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Percolator Bongs

The percolator bong stands at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of marijuana consumption. This unique piece is not just another addition to the collection of smoking devices; it has fundamentally transformed the experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Follow along as we explore what makes these bongs a prized possession, and why businesses should consider stocking up on them.

What Is A Percolator Bong?

A percolator bong is more than just your standard glass bong. Its distinct feature is the percolator, a special chamber designed meticulously to filter and cool the smoke before it reaches your lips. These percolators come in various shapes and designs, each adding a specific flair and function to the bong. Moreover, some filter bongs elevate the experience further by combining percolators with ice catchers, enabling the user to enjoy a smoother and cooler drag.

How Do Perc Bongs Change The Smoking Experience?

The magic of perc bongs lies in their ability to drastically improve the quality of the smoke. As the smoke journeys through the bong, it gets fragmented by the percolator. This process increases its surface area, allowing the water to trap more contaminants, leading to a purer, less harsh inhalation.

But that's not all. The combined cooling effect of bongs with percolators and ice catchers can turn a formerly stinging drag into a pleasant, chilled experience. Those who transition from conventional bongs for smoking weed to perc bongs can attest to the stark difference and comfort they feel.

Does My Business Need Bongs With Percolators?

If you're in the smoking accessory domain, embracing percolator glass bongs is a strategic move. Here's why:

Consumer Preference: As bongs become more popular, there's a discernible demand for unique and effective pieces. Perc bongs are perfect for fulfilling this rising need.

Diverse Offerings: By including everything from large bongs to compact ones, businesses can offer a variety of products. Incorporating bongs with percolators ensures you provide a comprehensive range, which helps you cater to a larger demographic.

Which Bongs With Percolators Are Available?

There are innumerable types of percolators installed in various kinds of bongs. Each bong with perc has various pros and cons, making them ideal for different consumers. At 420 Packaging, we are proud to stock an extensive range of bongs with percolators.

Showerhead Perc Bongs

Taking its name from the household item it resembles, the Showerhead Perc Bong offers an efficient way to diffuse the smoke. The broad bottom and slim top design enable the smoke to pass through a series of tiny holes, cooling it down before it reaches your lungs. The result? A smooth hit every single time. Some examples of the showerhead perc bongs at our store include the USA Glass Mini Microscope Water Pipe w/ Showerhead Perc and the Bent Neck Glass Water Pipe w/ Showerhead Perc.

Honeycomb Percolator Glass Bongs

These bongs with percolators stand out due to their intricate design. The Honeycomb percolator glass bong uses a flat disc with multiple small holes, reminiscent of a bee's honeycomb. As the smoke flows through these holes, it's broken into smaller streams, ensuring even cooling and filtration. An excellent example from our store is the Bent Neck Thick Glass Water Pipe w/ Honeycomb Perc.

Atomic Perc Bongs

Ready for a blast of pure smoothness? The Atomic Perc Bong provides just that! With a design that looks like a series of interconnected spheres, this bong with perc breaks the smoke into multiple streams, further refining the filtration process and delivering a sublime hit. The Z-Neck Atomic Perc Glass Beaker Water Pipe is an excellent example of these devices.

Windmill Perc Filter Bongs

Taking inspiration from the age-old windmill design, these filter bongs provide a twist in the smoke's journey. The Windmill Perc offers a spinning action, causing the smoke to swirl and cool down evenly before being inhaled. It's not just functional, but watching the smoke whirl also adds a layer of visual enjoyment. A great example of this type of percolator bong is the USA Glass Bent Neck Windmill Perc Water Pipe.

Where To Get Wholesale Percolator Bongs

420 Packaging is your go-to supplier for wholesale percolator bongs. Our store provides a vast selection of high-quality products from the top manufacturers in the industry. For this reason, you can rest assured you're getting top products when you purchase from us. What's more, we offer our customers several perks that help ensure they get the best value for their investment. Here's why our store is a cut above the rest:

Price Beat Guarantee

At 420 Packaging, we understand the competitive nature of the market. That's why we offer a Price Beat Guarantee on our percolator glass bongs and other products. If you find a similar product at a lower price elsewhere, we won't just match it – we'll beat it. This ensures that you get your perc bongs at the best possible price. While we may offer more affordable bongs than our competitors, we never compromise quality and always ensure our customers get the best products.

Variety Of Other Weed Accessories

While we take pride in our extensive range of percolator bongs, including those with ice catchers, our inventory doesn't stop there. We have it all, from bongs in various shapes and sizes to other essential accessories like bong bowls, cannabis grinders, and lighters. Whether you're in the market for classic glass bongs or searching for cool bongs with a unique twist, 420 Packaging offers a one-stop shopping experience.

Live Customer Support

We understand that choosing the right perc bong or navigating through an array of filter bongs can be daunting. This is why we prioritize having live customer support on standby. Our expert staff is ready to guide, resolve queries, or walk you through our vast collection. It's this commitment to customer satisfaction that sets us apart from other stores.

Percolator Bongs: The Bottom Line

The smoking landscape is constantly evolving, with innovations and refinements appearing regularly. The percolator bong is a shining example of such innovation, offering both casual users and seasoned enthusiasts an elevated experience. For this reason, stocking up on bongs with percolators is a no-brainer for smoke shops and head shops. Check out our online wholesale store for high-quality perc bongs at unbeatable prices.

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