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The Blunt Filter

Everybody loves a blunt and honestly, it would be hard not to! With their consistently smooth hits, the blunt embodies a truly grounding smoking experience that is incomparable. Whether you are a fan of morning blunts, blunts with friends, or blunts before bedtime you want it rolled right, and having the luxury of perfecting your blunt smoking style is half the fun!

From flavored blunt wraps, glass and cone filter tips for blunts, and of course, all the different cannabis strains out there you can roll up a blunt that makes you smile just by looking at it. This article is going to fill you in on the miracle of blunt filter tips, why we love them, and what options you have when rolling the best blunt.

Blunt Filter Tips: Why We Love Them

What does using a filter for a blunt actually do? We were hoping you would ask that. Here are our top reasons to sell and use smoking tips for blunts just in case you were curious.

  • Filters out the bad, emphasizes the good
  • A Healthier Hit: Using blunt tips means less toxins and tar, and purer hits.
  • Optimized Airflow: A weed filter for blunts optimizes airflow giving you smooth, clean, consistent hits and no that’s right, relighting your blunt!
  • Smoothens the Taste: Better filtration, less toxins, full-body flavor.
  • Reduces Sharpness: A blunt filter aerates your hits making them less harsh and more enjoyable.
  • Shape and Structure: Using weed filters for blunts gauges the size of what you’re rolling, reduces mess, and provides perfect presentation.
  • Affordable: Blunt tips are incredibly important and incredibly affordable in bulk!

The list goes on for reasons of why not only we love blunt filter tips, but everybody else does too! A must-have for head shops and smoke shops alike, a filter for a blunt is not just handy and appreciated, it is sought after by basically anyone looking to roll one up.

Blunt Filter: Explore Your Options

The great thing about a blunt filter is you can mix things up to see what works best for you. Everybody might like blunts, but every individual has their own smoking style and you should cater to that. 420Packaging offers the best of the best in bulk while keeping its stocked options versatile, just like you should. Here are some of the trendiest blunt filter tip styles on the market, so you can take the knowledge and offer the best for your business.

Glass blunt tips: Keeping your blunt fresh and dry, premium borosilicate glass tips are an eco-friendly, reusable option for filters. Notched glass filter tips are perfect if you like to roll using a joint rolling machine while supplying purer hits and an incomparable smoking experience that just works when rolling blunts.

Aluminum-activated carbon filter pellets: Coming in different bulk size options from 25-500, cone-shaped CTIP aluminum-activated carbon filter pellets are the perfect weed filter for blunts and joints alike. These state of the art filters optimize airflow, while giving your blunt structure and shape, and filtering out excess toxins and tar so you can have a healthier hit every time. A blunt filter that is exactly what you need at home, in your shop, and always in your blunt.

Unbleached biodegradable blunt filter tips: Not just for the environmentally health-conscious consumers, these filter tips have zero harmful chemicals, are easy to use, and are a smoking staple every shop would be crazy not to carry.

Terpene-infused filter tips for blunts: FLOWTIPS terpene-infused filters are great for joints, blunts, and spliffs! Infused with our favorite terpenes such as Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, and Beta-Pinene these filter tips have full-body flavors in Mango, strawberry milk, and so much more. These are the blunt tips that seriously take your smoking experience to the next level.

Filter for a Blunt: How To Roll the Perfect Blunt or Joint

Perfecting your technique or learning how to roll for the first time comes with a few simple steps that with a little practice can make all the difference. Check out some of the materials and guidelines that we urge you to consider when wanting to roll better blunts.

Materials needed:

  • Joint papers
  • Joint filters or blunt filter tips
  • Weed grinder
  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • Rolling tray
  • Lighter

Step-by-step guide to rolling the best blunts and joints using blunt tips:

  1. Gather all the Necessities: This is what makes rolling trays such an all-star, not only do they consolidate all your ground weed, but it keeps your important rolling accessories in one place for when you need them.
  2. Take your weed grinder and grind up the amount of weed you see fit for a joint to start your day or a blunt to get you through it. Grinding your cannabis ensures that the flower is evenly distributed so the joint will burn evenly.
  3. Take out one of your joint papers and lay it out in front of you using the crease as a guide to fill the joint.
  4. Add your joint filter to one end of the rolling paper. The joint filter will help prevent any loose bits of weed from getting into your mouth while giving structure to what you are rolling.
  5. Add your ground flower to the paper. Make sure it's evenly distributed throughout the joint or blunt.
  6. Roll the joint by tucking the paper tightly around the filter first, then follow the tuck to form the joint until fully rolled. Lick the gumline to seal the joint, starting at the mouthpiece end.
  7. Pack the joint by using a packing tool, pen, pencil, toothpick, paperclip, or anything that will fit into the joint's end. Then, gently push the weed down towards the joint filter with just enough pressure to give you some room to twist the joint.
  8. Twist the excess paper at the tip of the joint. Spark up the other end with a lighter and inhale through the other. Enjoy with friends, by yourself, and wherever you want.

Rolling blunts and joints is common for many cannabis consumers, so much so that people are consistently running out of filter tips for blunts. For this reason, it is best to buy and sell blunt filter tips in bulk, because once you start using them to roll you won’t remember rolling without them. 420Packaging knows this, which is why they supply the best terpene-infused weed filter for blunts in trending flavors like mango, King Louis, and strawberry milk.

While providing bulk glass blunt tips, unbleached biodegradable filter tips, and aluminum-activated carbon pellet filters you can stock your shop in bulk for every type of consumer. In the industry today you need to stick to what works while being creative and supplying options. This is why we recommend buying the simple-to-use but oh-so-necessary blunt filter tips because they are a seriously popular part of the package when it comes to rolling baller blunts.

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