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How to Fill a Bong

Filling a bong with water is relatively straightforward despite seeming like an arduous task. Here's all you need to know to ensure you do it correctly.

Learning how to fill a bong with water is an essential experience & for cannabis consumers who want to get the most from their favorite strains. Quite frankly, weed bongs & are among the most popular accessories for consuming marijuana. Like dab rigs, bongs cool and filter smoke by passing it through water, allowing them to generate a smoother toke. They also have several other perks that enhance the smoking experience.

Therefore, learning how to fill up a bong should be of utmost importance if you want to elevate your smoking. Although these water pipes come in several shapes and sizes, you only need to understand a few principles to learn how to fill them correctly. Fortunately, you're in the right place, as this article breaks down everything you need to know on how to put water in a bong.

How Much Water In A Bong

There is no universal answer when finding the right bong water level. Discovering the sweet spot can be challenging because these water pipes come in various designs. To do this correctly, you must consider all the diverse cannabis pipes & and their distinct methods of functioning.

Still, whether you want to fill a complex percolator bong or a simple straight tube, the most crucial factor to keep in mind is finding the perfect water level. If you use inadequate water in your bong, you will not experience the full effect of this filtration ability. As a result, this will make the smoke harsh on your throat and ruin your entire smoking experience.

On the other hand, too much water increases its resistance and makes it hard to take a hit. As a result, this can make you waste your cannabis since you'll have to take stronger tokes to get substantial smoke. Therefore, finding the right bong water level is paramount if you want to make the most of your weed and bong.

So, how much water should you put in your bong? Essentially, the preferable amount of water should be able to cover the downstem and all the slits it may have. There will be a learning curve to this as you seek the sweet spot; one tip you can use is to add a little water while testing how well your bong works.

How To Fill A Bong

Now that we know how much water to put in a bong, it's time to learn the procedures for doing it correctly. The process of filling a bong with water is relatively straightforward. However, there are different ways to fill the various types of bongs.

How To Fill A Bong Without A Percolator

Filling up simple bongs that don't have percolators is very easy. You can add water either through the mouthpiece on top of the bong or the downstem. Before adding any water, you should start by estimating how much water will cover the downstem and its slits. Also, ensure that the water doesn't flow through the downstem to the bong bowl & because it will make your herbs wet and impossible to light.

How to Fill a Percolator Bong With Water

Percolator bongs are usually very elaborate, with seemingly complex connections that make them look intimidating to use and fill up. This is why one of the most researched questions about bongs is; how to fill my perc bong.

If your bong has a percolator, you must have a more strategic approach when filling it. That's because you need to ensure you get adequate water into the percs themselves. The percolators add more filtration to your water pipe; thus, they will be redundant if they don't contain any water.

The best approach when filling a perc bong with water is to start by adding water to the main chamber through the mouthpiece. Doing this will ensure you get water up into the percs. After that, add water to cover the downstem and its slits completely. Ensure you keep testing out your bong as you add water to adjust it whenever required.

Can I Fill My Bong With Anything Besides Water?

Filling your bong with anything besides water usually isn't recommended. Even so, it's not harmful, and adding juice or soda could enhance the flavors of the terpenes in your cannabis.

Still, you risk breeding germs and creating more residue in your bong when you use liquids that contain sugar. Similarly, such drinks make the lower chambers and the percolators of bongs sticky and could even clog your smoking apparatus.

Therefore, sticking to plain water is the best way to go. Although it may not seem as exciting as other liquids, the flavorless characteristics of water allow you to truly appreciate the natural terpenes from your weed.

Bottom Line

Chances are you've never really paid much attention to how much water you should have in your bong. With many accessories in the cannabis industry, from marijuana grinders & to dab rigs, it can be hard to remember how to use all of them. Whether you want to fill a percolator bong or a normal one, the most significant factor is finding the perfect water level to take full advantage of your water pipe.

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