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Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

Precut to sizes to fit 420Packaging containers, these tamper evident shrink bands are the most cost-effective addition to your packaging solution. Securely seal the container before it leaves your premises to ensure no product leaves in route to you client. Also provide the peace of mind for your client that their product is arriving safe and untampered with.
Tamper-Evident Skrink Bands
SHRB-05 1/2" Diameter 25mm x 25mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-MV 3/4" Diameter 35mm x 30mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-10 1" Diameter 46 mm x 30mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-12 1 1/4" Diameter 50mm x 20mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-PST13 Squeezetops PST-13 60mm x 35mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-15 1 1/2" Diameter 70mm x 25mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-20 2" Diameter 90mm x 30mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-25 2 1/2" Diameter 110mm x 30mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-27 2 3/4" Diameter 116mm x 30mm x 0.05mm
SHRB-55 3 1/2" Diameter 136mm x 50mm x 0.05mm
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