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Camo Wraps

Smokers should switch their blunt habits to Camo Wraps, a 100% tobacco-free alternative.

The number of carcinogens released from tobacco wraps has led to a surge in healthier alternatives to blunts. Hemp wraps have become one of the most straightforward solutions to combat cancerous chemicals contained in tobacco. Camo natural leaf wraps are a clean way to consume cannabis for committed blunt smokers. Their popularity has grown immensely in recent times, and that's heavily reflected in consumption habits. Plenty of smoke shops and head shops are stocking their shelves heavily because of the rising popularity of Camo wraps smoking papers!

Camo hemp wraps are the healthier alternative for smokers, especially since the brand prides itself as vegan, non-GMO, tobacco-free, and preservative-free.

The health-conscious crowd is dominant in the cannabis community. Many have turned to 100% hemp papers or other organic rolling papers to keep the smoking experience organic. Camo self rolling wraps are essential among cannabis supplies for smoke and head shops; especially after the Food and Drug Administration announced plans to ban Backwoods, Swisher Sweets, and other popular blunts due to health concerns.

420 Packaging is the #1 shop for all things dispensary-related. We offer various options for rolling papers, joint cones, and all-organic blunt wrap. If your business is interested in introducing Camo Wraps to your shops, we've broken down everything you need to know about these slow-burning, vegan-friendly wraps below.

What is Camo Wraps?

Camo wraps are a leading brand in natural leaf wraps that won over the cannabis community in dispensaries and homes alike. The organic, vegan-friendly leaf makes slow-burning Camo wraps smoking papers one of the smoothest hemp wraps on the market.

Your next question might be, what are Camo natural leaf wraps made out of? Well, the blend of chamomile and maté plant material forms these beautiful Camo wraps smoking papers. No harmful toxins are released when Camo self rolling wrap burn because of the all-natural material.

One of the exciting parts about Camo hemp wraps is that the blend of chamomile and maté materials offers incredible nutritional benefits. Maté has many nutrients and caffeine levels that help boost focus. However, the chamomile balances the maté in the Camo wraps smoking leaves. Chamomile is known for reducing insomnia with benefits for the digestive system and other nutritional benefits. Between the nutrients in chamomile and maté, smokers achieve additional benefits with Camo natural leaf wraps rather than tobacco blunt wraps.

Camo self rolling wraps are also incredibly easy to twist up. The easy to roll aspect of Camo hemp wraps is why many smokers are leaning toward them. It's as easy as taking an all-organic leaf out of the pouch and twisting up that good ganja!

What Camo Wraps Products are Available?

Camo blunt wraps have an array of different flavors to choose from, and the best part is they're all tasty.

If the numerous benefits of natural leaf wraps have you sold on switching over from traditional tobacco blunts, the list of delicious flavors for Camo rolling papers should be the nail in the coffin. While Camo wraps are already a perfect match for tasty strains, the different flavors further enhance the taste of your flower of choice. Have a quad of Ice Cream Cake to roll up? Vanilla Camo wraps are a perfect accompaniment. What about Blue Dream? Well, the blueberry Camo natural leaf wraps can be an excellent pairing. Each pouch comes with five ready-to-roll, all-natural papers in the flavor of your choice.

Regardless of what strain you're smoking on, the best way to boost the flavor is with flavored Camo hemp wraps.

Flavors available: Watermelon, Vanilla, Blueberry, Mango, Chocolate, and Grape.

Where to Buy Camo Natural Leaf Wraps

If you're looking for cannabis packaging or general cannabis supplies like boxes of Camo natural leaf wraps, there's only one place to go - 420 Packaging. We are the top online store for all of your smoking supply needs. Head shops and smoke shops flock to our shop because we're one of the most reliable suppliers for rolling papers, whether the array of options from our RAW shop or the different types of Camo wraps.

Camo self rolling wraps are growing among smokers and dispensaries alike. Though many cannabis businesses are still using joint cones to sell already-rolled spliffs, there's still a demand for pre-rolled blunts. Camo wraps are one of the best solutions. Cannabis operators can pack these with their favorite flowers to expand their product line-ups to include these easy-to-roll, filled-with-flavor, and organic blunts.

Our collection of Camo blunts includes the previously mentioned flavors (Watermelon, Vanilla, Blueberry, Mango, Chocolate, and/or Grape) in cases of 25. Each pouch contains five fresh Camo wraps smoking papers that are perfect to use as soon as they're open. However, they come in resealable pouches to ensure their freshness throughout their use.

420 Packaging is one of the most trusted sites to shop for cannabis supplies. Though products like Camo wraps are commonly on eCommerce sites, we emphasize the customer experience towards speedy delivery and cost-efficiency. We are adamant about helping businesses out at low prices with our price-beat guarantee.

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