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Twisted Hemp Wraps

The easiest way for a clean smoke is twisting up with Twisted Hemp, an all-organic substitute for icky blunt wraps.

Twisted Hemp wraps have the industry looking at smoking in a new way. These are one of the smoothest papers on the market right now, especially with more health-conscious smokers. Similar to the ones stocked in our RAW shop, organic papers remain one of the most popular choices for cannabis enthusiasts. However, brands like Twisted Hemp are helping blunt smokers turn a new leaf, literally. Twisted Hemp wraps have earned their place among the great cannabis wraps on the market as dedicated blunt smokers switch over to a 100% chemical-free and organic alternative.

Since the FDA announced the ban on flavored blunts - like Backwoods and Swisher Sweets - Twisted Hemp flavors became the perfect substitute. There’s also plenty of choices for the delicious tastes available for Twisted Hemp wraps at wholesale prices.

It should be clear why Twisted Hemp all natural wraps are taking over the market. Blunt wraps are slowly phasing out among the average smoker because brands like Twisted Hemp are more beneficial. Smoke shops and head shops are purchasing Twisted Hemp wraps wholesale because people love how they burn and taste.

420 Packaging is a leading shop for all your cannabis supplies. Our collection of hemp wraps -- including Twisted Hemp wraps -- has everything your smoke shop or head shop needs to keep up with the driving demand for alternatives for blunts.

What is Twisted Hemp?

Twisted Hemp is an all-natural, 100% organic, tobacco and chemical-free weed wrap. With a strong, sweet smell, there's no more significant game-changer to tasty wraps than Twisted Hemp flavors.

These delicious weed wraps are wholly organic and made with 100% industrial Canadian hemp. It's practically like smoking grass on grass, but they aren't solely for those conscious of their health. Twisted Hemp blunt wraps are one of the leading brands because they burn so similarly to actual blunts without the associated risks.

Twisted Hemp has a few benefits among other wraps. Along with excluding that compulsive nicotine urge that comes with tobacco. The wraps also burn even longer and slower than most other organic wraps on the market. Twisted Hemp all natural wraps steadily burn so the cherry doesn't go out before you can enjoy your blunt.

With so many different unauthorized brands on the market, you should rest assured that all Twisted Hemp Wraps are tested and safe. Additionally, you can ensure that all products on your shelves meet compliance regulations.

What Twisted Hemp Products are Available?

Several Twisted Hemp flavors are available on 420 Packaging to have tasty tokes throughout your day.

Twisted Hemp wraps wholesale is one of the best investments for businesses looking to increase their profits. Similar to the rise of joint cones, hemp wraps have created a new demand in the cannabis market. 420 Packaging offers five different flavors of Twisted Hemp wraps. Below, we've broken down a few of the most popular options.

California Dream

One of the sweetest and most tasty treats for any smoker to get their hands on is a box of California Dream Twisted Hemp. Smooth and fruity with an incredibly tropical vibe reminiscent of those cool summer evenings. With a touch of strawberry and orange, these will undoubtedly sell out quickly among customers with a sweet tooth.

Grape Burst

Another incredibly fruity and sweet flavor in Twisted Hemp's product lineup is the Grape Burst. It's an excellent suitor for purple strains, like Purple Kush, or even berry-oriented flower. The bursting grape flavor seeps through the packaging and can be as intense as the weed you're smoking. These are a must-have for any dispensary looking to elevate their shelves with a fruity hemp wrap.

Other flavors available: Endless Summer, Tropical Breeze, and Plain Jane.

Where to Buy Twisted Hemp Wraps

420 Packaging is one of the best places to find all of your needs for cannabis supplies and marijuana accessories wholesale. The abundance of options for rolling papers, baggies, grinders, bongs, and everything else needed for a functioning head shop is at your fingertips in our online shop.

Twisted Hemp Wraps are available on our website in five different flavors, catering to your business's wholesale purchases. Each box comes with 15 units and a retail display case to showcase the variety on your shelves. Packs of Twisted Wraps come with five leaves.

420 Packaging is all about making the customer experience unforgettable. We have same-day shipping to make sure businesses get their orders on time. Secondly, we have unbeatable prices, thanks to our price-beat guarantee. Plus, we're always available to speak to our clients with our live support option. Finally, and most importantly, there's a lot of pride that we take in our reliability. Sometimes, it's iffy to find a reliable, trusted supplier online, but 420 Packaging ensures safe and secure payment options for all of our customers.

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