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RAW Dank Locker CarryRAWL Odor Resistant Bag
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RAW Backpacks

When you read the name RAW what comes to mind? Is it the quality smoking accessories like RAW papers or a RAW rolling tray? Is it the recognizable signature logo and design that elevates products visually? Is it the guarantee that RAW offers durable and functional products for various amazing uses?

Most likely, it is all of these things and more! RAW is trusted by businesses and customers alike, so we are proud to offer a myriad of products to you! RAW products are tried and true and have been one of the cannabis brands at the forefront of the industry.

One of the most popular categories of RAW items is the RAW bag. We offer several different styles, sizes, and colors of RAW bags that are sure to hold all your essential items and look good while doing it!

What Are RAW Backpacks?

A RAW backpack is a high-quality bookbag; RAW ones are easy to carry like any backpack. You can sling over two straps on your shoulders, and multiple-sized pockets provide storage for many items. The RAW bag is made of high-quality materials and has several features that set it apart from the backpacks you are used to.

RAW Backpack Features

A RAW papers backpack comes with incredible attributes that will make it a favorite for retail and personal use! One of the best features of a RAW bag is the smell-proof design.

Any cannabis consumer will know the struggles of carrying smoking supplies in a non-smell-proof backpack. We love the term "bakepack" for the cannabis consumer; a RAW bakepack will keep cannabis transportation discreet and fresher in these bags.

The RAW backpack comes with a six-layer design that truly seals in the dankest of odors. The layers include:

  • An activated carbon layer.
  • Two filter-fabric layers.
  • A waterproof foil layer.
  • A mesh layer.
  • The final outer Burlap layer.

We all know the struggle of trying to zip up a backpack only to find that the cheap zipper breaks, and we are stuck with a nonfunctional pack. RAW uses high-quality zippers to ensure that your belongings are secure and your backpack is worth the money! The silicone gasket zippers are another terrific way these backpacks change the game.

We would be remiss if we did not mention all the fun aesthetic aspects of the RAW bookbag. The RAW backpacks come in a variety of styles.

The burlap packs can come in plain beige, gray, or black. A RAW day bag can also come with the famous RAWthentic logo that you can proudly display carrying the backpack.

A backpack also can come with patches that add a great flare and truly elevate the backpack. Whatever visual style you want, RAW backpacks can fit your brand!

More RAW Bags

Of course, the RAW backpack is the most chill backpack around, but there are even more bag designs for you to choose from! Here are just a few of the numerous options for you to choose from:

RAW sling bags offer an easy-to-carry way to transport items. A RAW day bag with a sling makes the perfect carry-on bag or can be used for your work commute. A RAW day bag is flexible psychically when you need to store it.

These duffels also come in the shape of a RAW cone, which is visually striking. These bags are trendy and functional; you can use them for many things!

Our RAW fanny pack is yet another bag that puts the fun in functional! These fanny packs are great for long day trips where you might be hiking or exploring a new city. The RAW fanny pack is also a must-have for the festival or concertgoers to keep their herbal and personal items safe.

Pouch bags are essential for storing your cannabis. Whether it be a full-ounce pouch or flat pack from joints, the amount of marijuana you want to carry securely will be smell proof and compact. The RAW bags come in several sizes to accommodate your weed needs!

What Are RAW Backpacks For?

A RAW smell-proof backpack has many uses, making it so appealing! Just imagine anything you can use for regular packs; RAW backpacks can be used for that and much more.

RAW Backpacks for Marijuana

As any toker will know, a smell-proof RAW backpack makes all the difference. The RAW brand began as a weed supplies company, and they have stayed true to the green by offering products that you can use in every aspect of the cannabis consumer's life.

Transporting marijuana accessories requires amazing bags to protect the integrity of cannabis products. You want a backpack that can carry a bong, bowl, RAW grinder, herb, etc.

Much like the RAW smoker's day bag duffel, the bags are durable and built to protect your favorite smoking items when you need to transport them. Plus, the RAW smell-proof backpack will keep your herb fresh and flavorful!

A RAW Bakepack is a must-have for any marijuana product; smaller RAW bags will easily fit inside! When ready to light up, take all of your faves out of the RAW bag and enjoy!

Everyday RAW Backpack Use

Are you packing for a weekend trip? While there is no doubt these backpacks are perfect for marijuana uses, you can also use the RAW bookbag for multiple things!

The backpacks are roomy and can be used for clothing (match the logo with RAW clothing) and toiletries. They make portable and compact storage for overnight trips.

RAW backpacks also make an incredible RAW day bag. These high-quality bags are essential for anyone who loves the ease of carrying a load!

Whether you need to transport books between classes or bring a packed lunch to work, the RAW bag is ideal for carrying your everyday items. The pockets also allow you to keep minor personal things; wallets, medications, and keys will all be able to fit with more oversized items in the RAW backpack.

Where to Buy RAW Backpacks

When you purchase a RAW backpack, we know you want to buy it from a place that is easy to navigate and provides quality service! Online shopping is reliable both for business and personal use, which is why at 420 Packaging, you can rely on our easy-to-use website.

At 420 Packaging, we know how amazing the RAW bookbag is, so we offer a variety of them! Our bag offerings are versatile and include everything we have touted above (plus more).

420 Packaging also offers impressive products to go with your RAW papers backpack. Match the RAW logo on your pack with a comfy RAW hoodie or a lightweight RAW T-shirt. The same quality that RAW bags have will carry through to the clothing you will feel amazing in.

420 Packaging is an official distributor of the RAW brand; we are your one-stop shop for everything RAW! From RAW slides to RAW papers to RAW rolling machines, with us, you can get any of these incredible products shipped to you.

If you are looking for a RAW backpack for sale, there is no better place than 420 Packaging. We cater to business and personal needs and offer the RAW bag at affordable and competitive prices. Ordering from 420 Packaging will meet your bottom line and then some! We can't wait to fulfill your RAW bakepack order.

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