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Chillum One-Hitters

What are Chillums?

The chillum pipe is the go-to one-hitter pipe that consumers cannot seem to get enough of! This discrete one-hitter has been a forever fan favorite within the industry, so it should come as no surprise that 420Packaging has an impressive wholesale chillum pipe collection all set for spring!

A chillum smoking one hitter could quite possibly be the most infamous of glass pipes ever. There is truly nothing like the smoking one-hitter collection at 420Packaging. Whether it’s a long day at work or on the beach, one hit pipes pack the perfect punch you need to get through the day. The chillum pipe is successfully satisfying, perfect for any occasion, and conveniently one of the most affordable smoking devices on the market.

When you stock your shop for spring you simply HAVE to snag a look at our unique and sleek glass chillum collection! 420Packaging has fumed glass pipes for sale, an amazing weed one-hitter collection, and has recently expanded its stock for Spring. Being that the marijuana one hitter also known as a chillum pipe is the ultimate crowd-pleaser we offer all types of trending glass designs wholesale. Check out our killer chillum one hitter glass pipe collection to satisfy all your smoke shop needs and necessities.

Why We Love The Glass One Hitter Pipe:

  • A little weed is all you need
  • Small, simple, and sleek
  • Perfect hit every time
  • Easy to use, Easy to Clean
  • Affordable, durable, and convenient

What Types of One Hitters Are Available?

The one-hitter chillum ranges in a series of fabulous funky shapes to sleek simple smoking devices. All options are available wholesale at affordable prices, so you can stock your smoke shop with the most unique one-hitters on the market while also having simple straight-up weed bowls.

420Packaging carries the classics from glass blunts to the cigarette weed hitter. One-hitter bowls are a must-have smoking device at smoke shops, dispensaries, and any store wanting to cater to cannabis consumers. We know this, and that is why we have nothing but top-selling, high-quality wholesale one-hitter weed bowls for sale!

You simply have to sell a discrete one-hitter option in your smoke shop, but just because it is discreet doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Stock up on an onie pipe that lets the consumer show off a little bit of their personality! Purchase a one-hitter pipe that has lots of color, gold fumed glass, twists, and swirls, and casual curves. These simple fun additives to a glass one-hitter make all the difference when you pull it out to smoke!

Need a universal glass chillum with a little versatility to your collection? We recommend the smooth-hitting steamroller pipe! This simple smoking alternative weed hitter pipe also comes in funky fresh designs. It is loved for its smooth hits and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. A rectangular rendition of the sleek chillum pipe, the steamroller takes the one-hitter pipe to a next level and your inability to keep it on the shelves will be proof of that fun fact!

Whether your heart desires a classically loved gold fumed chillum pipe, a glow-in-the-dark one-hitter pipe, or a steamroller we’ve got you covered with the best looks at the best wholesale prices! It is so important that your smoke shop doesn’t sit stagnantly on the sidelines, especially with 420 right around the corner! That said, it is the perfect time to stock up for spring! With everyone out and about and smoking on the go having a bomb glass one-hitter selection is a must!

How to Pack and Clean a One-Hitter Weed Bowl…

To know what to order you have to know what you like! No matter if you are new to the game or an avid cannabis consumer, everyone uses a one-hitter pipe. They are the simplest smoking method, the most convenient, and they truly just make life, well, BETTER! Here is a short tutorial for packing up a glass one-hitter properly, so you can smoke some dro on the go.

STEP ONE – Grind It

First, grind up your cannabis flower. This act prevents clogging and maintains the airflow perfectly for every hit off of your glass chillum one-hitter. You can do this with your cannabis grinder, hands, or scissors, but the trick is to keep the pieces of relatively similar size. Place the ground flower on a small rolling tray or flat surface and prepare to pack your chillum glass pipe.


There are two correct ways to pack your glass one-hitter. The first is to turn your chillum pipe so it is facing the ground cannabis and stamp your one-hitter into the ground weed, and then pack it in with your index finger. You can also face the glass chillum pipe upward at a small angle and pack the pipe using your fingers or use a packing tool. Be sure to not fill the bowl too tightly or too loose, but have the flower reach the outside rim of the bowl piece.


Simply place the mouthpiece of the chillum pipe on your lips and light the other end of the one-hitter while inhaling simultaneously. Once you taste the cannabis smoke, release the lighter and continue to inhale. This ensures your bowl stays lit for the next couple of hits before you ash your chillum. Sometimes you can finish your one-hitter in one rip; other devices can allow two or three hits per bowl. The choice of how hard you hit your one-hitter is your decision; regardless you are smoking in style.


This process is easy, yet necessary! The simple means of cleaning your chillum pipe is just another reason why consumers love smoking from them. When your cannabis is finished you need to remove the excess ash and plant material. You can ash your one-hitter pipe by lightly tapping it on the edge of a surface to remove the waste.

Another option is to lightly blow on the mouthpiece end of the glass chillum to make sure the remnants of your cannabis exit the device. Clearing out your one-hitter every time is simple, prevents clogging, and ensures you have a freshly packed bowl the next time you want to light up.

There you have it, a simple, quick, and easy tutorial on how to pack and clean your one-hitter pipe. Caring for your cannabis devices is important because you use them daily and you want to have the best smoking experience possible. You can’t go wrong with having a variety of chillums in your smoke shop, which is why 420Packaging makes them so affordable to buy in bulk. Remember a clean chillum equals clean hits for every smoke sesh! Don’t disappoint customers with dusty pipes. Check out our chillum pipes and set your shop upright with all the trending options we have in stock on our online shop!

Where to Buy Wholesale One-hitters & Chillums

420Packaging without a doubt has one of the most impressive weed one-hitter and glass chillum selections at their online shop. By offering a wide variety of wholesale weed bowls, smoking accessories, and one-hitters for sale you can stock up on all your smoke shop necessities in one place.

The importance of a high-quality, consistent influx of products, and versatility is monumental for local smoke shops. This will forever remain true, which is why 420Packaging has expanded its selection of one-hitter weed pipes, fumed glass chillum pipes, and their glow-in-the-dark chillum glass pipe collection.

With the glass one-hitter being an easy surefire sale for all shops containing cannabis-related smoking accessories you would be crazy not to have this smoking device as an option on your shelves. It is an affordable and simple smoking method for everyone into consuming marijuana. The classic one-hit pot pipe in combination with our wholesale high-quality glass collection at 420Packaging makes us the perfect one-stop online shop for your business.

With fast shipping all around the US and the lowest prices for cannabis-related items, you are sure to find what you need on our easy-to-navigate site! Why wait? Stock up your inventory with wholesale prices of these amazing chillums today! If you have any questions our friendly customer service department works around the to provide assistance. You are just one click away from stocking up your smoke shop for spring, so sit back and pack up your marijuana glass one-hitter, because we have everything you need right here!

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