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RAW Cone Filler

A cone filler RAW is the next best thing to add to your smoking repertoire. RAW is a fantastic company well respected and trusted in the cannabis industry. They offer excellent products from weed memorabilia to marijuana tools to RAW clothing! The RAW cone filler is just one of the many products that will elevate your business and get you feeling fantastic! A RAW roller will add everything you need to your pre-roll smoking experience!

Beginners can use a RAW cone rolling machine and experts alike. The devices will allow you to quickly and easily fill your cone size of choice. Who doesn’t like a quick and tight joint? We know we do, and the RAW cone roller will make your life easier and get you high faster!

What is a RAW Cone Filler?

A RAW cone filler is a tool to help you fill multiple pre-roll cones sizes! A RAW cone packing machine is there for those of us that might not always get a tight J when we give hand-rolling a try. Cone fillers will provide a top-notch cone that will make blazing even more fun. They are perfect for your business behind the scenes and upfront!

Why Your Business Need RAW Cone Fillers

There are many reasons why a RAW cone roller is necessary for your business! Pre-rolls are a massive hit with customers, which is why using a RAW pre-roll machine will save your business time and money.

Rolling joints takes considerable time, but an automatic cone filler can roll you hundreds of joints in minutes. This frees up manpower and labor costs that you can designate for different parts of your business! Since you save money on labor, you can offer the pre-rolls at a competitive rate and draw in the customers.

Your joints must have amounts of weed that are the same (there will always be a slight variance, of course). You also want a similar density, which the cone filler RAW will provide! A cone filler will also keep your pre-rolls quality controlled.

Offering products like the RAW King Size cone filler six-shooter or loading trays with pre-roll single joints will also draw in customers; many people just want to fill a fast cone, chances are they will buy a RAW cone packer from your business!

What RAW Cone Fillers Are Available?

We offer six different rollers, and we know you’ll love each of them!

RAW Six Shooter King Size Cone Filler

The classic six-shooter cone filler RAW device is perfect for the King Size cone lover. This cone filler can pop up to 6 filled joints; who doesn’t love that? Fill 1,2,3 or 6 King Size cones with the revolutionary six-shooter.

RAW Six Shooter Lean Size Cone Filler

This RAW cone loader is the exact same concept as the King Size, except leaner! Lean cones are similar in lengths to King Size, but they have a larger filter diameter (40mm). However, the diameter of lean RAW papers is 7mm. This six-shooter will load up those skinny cones and fire them up for you!

RAW Bamboo Six Shooter 1 ¼ Size Cone Filler

The bamboo RAW cone roller functions exactly like the six-shooter above; the only difference is the sweet bamboo finish! The beautiful wood grain adds the perfect aesthetics. Customers should use this RAW roller for 1 ¼ cone sizes.

RAW Bamboo Six Shooter King Size Cone Filler

This entire loader, including the body and the plates, is made of high-quality bamboo wood. Get the same beautiful bamboo finish on the RAW King Size cone filler! Use a RAW grinder to get that fine grain that makes an incredible King Size joint.

RAW Loader Cone and Paper Filler w/ Tray

This RAW cone filler machine comes with a tray that tapers in at one end to hold the pre-roll and then fans. The RAW cone loader comes with a poker, so you can control how dense the weed is! This RAW stuffer is easy to use, and you can have a perfect joint in seconds!

RAW Thumper 100 Automatic Pre-Rolled Paper Cone Filling Machine

The automatic RAW cone loader machine is a must-have for businesses! This machine can function as a RAW King Size cone filler, or your company can use it for leaner cones! When your dispensary sells pre-rolls, having one of these fantastic machines saves you time and money by rolling up to 100 joints in seconds. As we said above, it also gives your joints quality control! The Thumper 100 RAW cone rolling machine uses vibrations and sound waves to pack the joints, and you simply press a button to control the device.

How to Use a RAW Cone Filler

How to Use a RAW Six Shooter

This RAW cone filler is surprisingly easy to use! Any of our six-shooter cone fillers can be used with these simple steps.

  1. First, decide how many cones you want to roll! This will depend on if you keep the plate in or not. If you are filling 1,2, or 3 cones, you will keep the plate inside the loader and simply move it depending on how many you want to roll. If you choose to roll 6, you will remove the plate entirely!
  2. The six-shooter you purchase will depend on the size you use! Fill the number of holes of your choosing (1,2,3 or 6) with whatever size joint you desire. These six-shooters will fit lean, 1 ¼, and King Size.
  3. Add your favorite cannabis after grinding it up! The RAW pre-roll machine works for tobacco as well. Whatever your jam is, these rollers have got you covered!
  4. Once the cones are loaded, replace the lid and give the loader a good, solid smack against a hard surface. The RAW rolling tray works great for this!
  5. From there, you can use the pin that holds the plate in place as a poker to pack down the marijuana. Feel free to add more and repeat the process after using the RAW cone stuffer to pack the cannabis down!
  6. Now comes the fun part! Remove the cone/cones and enjoy the toke.

How to Use a RAW Loading Tray

  1. Place the cone size you love into the RAW loader with the cone opening facing the tray part of the loader. The tray is built perfectly for you to load the cone!
  2. Fill the cone with your favorite strain! It may be helpful to stand the RAW cone loader machine with the tray end facing you and tilt the loader side-to-side when placing the cannabis inside; if you can load the cone with the tray on a flat surface, awesome!
  3. Use the cone filler RAW packing stick to pack the marijuana in the cone as tightly as you want. If you prefer to load and pack as you go, you’ll use the wood poker to your heart’s content! We know you might like a tightly packed cone, which is why the poker is provided for your rolling pleasure.
  4. Use a non-stick scraper to collect extra weed from the tray and add it to the joint–you do not want to waste any weed.
  5. Once filled, remove the joint and twist the top to close the cone.
  6. Now the best part: smoke your well-earned joint!

How to Use a RAW Automatic Machine

  1. Open the classy wooden boxes that hold the parts to the automatic RAW cone filling machine. There are two boxes to keep all the pieces.
  2. Either keep one level of the filling device or stack a second one.
  3. Place up to 100 pre-rolled papers in the machine. The size of the cone is of your choosing! This machine can fill King Size, 1 ¼, and lean.
  4. Fill the papers up with marijuana to your heart’s content (without overfilling, of course! Save that weed for something else.) The mixing tray is where you can put the ground weed on top loosely and then stack it on top of the filling devices.
  5. Press the button to use the sound waves and vibrations to settle the weed inside the cones.
  6. Collect any extra weed with the mix spill collector that comes with this RAW joint filler.
  7. Remove the joints at the unloading station, and package them to sell!

Where to Buy RAW Cone Fillers

At 420 Packaging, you can find all the rad products you need for cone fillers and complimentary items!

420 Packaging RAW Cone Fillers

At 420 Packaging, we offer all of the incredible RAW pre-roll machines mentioned above! We offer the cone filler RAW at a competitive rate; this means you can get these rollers at an affordable price! Ordering from us online is fast and straightforward; we know how important it is to get that quick service, which is why ordering from 420 Packaging makes your life easier!

RAW Cone Fillers - The Bottom Line

A RAW cone roller machine will elevate your business and make your life easier while saving you money. At 420 Packaging, we know how important it is that your business grows and flourishes, and part of that is keeping costs low. You achieve that goal by using and offering the RAW cone filler and RAW cone shooter products!

A RAW roller is pretty great, but we offer exceptional other RAW items that your business can sell. Check out all the RAW products we offer (including a cozy RAW hoodie and handy RAW backpack)! 420 Packaging has all your RAW needs covered.

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