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Weed Pipe

What are Weed Pipes?

The weed pipe is a classic smoking device staple within the cannabis industry, but of course, over time hand pipes have gotten rather creative, to say the least! Everybody needs a pipe for smoking and 420Packaging is officially stocked with all of the basic, trending, and go-to marijuana pipes for the season!

You can find the essential weed bowl in dispensaries and any smoke shop. Cannabis consumers have to have a pipe for weed because it is the simplest device when smoking at home or while you are out and about. 420Packaging has extended its wholesale smoking bowl selection to help cater to all types of smoking styles, creating the best smoking experience for every individual.

There are so many hand pipes out there and making sure your smoke shop has all the newly trending marijuana pipes can be a full-time job. Throughout this article we will guide you through our expansive cannabis pipe collection from one-of-a-kind ceramic smoke pipes to the most unique smoking glass bowls. You can easily purchase the best wholesale hand pipes for your smoke shop!

Whether you need a classic smoking piece that is universally loved or a unique hand-painted ceramic pipe, 420Packaging has taken the time to provide you with the best pot bowl collection for your business. The cannabis industry is a dynamic one and staying up-to-date with the “what’s hot” weed piece trends can be tough.

420Packaging also provides the best and most affordable wholesale hash pipes, bubbler pipes, and various smoking pipes on their one-stop online shop. Easily check out which smoking bowl is the top seller and which weed pipe of the week is on sale in bulk! Keep your smoke shop stocked with the highest quality smoking pipes on the market!

What Types of Glass Weed Bowls and Smoking Pipes are Available?

There are many different weed pipes to choose from and having a variety of hand pipes in your smoke shop is important. It seems as though everyone has their style and our job is to cater to and create the best smoking experience with the widest selection of smoke pipes. Our glass pipes come in a plethora of fumed glass color options, designs, and sizes, so anyone can sit back and relax with their favorite pipe smoking weed.

Sherlock Pipe - One of our cool weed pipes in today’s market would be the sherlock pipe. This is not your average pot pipe and that is why WE love it! This unique smoke pipe stands solo and is designed to increase airflow during inhalation.

Truly one of the coolest-looking bowl pipe it has so swiftly become a popular item to have in any smoke shop. As one of the most sophisticated weed smoking devices, it should not be ”sherlock-shock” for you to hear that 420Packaging has expanded its collection of these smoking pipes. We are simply stoking on this marijuana bowl collection and we aren’t the only ones!

Steamroller Pipe - Another top trending smoke pipe that is becoming a must-have in today’s market is the steamroller pipe. This pipe for weed is similar to the classic glass one-hitter, but typically a little larger in size and slightly different in design. Also, not your average weed pipe, this smoking bowl is known for its compact yet durable design as well as its heat-resistant glass. This is an original novelty pipe built with intricacy and creativity and gives cannabis consumers the best high of potentially all of the glass marijuana pipes to date!

Ceramic Pipes- In addition to our novelty pipe collection, we have now expanded our selection of one-of-a-kind hand-painted ceramic pipes! These hand pipes are surprisingly affordable for a weed bowl that looks like a straight-up collector's item. Ceramic pipes are designed with the ability to keep your smoke cooler than the average glass pipe for weed. and considering they are an easier material to work with, the design options are WILD! The ceramic pipe collection at 420Packaging is ingenious and every unique piece has a personality of its own!

Bubbler Pipe - Another game-changer in smoking pipes that has to be noted is the bubbler pipe. This glass pipe for weed was built to impress and gives a smooth hit accompanied by a powerful punch. A little more advanced, but super simple to use the bubbler pipe is on the glass marijuana pipes must-have list! By adding spiral and swirl designs to its top-of-the-line smoking experience this is the future of cannabis smoke pipes. Period.

Spoon Pipe - The spoon pipe is another pipe for weed that is coveted by all cannabis consumers. This pot pipe is the most classic weed bowl and a true staple within the cannabis industry. Every smoke shop and dispensary needs to carry this straightforward glass pipe for weed, but we provide endless fabulous options at wholesale prices. Check out the beautifully iridescent gold fumed glass in various enchanting colors. This smoking bowl is a forever must-have and our collection is simply breathtaking in design. As far as glass marijuana pipes goes this one deserves to be in the hands of every cannabis consumer out there.

One-hitter pipe - The last marijuana bowl that remains a staple and will never go out of style is the ever-dependable simple to smoke one-hitter pipe. With its compact design, funky color options, and compact reliable essence, it is safe to say that this smoking bowl is a top seller for life. Whether you are new to the game in the cannabis or an avid smoker the one-hitter pipe is the majority of cannabis consumers’ go-to choice for smoking glass bowls.

Having a variety of weed bowl options in your smoke shop is directly correlated to your sales and success on a day-to-day basis. It is a surefire fact that these staple smoke pipes will contribute to that success. By purchasing these high-quality hand pipes at the lowest prices possible your range for profit increases exponentially. Stay on top of which smoking pipes are trending and stock your shop with the hottest hand pipes on the market.

How to Use a Weed Pipe and Glass Bowls For Smoking

One of the main reasons the weed bowl is such a coveted smoking device for cannabis consumers everywhere is its simple method for cannabis consumption. It is the perfect staple for smoking on the go, on the beach, on your porch, and just about anywhere. Knowing how to use pipes for smoking weed properly gives you an optimal smoking experience every time! Here is a simple guide on smoking glass bowls to show you exactly how it’s done!

How to Smoke a Pipe For A Perfect Hit Every Time

  1. First, grind up your chosen cannabis flower. This will maintain a perfect airflow for every hit and prevents future clogging of your weed bowl.
  2. Use a cannabis grinder, micro-scissors, or hands, whichever you prefer! Trick: Keep the pieces of relatively similar size.
  3. Place the ground flower on a flat surface or personalized rolling tray. This is the perfect preparation for packing your pot pipe.
  4. There are a few simple ways to pack your hand pipe correctly. Our favorite and possibly the most universal way is to start with facing your weed bowl upright at a small angle.
  5. Pack the hand pipe using your fingers or a preferred packing tool.
  6. Be sure to not fill the bowl too tightly or too loose, but have the flower reach the outside rim of the weed bowl.
  7. Place the mouthpiece of the cannabis pipe on your lips and light the bowl end of the pipe.
  8. Simultaneously inhale until you taste the cannabis smoke.
  9. Release the lighter and continue to inhale to ensure your bowl stays lit for the next couple of hits.
  10. The amount of hits you get is directly correlated with how hard you inhale and the size of the bowl.
  11. Sit back, relax and enjoy your cannabis-packed weed bowl!

The simplicity behind smoking out of weed pipes is a driving force behind its popularity. As simple as the pot pipe is to smoke from, they are equally as easy to clean. Check out the best way to properly clean the pipe weed out of your bowl and get that perfect fresh hit every time you go to smoke.

How to Clean a Glass Weed Pipe, Properly

  • Once your cannabis is finished you need to remove the excess ash and plant material from the glass pipe for weed.
  • You can ash your cannabis pipe by lightly blowing into the mouthpiece to remove any excess plant material in the weed bowl.
  • Also, gently tapping the bowl end on the edge of a surface to remove the waste, works great and keeps the bowl from building up unwanted material.
  • These two tactics are perfect for caring for your coveted cannabis pipe, but now and again this process is not enough.

For the perfect extensive clean all you need is to grab a few simple supplies and you will have your weed pipe looking as good as new! WE prefer using less harsh household items. For example, white vinegar and baking soda combined make the perfect concoction for cleaning your weed bowl.

An Extensive Clean for Your Beloved Weed Pipe

  1. Place the weed bowl in a Ziploc bag and cover it completely with baking soda.
  2. Slowly and carefully fill the bag with white vinegar, and seal it tightly.
  3. Note: Bear in mind that this process creates a bubbly reaction so choose an area that can get wet, like your kitchen or bathroom.
  4. Once the bag is filled with the solution and sealed tightly, leave the bag to soak for around 30-40 minutes.
  5. After this time is up go ahead and shake the solution to make sure that it gets into all the crevices of the weed pipe (mouthpiece, carb hole, tube for smoking weed, etc.)
  6. Post soak! Go ahead and take a pipe cleaner or a small cotton swab and carefully scrape the remaining resin residue from the weed bowl.
  7. Complete the process by rinsing the glass pipe for weed with dish soap and hot water.
  8. Set to dry and Boom! Good as new!

There you have it, an extensive and extremely effective method to clean your pipe for weed. WE love using less harsh household items and providing the appropriate care for our cannabis smoke pipes. With a little bit of time and effort, you can ensure you are getting the best smoking experience every time! Check out 420Packaging’s smoking accessories and an extensive collection of hand pipes to stock your shop with the best of the best products of the season!

Where to Buy Wholesale Glass Pipes for Smoking Weed

A lot of smoke shops and dispensaries shoot themselves in the foot by not purchasing at wholesale prices and waiting to stock up on the best top-selling marijuana pipes. Knowing where to buy marijuana pipes of the highest quality and best prices are half the battle.

As the industry-leading one-stop shop for the best weed bowl selections at a price-beat guarantee, 420Packaging is happy to get your business up and running with all your cannabis-related necessities. Our easy-to-navigate online site caters to both wholesale weed pipe purchases and custom cannabis pipe accessories.

Why Buy your Hand Pipes in Bulk at 420Packaging:

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420Packaging has not only expanded its selection of smoking pipes for sale but has taken it as its responsibility to stay on top of all the new and up-and-coming cannabis trends. Easily take advantage of our fast shipping, and wholesale smoke pipe prices, and be confident in your purchases.

As we've covered, weed pipes come in a variety of styles, such as spoon pipes, chillums, steamroller pipes, sherlock pipes, and more. Weed pipes can also be made of glass, ceramic, wood, or metal. Glass weed pipes are the most popular type of weed pipe because they are easy to clean and offer a clear view of the weed inside the pipe. Ceramic weed pipes are also popular because they are durable and heat-resistant. However, weed pipes made of wood or metal can be just as beautiful and long-lasting as weed pipes made of glass or ceramic. No matter what type of weed pipe you choose, you can be sure that it will help you enjoy smoking cannabis.

Our team will save you time and money so you can sit back and relax with your pipe smoking weed! Stock up in one spot and get to selling the trendiest supplies and smoke pipes in cannabis at 420Packaging!

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