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Business Essentials - Everything You Need for Your Smoke Shop Inventory

If opening a headshop or dispensary, consider stocking your inventory with this list of cannabis essentials, from rolling papers to lighters and grinders.
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The array of accessories for cannabis is vast right now. Pipes and bongs have grown more complex; rolling papers come in various shapes and sizes; and smokers are no longer limited to flower, making dab accessories vital for any cannabis-related store.

When opening a head shop or a retail dispensary, it would be best if you had smoking must-haves on your shelf. It seems like a no-brainer for dispensaries to have a few accessories in stock because who doesn’t need papers or pipes to go with their cannabis order? Cannabis accessories are not only essential and provide customers with options to explore beyond their standard methods of consumption. An introduction to bongs might be a better alternative for paper and blunt enthusiasts.

What Are Smoking Essentials?

Smoking essentials are the accessories that every smoker needs to have. The term is used for widespread tools for cannabis, not just for the actual consumption process. For example, lighters are a necessary puzzle piece for every session. Even lighters come in different forms. You’ll likely need a dab torch if using concentrates more frequently. Meanwhile, the average toker using a bong or a joint might want a basic yet effective BiC lighter.

Ultimately, smoker essentials are subjective since everyone’s needs are different. Businesses have to have the basics on their shelves for this precise reason. A clientele might prefer pre-rolls and loose flower to edibles, tinctures, or waxes. However, smoking trends change, so it’s always best to be well-prepared when the tides change.

What Does An Ideal Smoke Shop Inventory List Have?

A definitive list of smoking accessories has a wide range of items to appeal to a wide-ranging clientele. This list will include necessary tools like grinders and lighters, on top of the usual variety of papers and blunt wraps. Additionally, head shops and dispensaries should also boast pipes and bongs of different sizes. The one-hitters are the perfect little knick knack for smokers on the go who need a quick pick-me-up without having to roll a joint or carry a half-smoked spliff in their pocket (an easy way to wreak up the place). Small and mid-size weed bongs are also perfect to have in stock. In the age of legalization, many novice smokers aren’t necessarily keen on the taste of papers. Pipes and bongs are a perfect solution for those who prefer a clean smoke where they can taste the flavors of their favorite strain.

The Best Smoker Accessories

Cannabis dispensaries, headshops, and consumers should be aware of the best accessories for smokers on the market. Though some shops need more elaborate choices than others, based on their customer base, we can still provide you with a good sense of everything you need to have before you open your doors.


Perhaps, the most crucial part of any smoke session is lighters. Everybody’s found themselves in a predicament of being lighter-less, but headshops and dispensaries can resolve these issues for their customers. The array of options on the market right now includes the iconic and trusted BiC lighter and Clipper lighters but new advancements have introduced USB flameless lighters. Then, there are refillable dab torches. These lighters stand at the top of weed smoker essentials for anyone using dab rigs.


For most smokers, a session without rolling papers is a non-session. Rolling papers are essential smoking accessories that every smoke shop needs, right next to lighters. The options available these days come in abundance. Zig-Zags, RAW, Rizla, and OCBs are the industry standard for joint papers. Each of these brands has different sizes, from single-wide to king-size. Blunt wraps and cones are also highly sought after.


Before you add your weed into a blunt or a bowl, it’s only fitting that you grind it down. Many options are available for weed grinders made from plastic, and metal, and even intended to crush up large quantities of flower at a time. The era of breaking down weed by hand or scissors is over. Weed grinders are an affordable item that every smoker needs to have in their possession.

Bongs Pipes

Papers and blunts might be one of the most commonly found cannabis accessories on the market, but many tokers would rather cut out any additives in their smoking regiments. Cannabis pipes are perfect for smokers who want a controlled hit without the hassle of having to roll up weed. Similarly, bongs provide clean smoke through a filtration system. Even if it doesn’t have a percolator or ice catcher, a good water bong will do an excellent job removing any of the toxins from the weed before it enters your lungs.

Where Do Smoke Shops Get Their Inventory?

Smoke shops can get their inventory needs at 420 Packaging. We boast everything from rolling papers, bongs, joints, and lighters to packaging needs like mylar bags and jars. If you’ve launched a smoke shop or are considering opening one, you need a reliable supplier to provide everything you need at a reasonable price. 420 Packaging not only provides a price-beat guarantee, but we can also customize orders. Lighters, grinders, and other accessories can have your logo emblazoned on them. We’re a one-stop shop for all your cannabis accessory and packaging needs that take pride in giving our customers the best experience.

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