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Cyclone Cones

It's never been easier to cut tobacco blunts out of your smoking regiment than with 100% herbal Cyclone Cones.

Backwoods and Philly blunt remain fixtures in the cannabis community, but the rise of hemp wraps has shifted smokers towards healthier alternatives. Cyclone cones have grown in popularity since their inception, especially as more blunt enthusiasts switch to natural, nicotine-free options. The beauty of Cyclone hemp wraps is that they come pre rolled! All you have to do is get your weed, grind it up, and pack it into one of the delicious flavors of Cyclone blunt wraps.

There are genuinely no downsides to smoking with Cyclones pre-rolls. These pre-rolled cones are an absolute treat to smoke with and consist of 100% hemp material. They come in various flavors that perfectly accompany and complement a variety of terpene profiles of different strains. Cyclone hemp cones provide the feeling of rolling up a blunt without any of the cancerous toxins that come with tobacco and nicotine.

Cyclone blunt wraps have gained the trust of the cannabis community for years, and it's primarily due to their reliability. Unlike actual blunts, preservation is in mind when sealed and packaged. Because they're made to last, businesses are leaping at wholesale purchases of Cyclone hemp cones. Demand for the Cyclone pre-rolled cones continues to grow every single month. Singular hemp cones are selling out in smoke shops regularly, while businesses are steadily increasing their orders of Cyclone cones every time the shelves are empty!

Cyclone blunt wraps are a must-have for every dispensary and smoke shop. For retail cannabis stores, these are on par with high-quality joint cones for pre-rolled blunts. Head shops that carry various rolling paper brands will also find these Cyclone cones to be extremely popular.

420 Packaging carries every type of dispensary supplies, including Cyclone blunt wraps. Please take a look at the catalog on our online shop for our collections of packaging material. We offer cannabis accessories, including our always-stocked RAW shop with the iconic trays, papers, and cones.

What is Cyclones?

Cyclone hemp cones are the solution that every blunt smoker needs to reduce their intake of tobacco and nicotine. Cyclone cones are made with 100% hemp and are completely natural, so you know you're not inhaling any carcinogens when you puff.

Why People Love Cyclone Hemp Wraps

There are plenty of smokers who prefer the act of rolling, and Cyclones wraps are as easy to handle as any other blunt wraps on the market. The smooth texture is easy to roll up with, and each one slowly burns for you to enjoy every last toke. However, for those who aren't necessarily keen on rolling up or would rather cut out the process of twisting up, pre-rolled Cyclones hemp wraps are incredibly easy to use. Cones are the best options for smokers who prefer an all-natural method for toking up in their daily smoking rituals.

Cyclone hemp cones are rolled up to perfection with flavors for days, which is another reason why they're increasingly popular. Single Cyclone pre-rolled cones come in colorful tubes with designs that reflect their tastes. Between the tastiness of each pull and the simplicity of packing Cyclone cones to perfection, there's no reason why your shop shouldn't have an abundance of Cyclone hemp wraps in stock.

What Cyclones Hemp Cones are Available?

420 Packaging has a wide array of Cyclones cones flavors to appease your smoking needs. As mentioned previously, Cyclones pre rolls are made with 100% natural hemp and are meant to provide clean, chemical-free smoke. When you're cruising throughout our cannabis accessories and packaging collection, you'll be amazed at the number of options available for the Cyclone cone.

Natural Flavored Cyclone Hemp Wraps

Cyclone hemp wraps collection boasts 22 different wholesale options to bring into your store at the best prices. We carry several options for natural flavored Cyclone hemp wraps, including 1 ¼ size natural clear cones. However, Cyclone blunt wraps are the best option for those who prefer the tobacco taste from blunts while still keeping it natural.

Flavored Cyclone Pre-Rolls

Still, those who prefer Cyclone blunt wraps are likely more enthusiastic about their flavors. After all, that's one of Cyclone hemp cones' most significant selling points! From pungent flavors like blueberry and grape to more subtle varieties, like sugar cane and mean green. Here’s a list of the incredible flavors:

  • Mean Green
  • Natural
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Sugar Cane
  • Wonderberry
  • Grape
  • The Purple Unknown
  • Blue Chill
  • Red Chill
  • Pimperschnaps
  • Tiki Tango
  • Rockstar
  • Cigar
  • Ice Dream

The flavors of Cyclone pre rolled cones available on 420 Packaging are available as hemp wraps or clear cones. Boxes of Cyclone hemp wraps come in 24 units for display cases. Each cone is 109 mm long and has a wooden Dank7 tip that makes each draw clean and easy to smoke. Plus, the screw-top lid ensures that each wrap is sealed airtight and stays fresh for a long time.

Where to Buy Cyclones Hemp Cones

With so many places to find the amazing Cyclone pre-rolls, picking the best supplier is essential. There are no better options and services than 420 Packaging!

Cyclones Hemp Cones at 420 Packaging

Any business would be wise to stock up on Cyclone blunt wraps now, and where better to find them than at 420 Packaging? As a leading online store for all cannabis supplies , we boast an array of options for hemp wraps, including Cyclone blunt cones. Our collection of marijuana accessories is one of the most expansive in the business, and there's little need to look elsewhere for supplies for your shop.

When it comes to Cyclone hemp wraps, we offer numerous flavors, and it's best to consider each option to place on the shelves of your head shops. Each flavor is nothing short of enticing; given the popularity surrounding Cyclone blunt wraps, it seems inevitable that they'll sell out quickly. Cyclone cones are one of the best ways to bring pre-rolled blunts into your store's menu for retail dispensaries. Whether it's because of the number of different flavors they have or simply responding to the demand for more pre-rolled blunts, Cyclones is one of the best brands right now for pre-rolls.

Cyclone Cones: The Bottom Line

420 Packaging is all about bringing quality products to our customers and providing excellent customer service. Our price-beat guarantee ensures that your business is getting Cyclone cones at the best prices possible in the ever-competitive market. And we always are accessible for inquiries. Our live support feature provides answers quickly and efficiently to ensure that you have all the answers before making a purchase. Additionally, we always use secure payment methods to ensure that your purchase is processed safely. Shopping for Cyclone products has never been easier for your smoke shop!

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