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Stash Jars

Stash jars have become very essential items these days. It isn’t hard to see why they are popular, considering the incredible benefits they provide. Jars for weed come in various designs. Hence, finding a stash container that matches your style is relatively easy.

Design is one of the factors that has made stash jars popular in the sector. The good thing about stash containers is they can store different types of cannabis. So, whether you have edibles or buds, these convenient jars are essential for the typical connoisseur.

A smell proof weed container is not only used to conceal cannabis. They are also designed to prolong their shelf life. If you’re looking to buy these stash containers for your online smoke shop, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you should know about weed stash containers.

What Are Stash Jars?

Stash jars are specially designed containers that are made to keep cannabis safe and discreet. When stored properly, marijuana can stay potent for more than a year. This is why many are now resorting to weed stash containers.

Although many people still use plastic bags to store weed, these items don’t provide optimum protection. If you’re running a cannabis business, smell proof weed container is the best packaging to keep your products safe.

So, why go for stash jars and not just any other dispensary packaging. Well, these stash containers have been specially designed to control the following factors.

  • UV light
  • Humidity
  • Oxygen
  • Temperature

You can find different styles and designs of smell proof weed storage. This makes some more effective than others. Hence, it's important to know what you want to accomplish before buying airtight glass stash jars for your smoke shop.

Benefits Of Proper Storage

To ensure your cannabis remains fresh, you have to be shrewd with how you store your products. Without using proper display jars for weed, attributes such as flavor, smell, and the potency of your weed will be compromised.

If you aren't that careful, you can quickly lose a significant chunk of your investment due to poor storage. THC usually breaks down when it is exposed to heat. Similarly, terpenes are sensitive to UV light. Therefore, investing in a smell proof weed container that blocks UV light would be brilliant.

However, this doesn't mean you have to choose a lame and boring container. The key aspect when selecting weed stash containers is functionality.

Another thing that you should avoid is having spoilt products in your dispensary. When weed gets moist, it provides a conducive environment for molds to grow. This poses a health risk to users. It can also jeopardize your business.

Acquiring our stash jars and other dispensary packaging items can help you avoid these problems.

What Types Of Stash Jars Are Available?

There are various types of weed stash containers available at 420 packaging. Some of them include the RAW Reserva Stash Container, the Canniloq Reusable Child Resistant Stash container, and the Juicy Jay 3 Piece Stackable Stash Container.

Before taking a closer look at these cannabis display jars, here are some essential things that are worth mentioning.

Things To Consider When Buying Stash Jars Bulk

There are many things to check off before figuring out if the jar you’re looking for is the right fit. Before buying glass stash jars or any other marijuana packaging, you should consider the following aspects.


You need to determine the sizes of weed storage containers you want to purchase before acquiring the products. Otherwise, you’ll buy bulk items only for them to sit at your shop. One of the most common sizes of marijuana smell proof container is usually a medium. Ideally, you should select a size that will provide ample airflow for your products.

You can find a small glass stash jar that is well designed. However, the place you acquire your products would largely determine the overall quality of your cannabis. If a small stash jar is what you’re looking for, you can check it out at our wholesale store.

Protective Exterior

Having seen how light affects cannabis, you need to carefully evaluate whether a glass stash jar would be the ideal option for you. Glass jars provide a great view of products. Hence, a glass stash jar is an excellent option if your products fly off the shelf.

On the other hand, plastic is also an excellent alternative to a glass stash jar. Although both are transparent, plastic stash jars are shatter-proof. Therefore, they offer more protection.

Still, for optimum protection of your cannabis, you should choose cannabis display jars that effectively block UV light.


If preserving your contents for a longer life span, keep reading. Seals are items you also need to check before buying cannabis display jars. Ideally, a good seal should perform two functions correctly: protect your weed from moisture exposure while also retaining the scent of cannabis.

Types Of Weed Stash Containers

RAW Reserva Stash Container

This is arguably one of the best smell proof stash container available on the market. The RAW smell proof stash container is designed to function as a necklace; yes, you read it right—a necklace. The design ingenuity of this product sets it apart from other brands.

The weed canister has been well crafted to fit KS cones or RAW 11/4. However, the highlight of this smell proof weed container is the Internal Centrifugal Cone Filler (ICFF) for the 11/4 cones. It is also made from plant plastic, making it safe for the environment.

Canniloq Reusable Child Resistant Child Container

If you’re looking for cool stash jars, these are some of the best. Apart from being sleek, they allow you to carry your weed discreetly. What’s more, they also have child resistant caps to provide optimum safety even at home.

The weed display jays are available in black, a color that resonates with many people. For those who are fashion-forward, matching the black Canniloq canister with other clothing items or accessories is relatively easy.

Juicy Jay 3 - Piece Stackable Stash Container

The Juicy Jay stash container is a cute stash jar that you can also find from our wholesale store. What makes these jars unique is their 3 - piece stackable technique. It allows users to store different products at once. That’s pretty cool.

These are also large stash containers when compared to other stash jars. Hence, they are capable of holding a good size of cannabis while guaranteeing their safety and freshness.

Where To Buy Wholesale Stash Jars

420 packaging is the best place to obtain the coolest airtight containers for weed. Considering that the cannabis industry is a highly profitable sector, it has opened many opportunities for entrepreneurs. It’s quite unbelievable to see cannabis and entrepreneur fit in the same sentence.

Anyway, to make the most of these opportunities, you should get products that your customers would like. Sourcing your items from a reputable wholesaler with the best cannabis supplies is the way to go.

Here’s why you should acquire weed display jars from our wholesale store.

The Latest Products

Wonder where you can buy the latest weed storage containers for your customers? We’ve got them. Find the latest designs of stash jars that will appeal to your current and prospective customers. Given that the sector is constantly evolving, having the latest items is a brilliant strategy that can help you succeed.

Affordable Prices

Another reason you should consider buying our stash jars bulk is our favorable prices. We guarantee that you’ll love our prices. Every item listed on our site, including the smell proof stash container, has been thoughtfully priced.

Purchasing your smoke store items cheap can help you save a lot of money. Moreover, it will also allow your clients to buy your items at a much lower price. That’s a win-win scenario.

High Quality

Trends and good pricing are pointless if the quality of your product is substandard. Thankfully, we never compromise when it comes to quality. You’ll find premium airtight containers for weed and other cannabis packaging items at our online store.

Appealing Website

To keep things fresh and clean, we upgraded our online wholesale store. That’s right! Our store now looks very appealing and is easy to navigate. One of the things you’ll notice is the neat professional photography that highlights our weed display jars.

Apart from not collaborating with the best suppliers in the game, you also get to buy your products from a sleek and responsive wholesale store.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a smell proof weed container is a great investment, especially if you want to protect your products. However, always remember that where you acquire these jars is extremely important. 420 packaging is the best place to acquire dispensary supplies wholesale. You can be sure of acquiring the best cannabis supplies and having a seamless shopping experience.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with cannabis display jars, feel free to check these products and other dispensary supplies at our store. 420 Packaging prides itself as a top marijuana packaging wholesale company in the business!

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