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King Size Cone

Pre-roll joints dominate the cannabis industry at this present time. It’s on pace to become the most critical sector in the marijuana business. They are a hot commodity at dispensaries and retail sellers, especially since they are available in various sizes. However, it’s not just growing in the world of cannabis but in other areas, too. Many brands that offer legal herbal blends for consumption are also stocking up on 1 ¼ inch and king size pre-rolled cones.

King sized cones are one of the most popular types of pre-roll available. Though 1 ¼ cones are extremely popular, many people enjoy having a larger joint, especially when passed around a circle. With this in mind, every cannabis producer and herbal blend retailers must offer king size pre-rolls. Smokers worldwide often prefer larger, slow-burning joints rather than single-size personal spliffs.

However, the options for king-size pre-rolled cones are vast, making it difficult to narrow down which one is preferred. Some prefer using true-and-tried papers like Zig-Zags and Rizla, while others prefer unrefined hemp papers like RAW king size pre-rolled cones. Overall, many options are available and different factors to consider beyond the size of the cone.

What are King Size Cones?

King cones for weed are the solution for those who don’t know how to roll but want to smoke big. These are perfect cones made from a king size paper -- an excellent option for personal or commercial use.

On average, king pre-rolls are the most significant size readily available in the market. While they could hold more than your average joint, they’re also sold as singles often. You could find these packaged in a pre-roll tube, which is perfect for customizing with your brand. Whether herbal cigarettes or cannabis, ​​king size pre-rolled cones allow companies to deliver bigger joints with smooth, consistent burns.

Since companies shape them into king size pre-rolls, cannabis companies need to pack them without worrying about rolling. With a pre-roll machine, companies can have perfect joints ready to sell in minutes or even seconds.

How Much Can King Size Pre-Rolled Cones Fit?

A pre-roll can fit far more than your average 1 1/4 size cones- nearly double the amount. King size pre-rolls are, on average, 100 mm-110 mm in length and 55-60mm in width. Ultimately, you could pack in upwards of 1.5 grams in each joint. At a time when many blunt smokers are converting to papers, king sized cones are an excellent substitute. Since they can pack in as much as a gram and a half, they are one of the best options for delivering large, single joints.

What Type Of King Size Cones Are Available?

Some people prefer a middle ground between 1 1/4 and king size pre-rolled cones, so there are RAW’s 98 Special cones. RAW remains one of the leading brands for rolling papers and cannabis accessories. Their cones are one of the most used in the market right now. However, several other brands provide excellent alternatives.

Brands like OCB continue to provide reliable cones. The unbleached king size pre-rolls are 109mm in length and deliver a smooth, even burn each time. These are excellent vegan options for environmentally conscious smokers made from sustainably harvested fiber.

In addition to RAW and OCB, 420 Packaging has other exciting king sized cones from brands like Original Cones, Kush Papers, Elements, and RŌL.

Where to Buy Wholesale King Size Cones

Whether you’re looking for dispensary packaging or supplies like pre-roll cones, 420 Packaging has everything you need to keep your cannabis business up and running compliantly. We boast a wide range of products on our shelves, from mylar bags to pre-roll tubes. Of course, we carry an array of options for king cone joint.

420 Packaging ensures that your company has all the necessities to run smoothly and compliantly. We are among the top suppliers of pre-rolled cones king size for personal and retail use.

We provide top-tier customer service with each order of king size pre-rolled cones or any other product in our online store. Our live chat feature intends to provide each customer with prompt responses to their questions and concerns. Additionally, we have secure payment systems so you can make orders quickly and safely. Finally, and most importantly, we provide a price-beat guarantee to save you money while providing quality products, like our king size pre-rolls.

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