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California Rx Labels 1000/Roll - 1California Rx Labels 1000/Roll - 2
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Black-Clear 9" x 3" CA Print Flat Seal Zip Bags (Pre Roll & Syringe) 1000/Box - 1Black-Clear 9" x 3" CA Print Flat Seal Zip Bags (Pre Roll & Syringe) 1000/Box - 2
California Warning Labels Tamper Evident Dogbone 1000/Roll - 1California Warning Labels Tamper Evident Dogbone 1000/Roll - 2

California Cannabis Labels

California weed labels are the best way for your business to comply with California state laws. California has several label requirements for medical and recreational cannabis, and failure to have correct labels can result in fines or even loss of business licenses. These penalties are why it is vital to take the guessing games out of your labels and go with 420 Packaging's various stickers!

Why take the risk of not being compliant when you can have a different California label to choose from? We offer several different sizes, shapes, and wordings of California marijuana labels that your employees can place on multiple packaging options. These state labels have been carefully created so that your business does not have to worry about their validity. We sell rolls of stickers with a 1,000 count so your business will truly get its bang for the buck and have a label for all your packaging!

Medical Marijuana California Labels

Medical cannabis packaging has to be clearly labeled to differentiate it from adult-use cannabis. Our store offers labels that clearly make this distinction! We offer detailed medical labels where you can write in the name of cannabis and indicate the strain; these labels come with compliance and warning language, so all your required information is on one sticker! Medical California dispensary labels have concrete parameters that will keep your medical patients and your business safe.

We also offer small yet bold stickers with "M-For medical use only" in a strong font. This will quickly let customers know that the cannabis they are about to purchase is medical. You can also place these stickers on several different sides of the marijuana containers so customers can clearly see the medical label from different vantage points.

Recreational Marijuana California Labels

California cannabis regulations require recreational products to be labeled as well as having recognizable stickers displayed. Like medical California cannabis stickers, we offer stickers where your business can mark the name and type of strain. However, these recreational labels do not have any medical indications.

At 420 Packaging, you can find labels with the universal symbol for cannabis. These California dispensary labels have a cannabis leaf and “CA” in bold font to indicate the state.

California Warning Labels

Every state has required warnings that certain cannabis products need, and California is no different. We offer multiple types of warnings labels – as we said, we want to cover your business's back when it comes to compliance!

Cannabis products require warning labels with information to keep children and animals out of reach, state-age requirements, heavy machinery operation cautions, etc. We offer warning labels with a broad scope of warnings to meet these requirements.

Warning labels such as Proposition 65, requires California to provide businesses with a list of chemicals that require products to show a warning tag if their products contain said chemicals. California has over 900 such chemicals named that cause congenital disabilities, reproductive harm, and cancer – if your product includes any, it must bear a California warning label. We offer several different sizes of the California Prop 65 warning labels with compliant language for products like vape cartridges and certain edibles and oils.

Tamper Evident California Labels

Tamper evident California cannabis labels are the perfect way to protect your customers. It’s important to note that cannabis packaging must be child-resistant. We highly recommend that these tamper-evident California weed labels are part of your child-resistant packaging.

At 420 Packaging, we offer tamper-evident dog bone-shaped labels, most commonly used for tubes or jars. However, all sticker labels can be tamper-evident, including weed California Prop 65 labels. Simply place the stickers in a spot where they would have to be torn to access your cannabis products!

California label requirements are for the safety of your customers and having compliant and accurate labels are essential for your business. When you are ready to order your rolls of stickers, come to the 420 Packaging website to find the perfect label for your product packaging!

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