wraps the 420Packaging site has to offer and get them at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

How to Roll A Blunt Using Your High Hemp Organic Wraps:

Rolling a blunt using the High Hemp organic wraps is made as simple as the design. That is only one of the many reasons High Hemp wraps are so commonly used among the cannabis consumer. Check out these simple steps to smoking with the finest wraps on the market:

  1. Snag your High Hemp wrap in your favorite flavor.
  2. Carefully grind up your cannabis flower to provide an even smoke throughout your session
  3. Flatten the hemp wrap of your choice and place the ground cannabis in the center (minimizing the amount of your ground flower as you reach the edges of the High Hemp wrap)
  4. Similar to a traditional blunt wrap, work the cannabis flower back and forth to properly pack the ground cannabis.
  5. Add a little moisture to the edge of the wrap, roll, and hold it in place to secure the weed inside the hemp wrap.
  6. Enjoy the fact that High Hemp wraps have the perfect filter tips for your newly rolled blunt.
  7. Light up your 100 % organic hemp wrap and enjoy your tobacco-free smoke session

Where to Purchase High Hemp Organic Wraps?

Organic wraps High Hemp are a must-have for all health-conscious cannabis consumers. We know this and that is why 420Packaging offers a wide variety of High Hemp organic wraps in bulk at the best prices. Whether your smoke shop needs High Hemp rolling papers wholesale or are in search of the newest and most popular flavors of High Hemp wraps, we’ve got you covered.

420Packaging knows what it takes to be successful in the cannabis industry. We know the importance of having a variety of high-quality cannabis-related items at great prices. This is why we provide top brands products such as High Hemp wraps, OCB pre-roll cones, and an amazing selection of RAW products at our RAW shop. All of which are available on our easy-to-navigate one-stop online shop!

Get all the cannabis-related products at the best wholesale price with fast shipping. We have low quantity minimum orders for high-quality top brand products. The bottom line is that 420Packaging has a HUGE selection of customizable packaging products, smoking accessories, and of course High Hemp organic wraps at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

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