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Crop Kingz

Crop Kingz wraps have made their mark in the industry as a trusted and loved brand. Much like the classic and instantly recognizable RAW brand, Crop Kingz has built up a dependable reputation in smoke shops. Customers love the Crop Kingz organic wraps, and stocking your shelves with this awesome product is one of the best choices you can make!

What is Crop Kingz?

Most known for their self-sealing sheet wraps and unique flavors, Crop Kingz has made its mark with both smoke shops and customers! Crop Kingz produces high-quality hemp wraps that give customers a world-class blunt smoking experience. All Crop Kingz wraps are made from natural and organic materials, and your customers will love their non-toxic blunt wraps.

Hemp Wraps vs. Traditional Wraps

Blunts are traditionally made from hollowed-out cigars or tobacco leaves. However, in recent years hemp wraps have entirely changed the way customers can smoke blunts! Hey, a good blunt is a good blunt no matter the wrap, but hemp wraps have burst on the scene that provides a more even burn with almost no canoeing. They also have a lighter and more earthy flavor than traditional wraps.

Products like the self-sealing wraps from Crop Kingz are some of the best hemp wraps on the market. As customers are drawn more and more to these awesome wraps, Crop Kingz is a must! Self-sealing blunt wraps make everyone's life easier, and it's a bonus when they are made out of hemp.

What Crop Kingz Products Are Available?

Crop Kingz products are perfect for any smoke shop. Their eye-catching label and graphic designs will pop on your shelves, and the Crop Kingz hemp wraps will sell themselves!

Crop Kingz Self Sealing Hemp Wraps

Your customers never have to worry about trying to moisten their wraps to ensure the blunt sticks! One of the brand's claims to fame is the self-sealing hemp wraps. Sheet wraps come with a removable strip and it exposes a natural Arabic gum adhesive. The gum is completely natural and organic, just like the wraps. The removable strip keeps the adhesive fresh, so your customers can store their wraps without fear of the gum's sticky goodness drying up.

Crop Kingz premium organic wraps come in 15 packs per box, two wraps in each back for a grand total of 30 wraps in each box! Each package comes with a bonus of a biodegradable filling tool that can double as a filter.

Crop Kingz Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones

Rolling your own can definitely be fun, but we all need an extra hand. Enter the Crop Kingz cones. These pre-rolled cones are made from the same organic hemp wraps the sheets are. However, they’ve been crafted to save customers time and product! Like joint cones, hemp cones have a wider tip; this enables customers to load the cones quickly. Awesome pre-rolled Crop Kingz organic wraps will fly off your shelves!

The Crop Kingz wraps come in boxes of 400 and is 84mm or 109mm in length.

Crop Kingz Hemp Wraps Flavors

One of the best features about the Crop Kingz wraps is the novelty flavors they come in. Flavored wraps are trendy in the cannabis industry. However, sometimes the same old flavors can over-saturate the cannabis supplies industry. Crop Kingz has solved this problem by offering unique flavors that are sure to be a hit.

Here is a breakdown of Crop Kingz hemp wraps flavors so you can decide exactly what you want to offer your customers:

  • Brass Monkey: this flavor is a mix of malt liquor and orange juice; customers don't have to drink to taste a mixed drink!
  • Jungle Juice: the perfect blend of honeydew and strawberry. These flavors make a light and fruity wrap.
  • Thug Passion: this will make customers feel like they are at an upscale cocktail bar with the pairing of passionfruit liqueur and champagne. Pop the bubbly as you light the blunt!
  • Sizzurp: grape and hard candy go hand-in-hand with these tasty Crop Kingz wraps.
  • Irish Cream: what you see is what you get with these! Irish Cream is a rich and full flavor.

All of these rad flavors are Crop Kingz organic wraps. The quality of the wraps never changes, even as the flavors do.

Where to Buy Crop Kingz Wraps?

We know you probably have several choices regarding where to order your business's Crop Kingz blunt wraps from. However, we unbiasedly believe that one supplier will stand above them all! 420 Packaging is the best place to get all of your Crop Kingz products.

Crop Kingz Products at 420 Packaging

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These are only a couple of the reasons we think you should choose 420 Packaging as your supplier. You won't be let down when you let us provide the incredible Crop Kingz hemp wraps for your smoke shop!

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