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How To Produce Pre-Rolls The Definitive Guide

Pre-rolls are a staple in the cannabis industry. Here’s everything you need to know about starting a pre-roll company in this highly competitive sector

Pre-roll production is one of the most lucrative businesses in the cannabis industry. This is the reason so many entrepreneurs are venturing into it. To succeed in this sector, you need to know how to start a pre-roll company the right way. Considering that there’s immense competition from other pre-roll companies, it’s important to lay a solid foundation for your business.

Before diving into how to make pre-rolled cones, here’s a quick overview of what you to expect in this comprehensive guide. To help you make your own pre-roll cones, you’ll need to learn these three major things.

  • 1. Choosing Your Pre-Rolled Cones
  • 2. How To Pack Cones
  • 3. How To Fill Pre-Rolled Cones

Choosing Your Pre-Rolled Cones

So, what are pre-rolls? Simply put, they are weed joints that have already been rolled ahead of time. Therefore, they eliminate the work of rolling a joint, especially for people who dread the process. Another commonly asked question is; how do pre-rolls work?

Well, to really answer the question how pre-rolls work, you need to understand the fundamental components of pre-rolls. They mainly constitute a rolling paper, cannabis, and a small filter at the end.

There are several important things you need to define at the beginning stages of your business before you make your own pre-roll cones. For instance, how do you want to position your pre-roll business? Will you be selling low-cost pre-rolled cones or high-end multi-pack products?

Always remember that you are competing with other pre-rolled joint companies, some of which are well-established. Therefore, having clear goals for your business will increase your chances of succeeding in this sector.

Our store has a wide selection of pre-rolled cones you can use to start your pre-roll production. Nevertheless, there are aspects such as size, filter type, and branding options that you also need to factor in.

Pre-Rolled Cones Brand

When it comes to pre-roll joint cones, our store has got you covered. There are many pre-rolls cones from various top brands, including RAW, Kush, Crop Kingz, and Cones + Supply. Each brand has a unique quality that sets it apart from the rest.

For instance, RAW cones are known for their natural unbleached and unrefined papers. Hence they usually appeal to health-conscious cannabis consumers. On the other hand, Crop Kingz pre-rolls are made with slow-burning papers. Therefore, you can find the particular pre-roll cones that coincide with the mission of your business.

Pre-Rolled Cones Sizes

Before looking at how to make a cone joint, you need to identify the sizes of pre-rolls you will be selling. Thankfully, our store has various sizes of pre-rolled cones to cater to different needs in the market. Some of our popular RAW brand sizes include the 70mm, the 98 Special, and the 109mm unbleached pre-rolled cones.

Pre-Rolled Cones Tips

The success of your business also relies on knowing how to use pre-rolled tips. Changing the length of the filter usually alters the smoking experience. Short tips have less filtration, and the smoke is often direct. Consequently, this causes the hits to be stronger and harsher. On the other hand, long filters have less direct smoke, resulting in cooler and lighter smoke.

How To Pack A Pre-Rolled Cone 

Learning how to pack a pre-rolled cone is another essential part of pre-roll production. It can make or break your business. If you want to know how to make pre-rolled cones that are better than other companies, be sure to adhere to these guidelines.

Many business owners often encounter the challenge of how to make a pre-roll efficiently. Numerous things can go wrong in the production stages, which can be detrimental to a brand. Thankfully, there are ways to combat these issues.

A pre-roll machine is one of the best tools that can significantly help you with your pre-roll production. Not only does it improve the quality of pre-roll smoke, but also the company’s bottom line. A pre-roll machine also expedites the production processes without sacrificing quality. Here are the vital steps to follow when you want to make your own pre-roll cones.

Grinding Your Cannabis

Once you have obtained the buds, the first step of how to make your pre-rolled cones is grinding the flower. This is a very crucial stage because if it isn’t done properly, the final product will be substandard.

Unfortunately, many producers who don’t know how to make pack a pre-rolled cone use high-RPM system grinders. This usually causes the blades to pulverize the buds into powder. As a result, it increases the chances of having uneven burns once the pre-rolled cones are packed. For this reason, ensure you use cannabis grinders with high torque and low RPMs to get the best results.

Sifting Out Unwanted Materials

When you want your pre-rolls to stand out in the cannabis industry, ensure you sift out stems and other unwanted materials immediately after grinding. It’s a step that many pre-roll producers overlook. Sifters usually have different mesh sizes. The particular one you’ll choose largely depends on what you want to achieve with your pre-rolls.

Since sifters take out all the stems and unwanted debris, the cannabis you’ll use in your pre-rolls will make your products premium. Ultimately, this can help you gain traction in this highly competitive industry.

How To Fill Cone Papers

Before you even know how to pack a pre-rolled cone the right way, you need to understand the scale of your business. This can help you use the appropriate tools for your pre-roll production. If your business will be a medium to large-scale company, then using a cone filling machine is the way to go. You can find different types of cone filling machines at our store that vary in price.

Our low prices on cone filling machines allow every business, whether a startup or an established company, to purchase the particular equipment that fits their budget.

Essentially, every cone filling machine operates differently. Hence, for you to know how to fill cone papers correctly, you have to understand how the equipment you’ve selected works. Knowing how to fill pre-rolled cones perfectly also means determining whether you want to use a manual, a semi-automatic, or a fully automatic cone filling machine.

If you know how to stuff a cone correctly and master this process, you can expect to have immense success in the cannabis industry. Considering that weed lovers prefer to buy quality products, having superb pre-rolls can give you an edge in the market.

How To Package Pre-Rolled Cones

Now that you’re familiar with how to make pre-rolled cones, the next step is determining the appropriate packaging for your products. Finding suitable pre-roll packaging can significantly increase the appeal of your pre-rolls, thus attracting more customers to your business.

Although many business owners know how to make pre-rolls, they usually fail to captivate their target customers with the ideal packaging. Basically, the packaging process is usually at the latter stages of pre-roll production. Still, this doesn’t make it less important. Hence, always ensure you’re spot-on with your packaging process.

Finding The Right Packaging Items

As you plan to venture into the cannabis sector, you shouldn’t focus only on how to make pre-rolled cones. Cannabis packaging should also be on your radar. The marijuana industry has implemented stringent laws regarding packaging. For this reason, you should ensure that your packaging adheres to these guidelines.

Thankfully, all the packaging items available in our store adhere to the laws of cannabis packaging. Not only does this guarantee the compliance of your business, but you can also be sure that your products will remain safe. Some of the pre-roll packaging items you can get from our store include the joint box, pre-roll tubes, and recyclable cardboard child-resistant joint container with a press button.

Lastly, ensure you have used proper labeling and branding for your products. Many cannabis brands are competing for attention and customers. Therefore, you have to be creative with your approach for your business to stand out.

How To Produce Pre-Rolls - The Bottom Line

Besides knowing how to make pre-rolled cones, there are a lot of things that are involved before a cannabis brand becomes successful. Now that you’re familiar with how to pre-roll a cone and package your products, all that remains is execution. Be sure to implement the strategies highlighted above to stay ahead of the curve.

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