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How To Store Cannabis Concentrate

Cannabis concentrates are highly potent but as sensitive as flower to their environment. It’s important to understand the best storage practices for dabs.

Cannabis is a delicate plant, but even its extracts share similar sensitivities. Like flowers, concentrates need storage spaces with adequate humidity levels and temperatures that won't tamper with their quality. The terpenes, texture, and potency primarily rely on the type of dab storage used.

Concentrate enthusiasts have tricks and tips on ensuring their products' longevity. Knowing how to store concentrates is critical because a gram can stretch out for a long time. It'll save you money and concentrate while keeping your products fresh until the last drop.

The question is: does THC wax go bad? Fortunately, no. However, it'll lose all of the properties that make them such a highly sought-after product in the first place over time. The terpenes will fade away, making each hit less flavorful. Meanwhile, the THC levels will slowly degrade, so you won't be getting the buzz that you're looking for. At that time, it might just be best to roll a joint.

There are a few things to consider about dab storage. One is the packaging. Parchment paper to wrap the extracts will help preserve them for extended periods. Most agree that waxed paper is one of the best ways to store wax concentrate. Since wax, shatter, and live resin is incredibly sticky, parchment paper for dabs allows the extract to be removed precisely without losing any of the concentrates.

Packaging should also consider different containers and jars. Glass concentrate containers are proven to be the best way to store dabs. It's not just because you could find adequate child-resistant seals but because they also have incredibly airtight seals that will help keep your extracts fresher for extended periods. Another packaging option is silicone dab containers, arguably the most desirable way to store concentrates. Silicone is non-stick, so it's easier to scoop out the contents better than it would with other types of packaging.

Now, you might wonder next, "how long is THC concentrate well for?" It's an excellent question that largely depends on how carefully it is stored. If using proper packaging and dab storage, your concentrates should be able to last upwards of 6 months. Dispensaries need to know since stale or drab concentrates could drive customers and potential clients away. Concentrates are expensive, so you could only imagine how that could financially hurt consumers and businesses.

Can You Put Wax In The Fridge?

The mixed takes on putting wax in the fridge are rampant. While you can do it, there isn't much proof beyond hearsay that suggests it could help extend its shelf life. However, many believe in storing their concentrates in the fridge instead of on a cupboard or shelf.

Can You Freeze Dabs?

Freezing dabs is not recommended at all. Though some might put their concentrates in the fridge, putting them in the freezer can create an unpleasant experience. Freezers can expose the concentrates to excess moisture. In turn, this will create a harsher smoking experience that can create potential harm to your lungs. However, if you're using the correct type of packaging for concentrates, it could lessen the exposure. Using parchment paper to wrap the concentrates and packing it into dab containers will better protect and prevent air exposure from degrading it.

How To Store Dabs

By now, you should have grasped a general sense of how to store concentrates. From freezing and refrigerating concentrates to the various types of packaging on the market, there are plenty of things to consider. Still, we wanted to provide a more comprehensive breakdown of the factors that will help you find the best way to store dabs.

  • Exposure to sunlight: Light and sun are essential for growing cannabis but not as much for storing it. With concentrates, light and sun can degrade the potency quickly, turning the highly-potent THC or CBD products into CBN -- a cannabinoid compound that causes drowsiness.
  • Moisture: Excess moisture is detrimental to storing cannabis, so we don't necessarily recommend freezing your products. Moisture can cause mold to grow, creating health problems down the line.
  • Heat: Like light and moisture, excess heat can degrade the concentrates and transform their texture and consistency. Additionally, heat will have a severe effect on the flavor and the potency.

How To Store Shatter

The hard texture of shatter results from the solvents, providing a solid yet fragile glass-like surface. So, it's always necessary that it's handled with care before and after it's stored. The best way to store shatter is with a sealed, airtight container -- preferably silicone. Wrapping shatter in parchment paper is critical since it's a sticky substance. Keep it somewhere dark and cool so it can keep that consistency.

How To Store Wax

Cannabis wax's oily consistency makes it far more susceptible to losing its potency over time. Exposure to excess humidity or high temperatures will turn the product stale, though there are ways to prevent this. An airtight container that can block light will keep wax fresh for extended periods is crucial. Ultimately, this is the best way to store wax concentrate.

Wax is also a product that can benefit from refrigeration, though we heavily recommend using the proper packaging beforehand. These could be glass dab containers that use a shield that prevents the light and air from getting in.

How To Store Live Resin

If there's any type of concentrate we recommend refrigerating, it's live resin. Consumers that want a flavorful toke each time love live resin because of its high terpene levels. However, this is another product that's highly sensitive to its environment. Ensure that your concentrate is stored away from excess moisture and humidity unless you want the terpenes and cannabinoids to degrade.

How To Store Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is far more liquid than any other concentrates available. Its potency and medical benefits can quickly decrease if stored in unfavorable conditions. In turn, the oil will also lose a significant shelf life. Cannabis oils should be stored in tincture bottles, away from light, humidity, and air. The specific intention of these bottles is to help keep the product in an air-sealed environment with tints that prevent light from entering.

How To Store Crumble

Crumble is one of the most exciting types of concentrates available. Its texture resembles that of a baked cookie with incredibly high cannabinoid levels. Crumble is undoubtedly rising in popularity, especially since its potency can reach upwards of 90%. You must use glass containers to store your completely air-sealed products. Place it somewhere dark and cool, and you can ensure that its potency will remain at 90%.

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