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RAW Dank Locker CarryRAWL Odor Resistant Bag - 1RAW Dank Locker CarryRAWL Odor Resistant Bag - 2
RAW Dank Locker CarryRAWL Odor Resistant Bag
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RAW X Rolling Papers Pompom Beanie (2 Color Options) Black - 1RAW X Rolling Papers Pompom Beanie (2 Color Options) Black - 2
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RAW X Rolling Papers RAWLERS Hoodie Medium - 1RAW X Rolling Papers RAWLERS Hoodie Medium - 2
RAW Rolling Papers RAWLERS Hoodie
7497$74.97 Regular price$100.00
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RAW Sandals 8 - 1RAW Sandals 8 - 2
RAW Sandals
997$9.97 Regular price$20.00
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RAW Zombie Arm Long Sleeve Shirt Small - 1RAW Zombie Arm Long Sleeve Shirt Small - 2
RAW Zombie Arm Long Sleeve Shirt
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RAW Black Crewneck Sweatshirt Medium - 1
RAW Black Crewneck Sweatshirt
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RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small Green - 1RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small Green - 2
RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt
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2 colors available

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RAW Women's Blue Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small - 1RAW Women's Blue Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small - 2
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RAW Black Core Shirt With Stash Pocket Small - 1
RAW Black Core Shirt With Stash Pocket
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RAW Black Gold Foil T-Shirt Small - 1
RAW Black Gold Foil T-Shirt
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RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt Small - 1RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt Small - 2
RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt
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RAW Lightweight Mens Hoodie In Green Medium - 1
RAW Lightweight Mens Hoodie In Green
1100$11.00 Regular price$36.95
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RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt Medium - 1RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt Medium - 2
RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt
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RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt small 8-10 lbs - 1RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt small 8-10 lbs - 2
RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt
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RAW Life Brazil Zip-Up Jacket Medium - 1
RAW Life Brazil Zip-Up Jacket
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RAW Brazil Board Shorts 32 - 1RAW Brazil Board Shorts 32 - 2
RAW Brazil Board Shorts
1700$17.00 Regular price$38.95

RAW Clothing

RAW clothing is the best way to show your affection for the best rolling papers and cones on the market. RAW papers are all-natural, hemp rolling papers that are extremely popular. There’s so much amazing RAW merch for you to rep the best joint papers in the game. These semi-translucent, chlorine-free papers are made from a hybrid blend of unbleached hemp fibers giving them a natural light-brown color. Each paper has RAW's patented criss-cross watermark that helps to prevent runs and maintains an even-burning cigarette. RAW's papers and cones are made of the best stuff, including the RAW clothing.

RAW apparel uses the finest materials, and the designs of the RAW clothing brand make a statement – ranging from a whisper to a shout. All RAW merch designs are created by real smokers who know how to design RAW gear clothing to enhance your smoking lifestyle authentically.

RAW clothes are fast becoming a cannabis community staple, an exquisite combination of high quality and eye-catching style. The RAW clothes brand offers a variety of shirts, hoodies & jackets, women's apparel, headwear, board shorts, shoes, and even Pet Apparel! Like their rolling papers, RAW merch is leading the pack.

What is RAW Clothing?

The RAW clothing brand is ideal for showing off your preference for the best, chemical-free, vegan rolling papers and pre-roll cones. The attention to detail that RAW papers clothing applies to manufacturing their RAW gear cannabis accessories is the same as their apparel. The RAW clothing line produces awesome t-shirts, hoodies, slides, backpacks, etc.

Fellow smokers are always impressed to be handed a joint or pre-roll that was made with RAW papers. Now, you can impress people with your keen aesthetics from a distance with boldly designed RAW clothing like a RAW t-shirt or backpack. Having RAW clothing brand shirts in a display window is a great way to strike up a conversation and meet potential customers.

What RAW Clothing is Available?

There is a wide assortment of RAW gear clothing available. RAW clothes are some of the best outerwear, accessories, and footwear on the market. It's possible to cover yourself head-to-toe in authentic RAW gear. Create your own RAWthentic RAW outfits!

The RAW hoodie comes in a couple of varieties. Made from a heavyweight 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, the RAW Black Hoodie with Poker Strings is secretly multi-functional. The custom poker strings serve two purposes. Like most hoodie strings, they allow you to pull the hood tight around your head. But the added feature is in the custom ends. Made from hardened plastic so they'll never fray or wear out, they make the perfect packing tool.

The RAW clothes brand hoodie features the RAW logo centered across the chest, while the back features a tan seal with the #rawlife tag. This heavyweight pullover hoodie also has a large center pocket that keeps your hands warm on cold days.

The official RAWLERS Hoodie is a premium hooded sweatshirt designed especially for smokers. This fantastic hoodie has zipper stash pockets in the cuffs of the sleeves. The metal-tipped drawstrings are stylish and durable and double as packing pokers.

The front of the hoodie includes a velcro rolling tray pouch that folds out and features a coated surface inside for easy rolling. And, keeping up with the times, the RAWLERS hoodie even has a built-in velcro face mask, so you never have to worry about forgetting yours at home again!

Perfect for summer nights or layering in the cooler seasons, the raw brand clothing official Green RAW Men's Lightweight Hoodie is about as thick as a typical t-shirt. The hoodie features the iconic RAW logo across the center chest and the RAW "Purest Natural Fibers" logo across the back.

Nothing says "cannabis culture" like a RAW backpack. RAW merch makes two awesome backpacks to choose from. RAW backpacks are RAW gear at their best.

RAW X Rolling Papers Smell Proof Backpack features five layers of materials that make it entirely smell proof. And the front pocket has a criss-cross of elastic cords to hold papers in place securely. The quick and easy foil-lined pocket on top is a perfect stash pocket for your pre-rolled cones. And the two main compartments have rubberized zipper covers for additional smell proofing. And the padded compartment can hold up to a 17" laptop or Large RAW Rolling Tray. The RAW logo is prominently featured on the front, and the inside is decorated with the RAW watermark.

The RAW X Rolling Papers Burlap Backpack has an outer burlap canvas material with the RAW logo stitched on the front. Thanks to its smell-proof design, this bag is perfect for discreetly carrying your smoking supplies anywhere you need to go. The RAW Backpack has one large central section and one small front pocket.

To complete your RAW outfits, you can't neglect footwear. RAW slides and sandals are custom-made with a triple layer of cushy foam insoles and a RAWesome foot pattern that provides stability. Better still, the interior is super smooth and won't leave weird lines on the tops of your feet.

The clever folks at RAW clothes realize the most popular way people connect with their favorite brands is through t-shirts. Choosing a RAW T-shirt means selecting from a wide variety of choices. The designers at RAW clothing brand went all out.

The RAW Men's Red Logo T-Shirt has the RAW rolling paper logo across the chest and "RAW LIFE LIVIN" on the back. The RAW Core Shirt with a built-in zippered stash pocket comes in either red or black. The RAW Smoker Girl is the main attraction of the limited edition RAW Smokin' Hot t-shirt. Made from a high-quality, comfortable cotton blend, this 3-color graphic tee has a banded crew-neck so that it won't lose its shape after a few washes; it’s an excellent piece of RAW clothing.

RAW Black Gold Foil T-Shirt features the RAW Black logo with gold foil writing that pops. RAW Zombie Arm T-Shirt features the unique RAW zombie arm design on a black short sleeve t-shirt. The RAW logo across the chest features the RAW Lightweight Men's 4-20-20 T-Shirt is great for summer.

The all-new RAW Men's Camo T-Shirt features a tan/brown/sage-green camouflage pattern all over and the RAW logo on the front. RAW loves Brazil so much that RAW gave the iconic RAW Girl by Rockin' JellyBean a Brazilian twist with their RAWlife Brazil Long Sleeve Tee. Made from a high-quality cotton blend this long-sleeve tee is soft and breathable but still keeps you warm when it's breezy outside. RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt is a black short sleeve v-neck style shirt with the RAW logo in a black glitter sparkle style on the front.

Any self-respecting t-shirt fanatic loves the RAW clothing brand.

Should My Business Sell RAW Merch?

Consider adding RAW apparel to your inventory once you've gotten fully stocked up with all the necessary smoking accessories, high-quality flower, vape pens, and edibles. Often, consumers are so pleased with RAW Life clothing that they want to show off their savvy purchase choices. Offering t-shirts, hoodies, slides, and backpacks give those folks the option to add something with additional flare. RAW apparel clothing also makes a great gift for the cannabis consumer in your life.

RAW merchandise can be worn with pride because you're making a strong, positive statement of support for an eco-friendly, health-conscious, philanthropic company.

Where to Buy RAW Clothing

RAW hasn't branched out into a brick-and-mortar RAW clothing store (yet), so the best place to get RAW outfits is from an authorized distributor like We offer a complete selection of RAW merch, clothing, and RAW apparel. And because we're authorized distributors of RAW merchandise, you'll never get stuck with a cheap knockoff. In addition to all of our awesome smoking accessories, we're the closest thing to an official RAW clothing store.

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