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RAW Zombie Arm Long Sleeve Shirt Small - 1RAW Zombie Arm Long Sleeve Shirt Small - 2
RAW Zombie Arm Long Sleeve Shirt
900$9.00 Regular price$31.95
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RAW Black Crewneck Sweatshirt Medium - 1
RAW Black Crewneck Sweatshirt
700$7.00 Regular price$36.95
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RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt Medium - 1RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt Medium - 2
RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt
900$9.00 Regular price$29.95
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RAW Black Core Shirt With Stash Pocket Small - 1
RAW Black Core Shirt With Stash Pocket
800$8.00 Regular price$24.95
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RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt Small - 1RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt Small - 2
RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt
1000$10.00 Regular price$31.95
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RAW Women's Blue Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small - 1RAW Women's Blue Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small - 2
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RAW Black Gold Foil T-Shirt Small - 1
RAW Black Gold Foil T-Shirt
800$8.00 Regular price$27.95
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RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small Green - 1RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small Green - 2
RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt
600$6.00 Regular price$25.95

2 colors available

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RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt small 8-10 lbs - 1RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt small 8-10 lbs - 2
RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt
600$6.00 Regular price$22.95
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RAW Lightweight Mens Hoodie In Green Medium - 1
RAW Lightweight Mens Hoodie In Green
1100$11.00 Regular price$36.95

RAW T-Shirt

Wearing apparel from your favorite brands, such as a RAW t-shirt, is one of the best ways to appreciate and show affection for your preferred label.

All cannabis consumers and connoisseurs are familiar with the RAW brand unless they've been living under a rock for the last few years. Chances are, if you've consumed cannabis before, you've probably already used one of their products.

The brand is a household name in the cannabis sector. It provides all the essentials a person needs to enjoy legal marijuana. We're not just talking about any mediocre products here.

RAW dispensary supplies are top-tier products that are recognized worldwide. For this reason, the label has created a community of die-hard fans.

RAW merch became a hit ever since the brand started making them. Moreover, with the wide variety of items the company makes, people can rep the best cannabis brand in their favorite styles. However, many people have gravitated toward getting a RAW shirt.

What's more, a RAW tee shirt brand isn't your typical apparel. It is specially designed and fabricated to meet the needs of all weed consumers.

Since some members of the RAW shirt brand are cannabis consumers, they understand that some people may want to be discreet about their pot use. Hence, many RAW brand shirts have a secret stash pocket to help consumers remain inconspicuous when they need to smoke on the go.

Who else would you want to create apparel for marijuana users, other than weed tokers themselves? Consequently, you can never go wrong with a RAW shirt.

Does RAW Make T-Shirts?

Hell yea RAW makes t-shirts!

Apart from being the number one brand for cannabis supplies, the RAW company also produces an excellent line of incredible apparel. Still, RAW brand shirts remain their top attraction and are becoming a staple in the cannabis community.

Once you feast your eyes on this merchandise, you too will want a RAW t-shirt for your buddies and yourself.

One principal factor that separates a RAW tee shirt from the apparel of other brands is attention to detail. RAW shirts are created using only the finest materials.

RAW apparel also incorporates ingenious features that help enhance the smoking experience of contemporary weed tokers. This adds to their functionality and overall appeal.

Still, what more can you expect? The RAW t-shirts sold on our online store are designed by the minds that brought us the patented criss-cross watermark on rolling papers that helps prevent runs and maintains an even burn.

Also, you can choose an ideal RAW t-shirt to match your taste. We've got you covered whether you want to rep your favorite brand using a conspicuous and shouting RAW shirt design or a more subtle look.

Both cannabis businesses and consumers alike can benefit from a RAW t-shirt. For individuals, these pieces of attire present excellent conversation starters and show their support for the brand.

On the other hand, RAW apparel makes great displays for cannabis storefronts. When exhibited on a mannequin, RAW merch will immediately dRAW customers accustomed to the brand to your store.

Stocking the RAW tee shirt in bulk also helps portray your dedication to providing superior smoking accessories and products to your clients.

What RAW T-Shirts are Available?

At 420 packaging, we carry a wide assortment of RAW tops and shirts. Here's a quick look at some of the RAW shirts you can get from us.

Short-Sleeve RAW Graphic Tees

Nothing says "cannabis culture" like good old-fashioned RAW graphic tees. The designers of the RAW t-shirt in our store went all out. Thus, picking a RAW shirt means choosing from a wide selection of products.

The RAW red and black core shirts lead the pack as the most prevalent apparel at our store. They are ingeniously designed with a stash pocket for people who want to enjoy their herbs on the go.

You can also opt for the RAW zombie arm t-shirts, smokin' hot t-shirts, or ghost shrimp t-shirts, which have outstanding graphics.

RAW v-neck t-shirts and tri-color camo shirts are also excellent choices for people who want to stand out.

RAW Long Sleeve Shirts

Apart from short sleeve RAW tops and t-shirts, you can also get a RAW long sleeve shirt at our store. These tees are soft and breathable but still keep you warm when chilly outside.

Want something unique to show your dabbing buddies? The RAW Life Brazil long-sleeve t-shirt is just that. It has an attractive graphic design in front that will turn heads and spark conversations.

On the other hand, the RAW long sleeve status shirt is a more low-key option. It has a subtle yet unmistakable RAW watermark ideal for discrete cannabis consumers.

Other long sleeve RAW shirt brand options include the ladies' long sleeve scoop shirt and the long sleeve zombie arm t-shirt.

Other RAW T-Shirts

That's not all. There are a bunch of other RAW t-shirts available at our store.

For instance, you can get a RAW Crewneck sweatshirt in various dazzling colors. This type of RAW shirt is a fashion statement and an excellent way to rep the best cannabis accessory brand in the game.

You can also get a lightweight RAW hoodie that features the iconic RAW logo across the center chest. These hoodies are as thick as a regular shirt, making them ideal for layering up during the winter and light enough to use on summer nights.

What's more, our store also has RAW t-shirts for pets. Although cannabis isn't entirely safe for our furry friends, it doesn't mean they can't join in on the fun.

Let your pup be the envy of everyone at the dog park with the RAW K-9 pet ringer shirt from our store.

Where to Buy RAW Shirts

420 Packaging is the go-to store for all your RAW brand shirts and cannabis packaging needs. While there's no denying that RAW apparels are an excellent product for cannabis consumers and stores, sourcing them from a reliable store is equally crucial.

Doing this prevents you from sourcing substandard goods as counterfeiting has become a menace in the apparel industry.

Moreover, you can find more than just RAW shirts at our store. We carry plenty of other dazzling products, including RAW bags and RAW shoes.

To top it off, we have the best prices in town.

Have trouble affording RAW merch and other dispensary packaging items? Worry not. Our store provides the best deals on everything marijuana-related.

RAW Shirts - Bottom Line

Getting a RAW shirt for yourself or bulk RAW t-shirts for your legal dispensary is a decision you will not regret. These outstanding merch help show support and appreciation to the most iconic brand in cannabis.

Get the best deals on RAW shirt brand from 420 Packaging. Also, don't forget to stock up on other marijuana packaging items and supplies while you're at it.

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