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Dab Rigs

What are Glass Dab Rigs?

Glass dab rigs are specifically designed filtration devices for cannabis concentrates and extracts, such as wax. A similar piece of equipment to their “distant cousin”, the glass bong that gives consumers a perfect punch of terpene flavor with every hit! Glass rigs for wax use high-quality glass, also known as borosilicate glass that can be heated using a dab torch to transform cannabis concentrates into a soothing vapor that satisfies every smoking experience.

A now rather “hot commodity” in the marijuana sector, rigs for dabs have not only become a treasured and coveted piece for many avid concentrate consumers but a staple dabbing pipe for novice consumers that enjoy the full-bodied flavor a wax bong’s vapor offers. Many smoke shops are coming to find that expanding their selection to accommodate this safer way of consuming cannabis concentrates has been a fruitful decision indeed.

The dab rig is a simply satisfying method of smoking all kinds of extracts affordably thanks to its scientifically brilliant design and filtration process. A provenly durable and delightful means of consumption that is said to not alter the taste, but enhance the purity of the terpene profiles and the product itself. Glass dab rigs are now expanding in versatility and design as they rise in popularity and performance.

Though oil rigs are a critical piece to add to anyone's collection for smoking waxes and concentrates it is of additional importance to have a wide selection to choose from. This is why there are a plethora of dab rigs for sale, with intricately and purposefully designed banger nails to perfect every consumer's overall smoking experience.

Why Glass Rigs are a Favored Method for Smoking Extracts:

  • Transforms different types of cannabis concentrates and wax into a full-bodied vapor, over smoke.
  • The dab bong contains a filtration device that properly filters concentrated viscous substances giving the consumer a perfect vaporized rip with maximum potency.
  • Brings out the flavor-producing profiles in the terpenes of the product.
  • Unique style and design that creates a universally satisfying smoking experience.
  • Clean method for consuming viscous substances such as waxes and concentrates correctly with fewer carcinogens.
  • Affordable, durable and simple to clean piece of smoking equipment.
  • Oil rigs contain high-quality borosilicate glass providing superior heat resistance.
  • The dab bong is user-friendly no matter how inexperienced the smoker.

Glass dab rigs are a simple and mesmerizing method for transforming those sticky cannabis extracts to a silky smooth vapor. There are almost as many reasons for consumers to use them as their preferred consumption method as there are styles to choose from! Oils rigs provide an incredibly satisfying and versatile way to consume cannabis!

What Styles of Dab Rigs Are There?

The rise in demand for quality glass and concentrate rigs has led to more research into what consumers of extracts really want from their dab rig pieces and equipment. Not only has the design of the dab pipe altered to become the most authentic and enjoyable smoking method for extracts, but the dab bong has been curated to complement the wider fan base as well. The fact is many cannabis consumers have switched to smoking extracts over smoking cannabis flower altogether. That said, check out some of the dab rigs for sale that are trending now:

Straight-neck Dabbing Rigs:

The straight-neck dab bong has consistently been a top-selling style and design as it really encompasses the look of the classic bong itself. With the thick glass bottom and wide neck and mouthpiece, it is both an effective and durable piece for smoking your favorite extracts and concentrates.

Between the smooth big rips, the easy-to-load, and clean banger it is no shock that these dab rigs for sale have trouble staying on the shelves. This is perhaps the most common and well-known style of wax bong, simply because it is most cannabis consumers' first-love and look.

Bent-neck Glass Dab Rigs:

The bent-neck dab rig is another typical yet trending design of dab bong in today’s market. Available in different colors, borosilicate glass, adjustable bangers, and sizes this show-stopping masterpiece is a consistent and top-selling design. Not all oil rigs can compete with the effectiveness of this dab bong and its vapor views, functionality, and consumption in a versatility of different concentrates. It is a truly exquisite design that satisfies even the pickiest of consumers.

Mini Dab Rig

Considering that cannabis concentrates naturally pack a punch it is understandable why the mini oil rigs are next on our list as top sellers. The mini dab pipes are transportable and though small can still get you that nice and satisfying rip every time you go to smoke. Coming in so many styles just smaller in stature the mini dab pipe is a must-have for smoke shops everywhere.

How to Use Glass Dab Bongs

One of the reasons glass dab rigs are a critical piece of equipment is their functionality when it comes to consuming concentrates. Though some novice cannabis consumers might feel intimidated by the change at first, they come to find that dab pipes are not only simple to use but perhaps a more affordable option for smoking altogether (not to mention arguably a safer way to smoke).

Dab Rig Essentials:

  • Dab Torch
  • Glass Dab Rig
  • Dab pick/ Dabber
  • Banger/Nail
  • Carb Cap

Check out this simple go-to guide on effectively consuming your favorite cannabis concentrates using the wax smoking rig:

Step One: Fill the dab rig bong chamber with water. To ensure you don’t add too much, test the amount by inhaling through the mouthpiece. The water should not backsplash into your mouth, if it does simply pour out the excess h20 in the chamber.

Step Two: Light the bottom and edges of the banger with your dab torch until it is “red” hot. This is where you will place the “dab” using your dab pick.

Step Three: Wait about 30-45 seconds for the temperature of the banger to decrease before you place your dab onto the dab piece. Use a terp timer or stopwatch on your phone to help you count if you’d like!

Step Four: Apply the wax on your dab pick and press to the inside of the banger. Rotate the pick and simultaneously inhale slowly.

Step Five: Cover the dab using a carb cap to trap the vapor and regulate the airflow while you complete your inhale. Carb caps help you capture more vapor and give you a longer, more invigorating hit.

Step Six: Exhale the vapor and repeat this simple process! Remember: Dabs are potent, take a minute to enjoy the effects of your concentrates. No need to rush and over do it, smoking dabs is meant to be savored and enjoyed!

Considering its similarities in use to that of the classic bong for cannabis flower it is easy to see why the dab oil rig design has come such a long way in a relatively short period of time. Concentrate consumers continue to enjoy both cannabis flower and extracts alike, but businesses know the importance of catering to both as the industry continues to consistently change and exponentially grow.

Where to Buy Wholesale Dab Rigs

Buying quality wholesale glass rigs and dab tools from a reliable source is important to maintain a consistent flow of trending cannabis equipment. 420Packaging has a wide assortment of bong rigs for sale that range in affordability, smoking style, and design. Oil rigs need to be made of high-quality glass for adequate heat-resistance and durability. Furthermore, each rig piece should be intricately and universally designed to sustain these appropriate temperatures to transform concentrates into a silky smooth vapor.

420Packaging maintains top-of-the-line performance in all forms of cannabis equipment from the dab bong to the storage materials which provide the freshest custom cannabis products. Whether smoke shops are looking for high-quality printed materials, a specifically coveted dab pipe or wax rig, or wanting to expand on a full collection of cannabis-related pieces; 420Packaging has a price beat guarantee that ensures you find just what you are looking for at the best price for your products.

Enhance the style of your smoke shop’s selection and expand your reach to consumers by providing the most unique smoking experience the industry has to offer. 420Packaging is a one-stop online shop that makes it easy to find the most unique dab rigs for sale at the best quality. Glass dab rigs should be just as fun to shop for as they are to smoke from, which is why 420Packaging’s easy to navigate site will fill you in on what is trending and what is a must-have this cannabis season!

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