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Parchment Paper For Dabs

What Are Parchment Papers for Dabs?

Parchment paper for dabs is the most efficient way to store concentrates for producers and manufacturers! Our marijuana wax paper is 100% biodegradable cellulose fibers that resist oven browning, water, and oils!

All concentrates can be complicated to work with whether you are producing rosin, shatter, wax, or distillate. The mishaps behind all of this can get messy and marijuana wax paper keeps the process simple. Its non-stick fibers make getting dabs off paper easy, quick, and clean while saving both time and effort. Check out some of the reasons why all producers and manufacturers of cannabis concentrate choose parchment dab paper.

Why We LOVE Using Rosin Parchment Paper:

  • 100% bio-degradable and natural
  • Simplest storing method
  • Oil, water, and heat resistant
  • Non-stick surface easy for getting dabs off paper
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Designed for quick release
  • Safe to use with razors & scrapers
  • Unbleached & unrefined dab paper options
  • Chlorine-free, GMO free, vegan-friendly product

The list goes on as to why parchment dab paper is the best in the business when needing to store and work with concentrates. It is the most affordable and simple form of concentrate packaging for sale and 420Packaging has a plethora of wholesale options to choose from!

Parchment packaging comes in a few select options and regardless of your choice, you can’t go wrong. Parchment paper is the staple storing method for concentrates for all producers and manufacturers for obvious reasons. Its non-stick and versatile capabilities make it easy to work with while saving time and money. Check out some of the wholesale shatter wax paper options we have available and stock up on all your necessities and dab tools on the 420Packaging online shop!

What Types of Dab Papers are Available?

Having the correct marijuana wax paper is super important if you want to produce and manufacture any type of concentrate, whether it is shatter, rosin, wax, you name it! 420Packaging provides the best parchment paper for dabs making it simple to store your concentrates or transfer them into glass dab containers.

The question is not do you need marijuana wax paper for your concentrates, but what type of dab paper do you prefer? This product staple comes in a bleached white or natural brown silicone-coated option. All standard sizes are available wholesale and as the main distributor of all RAW products, we officially offer the best parchment paper for rosin on the market.

Whether it is shatter wax or rosin parchment paper, you are able to use our dab paper for all your concentrate producing needs. What makes all the difference is knowing how to have your selected parchment paper work BEST for YOU and your company! Here are the answers to the most common questions in the business, so you can make sure your marijuana wax paper is being used properly, every time.

How to Make Dabs with Parchment Paper:

  • First, choose the right extract! If you are focused on the flavor and aroma of cannabis, take a look at high-terpene full-spectrum extracts.
  • Set your heating apparatus to about 300º F.
  • Select and collect your rosin parchment paper.
  • Fold the parchment paper in half.
  • Place your cannabis material in your folded parchment paper.
  • Using your fingers or tongs, gently press the parchment paper with the material inside.
  • Apply heat while lining the cannabis buds in your dab paper.
  • Press firmly on parchment paper holding cannabis material for about 3 to 7 seconds.
  • Remove the parchment paper and buds from the heat source.
  • Unfold the parchment paper.
  • Remove the flattened cannabis flower and other plant material with your dabber or alternative tool.

Note: This is a universal standard for making rosin and dabs on a small scale. Find a process that works at the scale you are producing and the cannabis material you are working with. The sky's the limit!

How to Fold Parchment Paper for Shatter:

Though this can be a simple method, folding shatter wax paper needs to be a careful process, every time. Your cannabis material is GOLD and should be treated as such. Staying consistent as your manufacture the best cannabis concentrates and using the products that work best will save you time, money, and product.

Using the right marijuana wax paper helps prevent contamination, product loss, and aids in getting dabs off paper efficiently. Store and transfer your cannabis concentrates the proper way!

  • Fold the parchment paper in half.
  • Place ½ gram of bud between the shatter wax parchment paper.
  • Fold in the open edges so they are closed just to be safe.
  • When the heating apparatus is at the correct temperature (300.0F), place the parchment paper between the heated blades.
  • Avoid rushing and always make sure your shatter wax paper is evenly folded and closed on corners.
  • BE careful if working with heat or dry ice.

Take your time and find the best marijuana wax paper that works for your system setup. You can thank us later!

Where to Buy Wholesale Parchment Paper for Dabs

The industry-leading one-stop online shop aka 420Packaging can easily hook you up with the best bulk parchment paper options and prices! WE provide the best wax paper for sale in bulk, because we know it is a staple product for all concentrate producers and manufacturers. As much of a time saver and money saver it is to have the correct marijuana wax paper on hand, it is just as easy to order!

420Packaging provides you with all the convenient dab paper sizes and options on their easy-to-navigate site. Want it custom!? You got it! We can set you up with rosin press wax paper in custom sizes accompanied by custom branded shatter envelopes! 420Packaging has fast-shipping and a price beat guarantee, so you can stock up on all your custom concentrate packaging necessities. From parchment paper for sale in bulk to customizable silicone dab containers, we’ve got you covered!

Make manufacturing concentrates easier by working with the best parchment paper for dabs, rosin, shatter, you name it! We have all the standard sizes and paper options wholesale, so you can continue to smoothly move forward with your business. Customize your routine to fit what is BEST for your company and have your system perfected all the way down to the parchment paper. It’s a no-brainer, stock up on the best parchment paper for dabs at 420Packaging today!

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