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Assorted Glass Hunting Dagger Pendant Dabber Tool w/ Necklace Strings - 1Assorted Glass Hunting Dagger Pendant Dabber Tool w/ Necklace Strings - 2
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4.5" Assorted Glass Scimitar Pendant Dabber Tool w/ Necklace Strings - 14.5" Assorted Glass Scimitar Pendant Dabber Tool w/ Necklace Strings - 2
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LTQ Vapor | Stainless Steel Rosin Handle Dabber Tool | 6.5in Long - Metal - Assorted - 1LTQ Vapor | Stainless Steel Rosin Handle Dabber Tool | 6.5in Long - Metal - Assorted - 2
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4.75" Assorted Dichro Glass Katana Blade Pendant Dabber Tool w/ Necklace Strings - 14.75" Assorted Dichro Glass Katana Blade Pendant Dabber Tool w/ Necklace Strings - 2
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NoGoo Silicone Dabbers Stand Green - 1NoGoo Silicone Dabbers Stand Green - 2
NoGoo Silicone Dabbers Stand
600$6.00 Regular price$13.95

4 colors available

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Happy Daddy F-Bomb Metal Dab Tool Stainless Steel - 1Happy Daddy F-Bomb Metal Dab Tool Stainless Steel - 2
Happy Daddy F-Bomb Metal Dab Tool
800$8.00 Regular price$19.95
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Happy Daddy Mini Baby Buddah Metal Dab Tool Stainless Steel - 1Happy Daddy Mini Baby Buddah Metal Dab Tool Stainless Steel - 2
Happy Daddy Mini Baby Buddah Metal Dab Tool
300$3.00 Regular price$14.95
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Happy Daddy Big Buddah Metal Dab Tool Stainless Steel - 1Happy Daddy Big Buddah Metal Dab Tool Stainless Steel - 2
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NoGoo Silicone Dab Station Green - 1NoGoo Silicone Dab Station Green - 2
NoGoo Silicone Dab Station
100$1.00 Regular price$13.95

4 colors available

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NoGoo 420 Shaped Silicone Dab Stand Green - 1NoGoo 420 Shaped Silicone Dab Stand Green - 2
NoGoo 420 Shaped Silicone Dab Stand
300$3.00 Regular price$12.95

4 colors available

Dab Tool

Give your customers the best dabbing experience by offering a dab tool at your smoke shop! Dabbing has seen a massive resurgence in recent years. The highs from concentrate are powerful and will have you soaring high. The rapid spreading of legalization has customers turning to this awesome way to smoke. A dab pick is the cherry on top of the dabbing experience. The popularity of dabs is definitely something your head shop should display. Stocking these tools on your shelves will keep loyal customers happy and continue to attract new dabbers.

There are an extraordinary amount of concentrates out there. Customers need a dabber tool to handle everything from shatter to crumble to rosin to oil (710 kinds of oil, to be exact). No one wants to create a makeshift tool or use their hands to waste concentrate products. These handy tools will stun customers with functionality, whether it be a metal or glass dab tool.

At 420 Packaging, you will find everything you need to elevate your customers’ dabbing accessories. We have you covered, from a dab rig to a carb cap to the incredible dab tool. We’ll get into everything that makes a dab pick and a dab scoop and every dab tool in between so rad.

What is a Dab Tool?

As dabbing has grown in popularity, dabbing accessories have grown right along with it. A dab tool is there to add to the overall dabbing experience. Dab tools are used to scoop concentrate out of glass or silicone dab containers and then apply it to a dab banger/nail. A dabber tool protects your hands from the heated banger nails. Dab rig tools also ensure that customers can spread dabs around the banger to get the full rig ripping effect.

A wax dabber tool is designed to handle every type of concentrate and oil out there. The dab tool has it covered from a glass dabber that works perfectly for rosin to a dab scoop for wax. Dabber tools are a smoker’s dream. They make your dab-loving customers’ lives easier and are sure to be flying off your shelves!

One of the best things about dabbing tools is how many different options there are! There is truly a dab pick for everyone, and your shelves will look great stocked with all the options down below.

What Types of Dabber Tools are Available?

One of the most awesome things about a dab tool for wax is the many different features. While most dab tools come with a narrow stem, the tips vary. A dab spoon is best for scooping larger concentrate quantities or dabs like crumble. A dab pick is often used for extra sticky goodness, like wax and shatter. Scrapers are perfect for getting the last of the dab out of concentrate packaging. Some of the other excellent tips include:

  • Paddle
  • Scoop
  • Spatula
  • Cutter

The type of tip customers choose for their dab smoking tools depends entirely on their style and the concentrate they dab. Offering all of these options will keep your customer base happy and stoned. Keep reading to see all the materials and styles these tools come in!

Stainless Steel Dabber Tools

A metal wax tool for dabs is one of the most popular ways people scoop their dabs. The stainless steel dab tool heats up extremely quickly. Not only does the metal dab scooper heat up quickly, the steel retains the heat. This makes metal dab utensils perfect for high-temperature concentrates. Twirling the stainless steel wax dabber tool around the banger will keep the heat going and provide the best smoking experience!

We also offer a functional resin dabbing tool in all their stainless steel glory or with silicone tips for extra handling precision. They also come with a grip along the body of the dab tool to prevent it from slipping out of customers’ hands.

Glass Dabber Tools

A dab glass stick is one of the most rad ways to transfer concentrate to a banger. Glass is non-toxic and leaves no flavor behind. This means your customers can enjoy their dabs to the fullest flavor. A glass banger tool is handblown, and the artistry is unmatched! We offer glass dab smoking tools with trippy colors intertwining. A glass dab tool will stand out on your shelves, and customers will love choosing one that matches their vibe perfectly.

Glass dabber tools are heat resistant. Customers can hold them safely and comfortably while dealing with high heat.

Novelty Dabber Tools

These novelty, cool dab tools add that extra something; you don’t even need to rip a dab to be mesmerized by them! Any design you can think of can be handcrafted into a beautiful glass wax dabbing tool. We feature a number of awesome designs. 420 packaging can provide a dabber tool with a trippy mushroom design. We also offer a novelty pirate complete with gleaming red eyes to a dab tool with an all-seeing eye. Our bomb novelty designs will keep customers coming in to add to their collection.

Mini Keychain Dabber Tools

Do you find yourself at a smoke sesh, and someone forgot their dab pick? Whip out your keychain with one of the excellent Skilletools mini keychain dab tools! These keychain dab tools are perfect for the smoker on-the-go, and will never leave a prepped dab rig hanging.

Skilletools mini dabber tools come with multiple tip types: scoops, forks, scrapers, and flat tips! The anodized metal comes in gold, silver, or the classic titanium rainbow. Not only is the mini wax dabber tool functional, but it also speaks to the party in all of us.

Dabber Tool Sets

These sets will be massive hits with the dabbing connoisseur. If your customers can’t decide which tip they want on their dab tool, they can pick up a whole set! Sets come in seven, ten, and twelve with different tools, including pickers, scrapers, spatulas, and cutters. Each dabber tool is made of strong stainless steel and comes with built-in grip handles.

Customers won’t have to worry about keeping track of their new dab tools; each set comes in high-quality cases with loops to hold each tool in place.

Where to Buy Dab Tools Wholesale

Look no further for premium dab tools than 420 Packaging! We offer the best prices paired with the best service – you can’t go wrong when you buy concentrate dab tools from us! We are the best online supplier for all of your head shop needs.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale

One of the best ways to keep your bottom line tight is by buying concentrate tools at wholesale prices. A dabber tool at wholesale price means that you can sell the tool at a competitive retail price and still make a profit. We sell in bulk at wholesale prices so that you can get the most product for your money. While ordering dabbing tools from us at wholesale is awesome, it gets even better. 420 offers high-quality cannabis packaging and accessories at wholesale prices so that you can stock your whole shop!

Dab Tools at 420 Packaging

So why choose 420 Packaging to be your one-stop shop for all your business needs?

  • Price Beat Guarantee: All of the cool dabber tools we’ve gushed about come at the best prices in the business. If you bring a better price to us, we will beat it! Knowing you got the best tools at the greatest prices, you can stock up.
  • Live Service: Have a question about a specific brand of dab pick? Curious about what packaging a Glass dab tool comes in? Our live service on webchat, email, and the phone will answer all your questions and inquiries. 420 Packaging is here to help, and our rad service reflects that.
  • Secure Payments: No business wants to order their essential dab tools on a website that does not protect their info. That’s why all the orders that your smoke shop places are secure and safe.

A quality dab tool is essential; it’s also amazing to have a trustworthy supplier that can provide this great tool. We value our customers and provide the best because we know you love yours. Don’t hesitate to place your order for a dabber tool – or any of your head shops needs – with us today. 420 Packaging can’t wait to provide you with everything you need!

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