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98 Special Cones

98 Special Cones For Cannabis Bulk Producers Dispensaries

As pre-roll joints gain more momentum in the cannabis industry, the 98 special cones are gaining momentum in the industry among the most trusted brands.

If you're looking for a paper between 1 ¼ and king size, you must cop a box of 98 special cones.

The cannabis industry is witnessing a massive surge in pre-roll joints. It was a natural occurrence that mimics the evolution of the cannabis industry. From pouches of loose tobacco to packs of cigarettes, cannabis companies and dispensaries quickly sell out of pre-rolled joints on the market. According to a recent study, pre-rolls are steadily claiming a large share of retail cannabis sales right now, primarily due to the various sizes available on the market. Some places sell single 1-gram pre-rolls, but even then, there are options available. From singles that come in a pre-roll tube to packs with numerous joints, there's plenty to choose from in the current market. However, it all boils down to the size of the papers you're using.

What Are 98 Special Cones?

98 Special Cones are becoming one of the most sought-after types of rolling paper pre-rolls. Manufacturers and bulk producers like these products, especially compared to other joint sizes. RAW papers, for example, have an excellent collection, but there's no doubt that king-size papers and 1 1/4-size cones are some of their most popular products. However, the 98 special cones provide smokers and manufacturers an option that's a bit larger than your average 1 ¼ papers but still a bit smaller than king-size cones.

RAW is one of many brands with 98 special cones on its website. Legacy brands like Zig-Zags and even new brands, such as Original Cones and RōL, have introduced a similar size to appeal to the pre-roll producers that want a middle ground between 1 ¼ inch papers and king-size.

How Much Can 98 Special Pre-Rolled Cones Fit?

A 98 special pre-roll cone can fit upwards of a gram at a time. These papers are precisely why cannabis brands and dispensaries are using these papers right now. The surge of pre-roll joints spurred demand for variety. As a result, it's common to find an array of sizes on the shelves. The 98 Special cones provide a perfect length and girth for every gram joint. They're also available from some of your favorite brands, like RAW and Zig Zag. Every one-gram joint can look similar to a cigarette with 98 special cones.

Where to Buy Wholesale 98 Size Cones

If you're on the hunt for a trusted one-stop shop for all of your cannabis accessories, look no further than 420 Packaging. We carry everything your dispensary and cannabis brand needs to function, whether a variety of pre-roll cones of different brands and sizes or a pre-roll machine for mass manufacturing. We have 98 special cones from RAW, Zig-Zags, Original Cones, and RōL, as well as other sizes they carry. These are one of the most popular choices for 98 special papers among cannabis producers trying to capitalize off the pre-roll wave right now.

Along with having an excellent selection of products, we also ensure that the customer service experience is top tier. We prioritize the customer experience, from when you place an order to once it's shipped out of our door. Our live support chat ensures that we answer all of your questions in a timely fashion. We also use secure payment options and offer a price-beat guarantee, so you get unbeatable rates for all your cannabis needs.

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